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  1. thanks for the suggestions, ill probably go to culman sometime next week and check it out.
  2. eh, do yall think im TOO young? or does that matter...
  3. im in Decatur Alabama, its about 10 minutes away from Huntsville for those who are somewhat familiar with the larger cities
  4. im 13, im trieng to start...i know im young...
  5. THANKS! this is all helping alot. I have another question though haha. where can you buy the steel you need for the blades? what kind of places sell it? (btw, i may be going to japan next summer. If I get to go, I will stop in Tokyo, KYOTO, and Hiroshima. Do you think i could pick up on forging knollege while Im there?)
  6. Where are you- in decatur alabama, What supplies do you need-im trieng to find out, Have you done any forging before- no, or i wouldnt be asking, What do you already have?-nothing
  7. thanks, but what kind of equipment do i need and stuff like that.
  8. I wanna start sword forging, ive read alot about it so i know the basics, any suggestions for beginners?
  9. whats the different between a bladesmith anvil and a blacksmith anvil? and where could i get a blade smith anvil? (beginer, make it cheap)
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