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  1. Thank you everyone! I try to take a photo of me taking the photo just so I can record the settings I used. I shot it with the 4x5. The settings I used were F 45 with a one second exposure. I used Ilford FP4 plus and used the Zone system to target shadows. It was about 10am, a nice slightly overcast day. When I was setting up I had a couple of older women out taking photos stop by and asked me a bunch of questions, I let them take a look under the dark cloth. They were very interested and stood there the whole time and watch me take the photo. They were here visiting. So I got a
  2. I thought I would share.... My son and I are having a ball taking photos and spending some time together especially since he's been so busy with school and work. About 6 months or so ago I entered a couple photos in the B&W magazine single image contest. Well, I was informed that one of my photos had won a merit award out of 3,500 or so entries. The magazine will be on sale the first week of December. I got my copy today. The magazine is called B&W I'm on page 223 Kinda cool! Rik
  3. I looked out the office window and saw this. I only had my camera on my phone to capture it. It was gone before you knew it. Rik I think something has happened to the way I link photos. I'm going to try this
  4. Awesome photo! that would make a perfect Christmas card. pretty nice backyard!!!! Rik
  5. I thought this was interesting, I think it lead to a service door. Sometimes the ordinary stuff is strange. This gardner only got 2 passes before the rain came down. He gave me a strange look when I stopped, ran out with an umbrella and camera! I couldn't resist. I was walking down the street when I noticed her busy at work. All by herself with a huge pile in front of her. Rik
  6. Rik Palm

    Old Car

    Thanx! I had know idea what it was. it wasn't that big of a car, its back and was slanted down. Looked like it would be a ball to drive around. You need to take some photos of your car. RIk
  7. He sure has his eye on You! I always wanted one of those game cameras. I thought that would be fun & interesting I saw that Walmart had them on sale but they were still $79 If he's a young one their has to be more around? Rik
  8. Thanx oldanvilyoungmsith, it's right off of Stanley street, Hong Kong. Which was the only place I could find medium format film! I was worried. The first day I didn't shoot any photos because I only had 2 rolls, I bought a bunch of film but I heard getting through LA airport security with film was a hassle. I figured I could find it easily and did just took me a while. Thanx jamiemackie, I've been having some fun with it, brings back memories of school. I bought another camera over the weekend (Yashica) you can pick them up pretty cheap now a days. Rik
  9. Rik Palm


    Thank you, That's so cool you live in Hong Kong! That would have been neat to have met you there. My wife and I were on a bus tour when we went so we were not able to stop and take a shot of it from down below. It really is amazing to see it sitting up there as you drive up. I would have liked to spent more time exploring all around. Did you ever get to hear the bell ring? Rik
  10. I was out early scoping for shots I found this off in a alley next to a wet market street. Cobbler: His shop was like 3 ft x 6 ft ! most shops are really small. The business man just sat there and waited while his shoes were being re-soled! All the glue and new leather was just being laid down when I walked by The businessman smiled at me when I stopped and took the picture. I scanned the shot high and its pretty cool to look around his shop and see everything afterwards. The cobbler had a tattoo on the front of his calf, I could read the time on his watch, he had this neat footr
  11. Rik Palm


    Thanx! It took the monks forever to raise the money for it. 68 million Rik
  12. He bought it and its been sitting here in storage! before that it was sitting in another shop corner. These hammers travel around! It seems to be in good shape, and functions very accurately I'm pretty excited about it. Rik
  13. That is neat! I took a couple more you might like. We had fun exploring it.
  14. I just bought this 25lb little giant and I can't wait to get it to my new shop! it was made 12-26-1913 and sold in Allerton, Iowa! Must have been a Christmas gift! Poor reindeer must have had a heart attack! Rik
  15. Rik Palm


    This is one from Hong Kong. (which is an amazing place) probably not the place to post "vacation" photos but I thought I'd share one. This is the biggest sitting Buddah in the world (112 feet tall) made of bronze. It's at the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island. shot on Ilford Delta 100 Rik
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