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  1. Hammerin dates are May 10-11, 2003. More information is coming soon when I have final confirmation of instructors. I will post a flyer here as soon as it's ready.
  2. Woops, That's what I get for being tired and in a hurry. Location: Cannon Falls, MN. About 45 miles north of I 90 in SE Minnesota. 30 miles from the Twin Cities and a major airport. Hotel/motel about 3/4 mile from my place. I'm still negotiating with the cook for a catered gourmet meal for Saturday night but am suggesting at this time about $100.00 to cover the weekend with meal included. I will announce instructors within the week.
  3. After some lengthy coordination of effort, the final dates for the next hammerin have arrived. Last year's was a big success along with the winter seminar later in December. I am taking applications for fifty folks to attend. The spaces are filling up and I thought I'd get this announcement out so anyone interested from this list has a fair chance. This is the first public limited announcement. I will begin distributing flyers with prices, times, hotel info next weekend at the Janesville Badger Knife Show. This seminar represents knifemaking and bladesmithing in the northern tr
  4. Brent, I worked in the middle of the city before moving to the country. Â Every kitchen within earshot of the hammer/forge (not the quiet venturi type either) had a handmade knife in it. Â All the neighbors got their lawnmower blades sharpened. Â If one of the fellows needed a little welding done, I helped him do it. Everyone was happy with that arrangement. Â When I needed to do big stuff, I went down to Howard's place for the day and helped him out. There is a way to solve every problem. Â The solution will come to you when it's time.
  5. :laugh: The reason everything is brown in Howard's shop is from three things, the coating of water vapor from the propane rusting away on huge pieces of cold iron tooling, the dried blood from various encounters with high speed steel firing off the huge iron tooling and the layer of dust that he leaves on everything when fancy white shirt and tie types come to visit so he can see them get dirty.
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