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  1. Hi Niko, what a super steel you produce, I which that I had the time to be on the journey. I did not do a melt for two years, not enough time to experiment. You are da man! Best regards, Cyrus
  2. Hi Niko, congratulation on the project. Very good thinking of outside the box. BR, Cyrus
  3. Hi Greg, thanks alot man, both knives turned out good and the sequence of the pictures is also good. I just was not sure if it was possible to see them pictures. If not, just register there and you can see the pictures in big. BR, Cyrus
  4. Thank you Niko, it was a lot of fun and I actually like it better to work with a friend in a shop than always alone. Anyway, we plan to do it next year again. BR; Cyrus
  5. Dear members, Uli and I know each other since ten years and we are close friends. So we decided to do a project that we called "Brothers in Arms". Quickly we decided that each of us had to build a folding knife after one design. I drove up to Uli and we started the work. I brought my damascus to Uli and used that for a sanmai construction. Here is the link and there are many pictures. http://www.messerforum.net/showthread.php?t=95733 You will understand it, even if it is in german. I do hope that you like what Uli and I did. I will try to show the finished knives here. This is Ulis folder with Upotex bolsters and ebony scales: And here is mine with bolsters from the same damascus used for the blades and mammothbone scales. Thanks for looking, BR Cyrus and Uli
  6. Cyrus


    Petr, thank you very much.
  7. Cyrus


    Thank you guys for the nice words. I try to give my best and I must admit that I like to make folding knives, maybe because you have to work precise. I like that design very much, it is different but it is still a blade that you can use. Using flashy colours and a lot of shiny materials is not so much my taste even if I sometimes think that my knives are maybe a bit boring. So, I am glad that you all like it, ah, before I forget, the blade is something like 4" long. BR, Cyrus
  8. Cyrus


    Dear members, It is quiete a while that I posted a knife of mine. Well, here is a new one. The blade is W2 which was hardened with a clay coating, the bolsters are bronze and the scales are ebony. The titanium liners are sandblasted and anodized. The lock is a classic framelock. I do hope that you like it. Nahang is Farsi and means whale. BR, Cyrus
  9. Hi Niko, this is a very good piece of pulad, you have done a good journey like some others here. I am still trying. Make something nice out of it. BR, Cyrus
  10. Cyrus

    A Pair

    Hi guys, thank you for the compliments!!! @ Hussain j., Shukran Habibi @ Dave, that is for sure a big compliment, Uli and I are close friends since 10 years he has been a big influence in my knifemaking career. @ Greg, yes the hunter is a good one and I am glad you like him and the folder. If you happen to be over in Germany, we will make one ;-). @ Todd, it is just a wild (random?) pattern. I started with 25 altering layers of a simmilar steel like O1 and 15N20, the outer layers were thick O1 the innerlayers were thin material. By folding the packet,the thick layers will also double, by that you achieve those big black lines. I hope this helps.
  11. Cyrus

    A Pair

    Thank you all, it is nice to get some feedback, it helps alot. Puddle iron is wrought iron, I really like the look of it. BR Cyrus
  12. Cyrus

    A Pair

    Hello everybody, this is a pair of knives I made. The bladematerial is from the same damascus bar, 200 layers, the fittings are old puddle iron and the wood for the handle and the slabs is from the same Mackassar ebony block. I still have to make the sheath for the hunter. The folder is a linerlock with titanium liners, they are heat blued like the screws. BR Cyrus
  13. Thanks guys, this is my best sold model, it is a user. The bone is from a huge animal not living on the land, this is all I can say, I hope you know what I mean. It was found up in the North of Europe and it was quite old. The bone was not treated, just slightly oiled. BR Cyrus
  14. Hello everybody, I wanted to share a linerlock folder with you that I recently made. It has a W2 selective hardened blade, the liners are titanium and the handle slabs are old bone. This is the model Mule in size large. Hope you enjoy, BR Cyrus
  15. Ric, I do like those two videos alot, it is interesting and fun to watch them. Thanks alot. BR, Cyrus
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