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  1. Hmmm, if you are not going for dramatic grain, European Beech makes a great all around wood for dirks & such. I bought a couple of 2-inch planks years ago, back when I was active, and used it on several dirks and sgians. It is hard, but not recalcitrant to carving, and not brittle. Stains and dyes well. Nice for replicas, goes "antique-ee" beautifully.
  2. Alan, I imagine that the barium acts as an "accelerant", optimizing carbon transfusion into the iron. Lots of old shop manual recipes called for adding calcium carbonate to the mix as an accelerant, but I believe this was a red herring and a mistaken shop tradition.
  3. Very nice indeed. have not seen you post on-line in a long time. 'hope all is well and hearty.
  4. I second that Alan. Fiery beard!
  5. That is Engravers Pitch in an engravers bowl. A rounded vessel containing thermo-plastic pitch. You heat it up with your torch to liquify the surface and embed your work. When it cools your work piece is held rigidly so you can work on it. Heat it up to release the work.
  6. Good start is right! A little rough, but No. 1, are they sharp? and No. 2 do the hold an edge reasonably well in use? That is the foundation of good work. Don't go for fancy in finish or materials before you have mastered No. 1 and No. 2.
  7. I'm lovin' it Scott. I have a good feeling about the outcome. Keep us posted.
  8. Very nice! You really brought it all together.
  9. Well, that worked. Isaac Shelby KY belt axe
  10. Now that is something different! Masterful job. Did you use a can to get the SS welded to the damascus?
  11. Very nice work. you obviously have an aptitude...I'd call the second piece a Scandinavian Bowie Knife!
  12. Wow, just wunnerfull...can you say BARBEQUE GUN? What goes in it?
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