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  1. Dan- I own one, and am quite fond of it. When I first tried one, it was a prototype Rob made for a Burr King. It worked well, but I didn't love it... just thought it was neat-O. Got one for the KMG's last December during Rob's sale and definitely like it. It is a finishing tool, not an aggressive grinding tool. IMHO. So long as you look at it that way, I think you'd be quite pleased with it. I have plenty of contact wheels, so I don't use the rotary platen wheels as such. The belt seems to be holding up very well, and it tracks just as smooth and true as the grinder does with all of the other attachments. The really great thing is the fact that there is such a varied configuration of wheels, and with the rotary belt tension adjustment, you can achieve a very broad spectrum of "give" behind your grinding belt. It is an expensive attachment, but when you see it, you can see Rob is charging a very fair price for what it takes to make it. While I could live without it, I'm certainly glad that I DO have it. I know this would be a whole lot better with pics, but I simply don't have any. I might be able to snap some this weekend though.
  2. That's great Grant, thank you! When I met you before it was with my friend Bill Cottrell... I was amazed at all the cool stuff you had there. All the tongs and texturing tools just blew me away. I'll definitely hook up with you soon... I've got an itch for some more tools Not to bash on Tom's name, but I did get a pair of the "old" type like Bruce mentioned. I broke them under normal use and couldn't ever get anyone to talk to me about getting them replaced. I NEVER quenched them or even had them hot enough to get any color in them. That was pretty upsetting to me. I will, however, say that the Zbox jaws I got from them are real wonderful tongs. Man, I feel a hole burning in my pocket already
  3. Hello Grant! Most of the tongs in my shop are from Grant's shop, so is the blower on my forge. Absolutely top notch tools. I actually went down to his business by the port of Tacoma and picked them out. Great stuff. Would it be possible to meet up with you and pick out some more sometime Grant? Thanks for posting this... it's good info for folks to know.
  4. Grr... gonna have to do the test another time. Had some issues and I'm just not happy with my test blades. This sucks, I was really hoping to pass and have Don's signature on my ABS test paper. Thanks for the support guys!
  5. Well as long as it's for a good reason! The tongs are Tom Tongs.... I love this particular pair (offset jaws so you can choke up on stuff past the rivet).
  6. Well I'm feverishly trying to make this happen.... here's some shots of one of several test blades being shaped... THIS is DEFINITELY my favorite part!!!
  7. Craig- Mike Vagnino showed me this technique and I used it on my Js performance knife (fully hardened 52100). My tongs have 1" square X 4" long mild steel welded (perpendicular) to the end of the jaws. I heat the tongs in the forge until they're light orange, keep the edge of the blade in water, and then clamp down on the spine with the hot tongs. On my Js knife, I held them there until I saw light blue. I buffed the oxides off, and did it over again twice. This worked well for me to do a controlled tempering of the spine. It was very difficult to bend the knife, and afterward it came back close to straight. The thing here, is the knife doesn't have to come back, it can stay bent, and I'm talking about doing it in front of 150 people instead of just a couple! (so maybe having 1/8" of the edge hard is the way to go...LOL). We'll see....
  8. WOW... FANTASTIC! Definitely one of the nicest representations of this style I've seen. VERY well done!!!
  9. I'll be there and hope to meet some of you folks that I haven't seen face to face, and look forward to seeing old friends as well!!!
  10. Thank you guys!!! Hank, that's very good advice and it will be put to good use. Thank you! Don... I know, I know... It's been a long time since I've spent several days in a row just making steel... and it was pretty nice! I wanted to make a test blade out of each billet... but instead I think I'll do a few out of just a couple billets. I'll try to snap some pics to add here. Even if I chicken out for Josh's hammer-in, I've got to do it eventually! Mike and Wes- I've been putting it off a bit myself. Some was lack of time, some was getting nervous I have had a LOT of reservations about testing for Ms as it seems to be this lofty title... but I decided to look at it like when I got my engineering degree. Getting the degree just proves I met the requirements to get it... it didn't necessarily mean that I knew a whole lot So I'm looking at the Ms as more of a starting point than a finish line. If that makes sense. And no offense if I'm way off base and the guys that already have theirs think I'm nuts. THANKS!!!
