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  1. Hmmm..I would be tempted to grind out the tip section of the broken blade and fashion a dirk-ish piece.
  2. Very elegant, very sophisticated and pure. Wonderful work.
  3. Very nice work Ondrej, very nice indeed. I looked at your website and your other projects. Nice to see graceful simplicity and quality. You have a nice touch and feel for these things.
  4. Is that pewter fore and aft of the haft? Very nice melding of styles.
  5. Wonderful work indeed! Will the bronze socket be swaged onto the steel spear point or soft soldered or pinned? I imagine there will be a fair bit of filing and chasing of the casting to do before assembly.
  6. Not bad for firsts, and you recognize the flaws...and so the journey begins. Robust and grippy are good things.
  7. If this were ancient work, you certainly wouldnt sneeze at it would you? I'd say a A+ and an atta boy.
  8. Very impressive. The simplicity of the handle works wonderfully with the richness of the wood. Something more ornate and intricate in profile may have come off as a bit over done.
  9. wow, impressive technical feat there. I remember a few years ago when there was a lot of talk and speculation in the forums about "liquid metal" being the next big thing for exotic (and high end) knives. From what you have related, it doesn't sound practical for sustained production.
  10. Sid, that is one MONSTER three point straightening jig you have there. Very nice. I drilled holes in the jaws of my vice and fitted pins (much smaller)to use similarly. This whole bid'ness of straightening blades is a dark, esoteric and arcane science. Straightening forged blades that have come out of the first deep anneal crooked or twisted is another matter. I favor pipe wrenches and big hammers on a leather pad on the anvil myself. Steel is tough stuff.
  11. Greg, how are the lathe-turned knoblets attached to the quillions? Or was it one piece turned each end then shaped, filed to receive the langets? magnificent work by the way. I keep trying to show my wife pics posted here and get her to see what awsome work is being done nowadays by solitary craftsman. In ye olden time, teams of specialists would have contributed; the idea of a blade smith, grinder, polisher, cutler, hafter, engraver, sheath maker, etc. All those trades being one person would have been regarded as ludicrous.
  12. Very cute...hmmm, with some minor tweaking, I can see a Gumby bottle opener...
  13. Someones shop project, but a very precisely and neatly done. Notice the precision of the weld bead initials, made with pride.
  14. Very nice Felipe. Very creative and attractive combination for the blade.
  15. YES! Congratualtions and a big high five for the non-typical (how awful that has to be said)entries. We need many more "non-typical entries" now.
  16. Fox Creek


    First class work in all respects. Very nice work.
  17. You may be our first Chinese poster. Welcome. I looked at your website...a Chinese "Blade" magazine? Way kool, but makes sense with the major cutlery industry there. Nice dog.
  18. Very clever, and I am sure a lot easier on her hands after working a while.
  19. OR alternating rubies and emeralds.... As Alan so apptly said...hoard worthty, very hoard worthy.
  20. Well, golly, I did not know there was any contemporaneous spontoon production going on! Uh, i need about 150 more of these for the Salt River Tigers. Very nice work indeed!
  21. Very nice work, there. What is the white metal at the bolster and handle inlay/ banding? silver? NS? Very crisp work. good on ya!
  22. I wander in from time to time

  23. I must say, these are some of the more interesting folders i have seen lately. 'Look very functional. I like the "Green" aspect of recycled materials too.
  24. Very nice Beau, from another Richard!
  25. Good googly moogly man. That is awsome! I keep telling my wife that people are doing work today that is equal or superior to anything that has ever been done in the past. Only now it tends to be sole-author instead of a shop of multiple specialists, which makes it even more amazing. (now I will go back to making a very excellent mudpie) :-)
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