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  1. Everything has oficcially been shipped out, so if anyone doesn't get it in the next few days, please let me know. Thanks! Jesse
  2. Thanks everyone for the response. I'm going to hold off selling any more for now, I am waiting on one more payment, and then that's it for a while. I'll let you all know if I decide to sell any more at some point. Jesse
  3. There is ore here in Fl, but it is few and far between and of poor quality. There are plenty of Limonite concretions in certain areas of the state, and believe it or not, you can sift through the good and the bad wth a magnet. They are magnetic just sitting there. They are generally small brownish stones, and you will mostly see them on hillsides where they have been weathered away. I have yet to have any luck smelting with it
  4. Hey Mark, I did get it, and they will ship out this week. Thanks!
  5. Well now, that all depends on whether or not you let it cool down before opening it up
  6. Right, It depends on many factors, time, temp, steel dimensions, alloy composition, ect. You gotta be careful running this stuff at those temps, its REAL easy to make cast iron, or at least it has been for me. Basically what happens is that the stuff takes up enough carbon to lower it's melting point to at or below you soak temps, and you get a pool instead of a bar. Ask me how I know I've never had a problem carburizing with just charcoal or leather strips. What you've got to remember is that your carbon medium doesn't do the work while it's solid, it's the gas that does it. You're s
  7. I don't know, 3 hours at 2200 seems excessive to me. It depends on how you look at it. I have put a thermocouple in the can so that I can accurately measure the internal temps, but it can take an hour or more for the center of the can to get up to heat, depending on the size of the can, ect. So I suppose you could say that you would soak it for 2 hour or so, but the whole can would be at temp for a much shorter period of time. You can do it in a charcoal fire with no can, but that's a right PITA, OK for really small stuf, but you gotta keep it in the reducing portion of the fire, and make
  8. Everything has officially been shipped. Thanks!
  9. My best guess is somewhere in the 1800s, but I don't really know. The remaining boxes are packed up and will ship tomorrow. I tried to ship them today, but I guess the post office here in Woodville closes at 11:30 on mondays and wednsdays Thanks, everybody, and there's more where that came from!
  10. Glad it arrived safely.... yeah, the packing material is cheap as dirt
  11. 6 more boxes shipping today to John Bergman Bruce Bryant David D3 John Thompson Micheal Z Graham Freeden I'll get the remaining ones out as soon as possible. You guys are giving me a workout! Thanks!
  12. No sweat. I found out yesterday was presidents day, so yesterdays list shipped this morning, and I am starting to prep the others now.
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