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  1. Tom Ferry is an ABS MS, whose work in the area of Damascus steel is amazing The ABS Moran School of bladesmithing is very excited to have Tom teaching a class in the art of Damascus steel. Tom will be teaching March 17th-21st at Old Washington, Arkansas. This class is limited to 6 students. Information on how to register may be obtained by contacting Scotty Hayes shayes@texarkanacollege.edu or 903-8325565 ext 3236. You can also take a look at some of Tom’s work by going to his website at http://www.tferryknives.com
  2. I got an email from a chinese supplier that sells several types of handle materials. The prices are good and the block amboyne burl also looks great. Just wondering if anyone has heard of or done buisness with a company named "Dalian Beichen Intl. Co., Ltd".
  3. I usually listen to Pink Floyd "The Wall" sometime I will switch to Texas Hill Country.
  4. Ya'll might check out these hammers..... http://chinapowerhammer.com/
  5. Thanks Mike, the one I found doesn't have a motor, it was robbed off several years ago to be used on an air compressor. He said it was a 6 hp motor but didn't say what the RMP was. Does the hammer need a 6 HP motor and I guess it should be 1750?
  6. I have located a Mayer Bros #25 power hammer. From what I have found from internet research is the Mayers Bros were pre Little Giants. I was hoping that someone that had some experience with this hammer could give me some advise on availability of parts or if it is even worth messing with. The dies look extremely rounded as if they were used for something with lots of radius. Any information would be appreicated. Don
  7. Thanks for all the info....I got some Potassium Permanganate. I was a little freaked out when I mix it up.... I was a dark pruple in color. However, when I applied it to a piece of horn that had been sanded down to white it turned the white area a light orangish color. I will also play around with the dyes but for now I think I will use the Potassium Permanganage for the piece I am working on now....Thanks again for the tips....Don
  8. I really enjoyed reading the makers profile on Don in the ABS journal's latest issue. Lot's of knife making history..
  9. I have seen some stag handles where the white material where the bark had to be sanded off different colors. One that I would like to try was an orangish color. I was hoping some one could give me suggestions on how to stain the stag different colors. Thanks, Don
  10. Hey, wanted to see if ya'll take a look at my first damascus bowie....The blade is 10 in. and the overall is 15 in. Forged using 1080 and 15N20. Thanks for looking....Don
  11. Lin, I really like the copper touch...how did you do that? Don
  12. Thank ya'll for taking to time to look and I appreciate the kind remarks. Don
  13. Thanks for looking....Don
  14. There is a book "The Complete Metalsmith" by Tim McCreight available for about $20.00 that has a chapter on casting. Very good information. Don
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