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  1. That was Bill the Beerman! He was my friend Jeremiah's uncle (http://www.seattlepi.com/sports/article/Bill-Scott-1949-2007-Beerman-lifted-1232359.php) Aaaaaaannnd I would totally buy one of your red ales from Bill any day (or bum one from you at the house). COLD BEER!!
  2. With the idea of Ford, Chevy, etc. in mind, Boeing makes almost none of its own pieces. They farm out the work to hundreds of small, medium and large shops in the Seattle area, and buy larger pieces from specialty manufacturers (GE and others). But we call it a Boeing 747. I guess I question I haven't asked when we talk about this topic is: has anyone asked about authorship? Or is this something you're thinking about because you're in the MS process? There's no need to tell the customer anything, really, but as we're folks who can be honest to a fault it may benefit the conscience to mention
  3. Blake- there is a lot of information here, though from the standpoint of a semester/year project most of it will at best inform your understanding of some of the arguments you might see in the material you read. The following isn't meant to condescend, but rather is wisdom passed from one historian to another- sometimes grad students forget about the tools at their disposal, and often undergrads aren't aware of everything that is available. Become good friends with your college/university's research/reference librarian. If you have access to JSTOR and Ebsco (the letters are correct, the cas
  4. I've been away for a while but I'm very pleased to say that very similar conversations have been had since I joined this forum a little while ago It's inspiring and I hope that by this time next year I'll be done with grad school, and back to working hot metal. I may even have thought my way out of a corner or two and will be able to return the favor from so many here (too many to name for fear of accidentally leaving someone out!)
  5. Road trip! Good luck with this endeavor.
  6. Call me simple, but I like the zebra-stripe style of random/ladder pattern. And I like the rubbed knife better. Thanks for sharing this!
  7. I think I like the new handle better than the original. Can't wait to see it when it's all done.
  8. Mind=blown.... thanks for sharing these videos. No more complaining that I don't have this-or-that piece of equipment (except possibly a team of three strikers who were around before the first hammer ). The precision of the forging embarrasses me
  9. Instead of posting a dozen photos about the event I thought I'd try linking to my Flickr stream, and see what happens: Spring 2011 tatara You can turn on "show info" for a little more about each picture. All photos were taken with an iPhone4 (not too shabby, and less to carry than my camera). The masterminds of this project are local smiths Tom Ferry and Dave Lisch, who had no trouble recruiting volunteers for building and operating the tatara. I believe this was their third attempt at making steel and this tatara yielded the largest bloom they've had so far. I was there for the initial f
  10. This whole thread is bladesmithing gold!
  11. I'm not the only one who read that in Ira Glass' voice- right? :\ Thanks for posting that, it's a unique perspective on personal progress (or seeming lack thereof). And it's a good reminder that I need to go back to some of the pipe forums I used to lurk
  12. Nice work guys. I was impressed with how prominent the sword was in the movie- it got lots of screen time.
  13. I'm a bit behind the curve here, I haven't been on in a while. I hope your surgery was a fantastic success. It's ok to hate the PTs, and screaming is mother's milk to them
  14. It's based on Michal Chrichton, so we should be thankful the swords didn't glow, or have CGI snakes running down their lengths to mimic the poems I love 13th Warrior, flaws and all. The first 11 minutes of Conan will get me in the shop faster than anything, ready to heat treat my current project, or have a hot German former-model do some leather wrap on my handle... wait, that sounds bad :\ Beer might be better for forging, but it seems to affect my postings
  15. Wow! That is a piece of craftsmanship. I initially thought it was a photoshop, but I'm much more impressed that it's freaking iron. I remove my hat, sir
  16. Thank you for posting these- they're very informative. Can you also post pics of your eye cone/mandrel? That would be awesome.
  17. They've got that BC Bud up there... so yeah... :|
  18. That really put a smile on my face. You don't see this kind of thing everyday- thanks for sharing.
  19. Well damn that Russell and his multiple reserves! Greedy bastard. Well, I'm almost out of the Beam and I wasn't impressed with the (Ri)1 so I'll take a look for the Sazerac. I'm 99% sure I haven't seen Russell's Reserve Rye (if I do, I'll try to say that three times fast after a few drinks ).
  20. Damnit man- you owe me a new bottle of brain bleach to replace the one I used to get that out of my head You're stylin' Sam. There's a modeling career in your future, to be sure. But in those pictures I see a string of numbers followed by "County Jail" and I hear "turn to the right!"
  21. @Bigfoot- if you're serious about the UW I cannot recommend strongly enough that you put together the absolute best application package possible- GPA, test scores, letters of recommendation, volunteer work (if you can find it), etc. If there's an opportunity presented that sounds like it might look good on the application, take it. If you're doing well in AP math and sciences that's a great start. Have you started looking at scholarships and financial aid? Talk to the counselors at your high school about your plans and have them help you map out a path to engineering school. UW Engineerin
  22. Welcome back. I'm glad you're also on the path of recovery from academia.
  23. @Alan- my bottle of Russell's Reserve says it's bourbon. Am I missing something- I thought rye was, well, rye and different from bourbon. @Gary- can you elaborate about why only lagers are "beer"? You've probably heard this before, but you're the only person I've heard this from. Sure, you can't make a lager with an ale yeast, but then you can't make an ale with a lager yeast, either. And since they came first, maybe ales are the real beer and lagers are just lagers
  24. Sam, I know you've been trying for years to acquire a taste for beer. It may never happen, just like I don't expect to acquire a taste for wine (aside from Port). But you know, there are a lot of hard alcohols that are made from grain, and my favorite beers have so little hop content as to be almost non existent. So if you're drinking Jack and coke, let's just call it close enough I think the next time I go to weld up a billet I'm gonna be working under the influence of rye. Anyone have suggestions aside from (Ri)1 and Jim Beam?
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