  11. Hi Folks Haven't been online much as I'm back in school adding a welding degree and machinist's certificate to my resume I have been in the shop as much as I can get out there though... And with Josh Smith's hammer-in coming up I am hoping to stick my neck on the line and do my Ms performance test. Just thought I'd throw a post up to see if anybody has any advice or pearls of wisdom. I've made about 10 billets (1084/15N20) to make test blades from (that's a LOT considering they're starting off as 1.5" wide X 5" tall X 6" long... And have taken them all to the ~400 - 500 layer range. My plan has been to fully harden the blade and draw the spine back with "tempering tongs." I'm also going to do a couple up with clay and see how they compare. I want to make SEVERAL test blades and figure out what works best for me before picking THE blade that will be used in the actual test. Of course the blade will include distal taper and a rounded spine (I think these two things play a pretty large role in success...) Anyway, that's the plan. Any help and advice would be appreciated! Soooooooo excited to see Don demo at Josh's!!!!!!
  12. WOW!!!! Elegant. Beautiful. Timeless. Whicked. You rock Dan. (we need that "kneeling, not worthy" smiley here!!!)
  13. Very cool Chris! She's a very pretty girl...beautiful eyes! While I'm a bit surprised since you guys are so young, I certainly hope you enjoy a long life devoted to each other. My parents have been married for 36 years come January 13. There's been a lot of ups and downs, but they complete one another. As has been said, putting in the kind of effort you did to get the ring made is sure a good way to start Best to you both
  14. Nick Wheeler


    Nice and clean!!! Looks great!
  15. I haven't seen any home-made versions that compare to Uncle Al's. His are precision machined and have press fit guide pins to ASSURE that the two blocks come together flat and square. Just relying on bolts will not force the blocks to come together square. -Nick-
  16. Sorry guys, I couldn't resist!!! I had been wanting the 3hp model to add to the shop, and when Patrick put his up for sale I decided it was time to add one Any of you guys are welcome to stop by and try it out once I get it set up. (seriously!) Patrick has really gone out of his way to help make this happen... as well as Jim Todd totally fixing me up with shipping. Thank you two so much!!!
  17. When I first found out about this outfit I was SUPER excited. I mean really, how cool is that??? But before I ever rented anything, I found a story similar to what Tim shared. I never have rented a video from them.... and just because of what Tim said. "How would you feel if it were your work?" I think it's a great idea as some of the instructional videos I own were quite expensive and are not very good. Had I rented them first, I wouldn't have actually purchased them. However, I don't like the lack of morality behind that outfit. -Nick-
  18. AWESOME!!! Thanks for the heads up and thanks for the vote of confidence in it Don!!!
  19. I think your knives are fantastic!
  20. Cool stuff! I wish I could get away with an addition to my space like that! I'm jealous! Up here in WA, an open plan like that just wouldn't make it through the fall/winter. It'd sure be great for Spring and Summer though! Keep us posted! -Nick-
  21. Beautiful work... !!! Take a close look at that dagger guard. It's one of those simple elegance factors that's not simple to do, at all! One of my favorite touches I saw on all the MS test knives this year. BTW- I got to handle these and get fingerprints all over them!!! The thing that doesn't translate in a photo is the feel. The dagger is light as a feather even though it's a BIG dagger. I loved everything Don brought... ALL top notch pieces. The stamp was definitely earned by our friend Don
  22. Thank you guys, it sure means a lot to me. As far as a forum full of folks that are seriously dedicated to all that surrounds forging blades and sharing that info... this sure is the place to be. So many people that are "sick in the head" about this stuff just like me!
  23. Thanks for the kind words guys... It sure means a lot to me. These knives tried my patience more than anything I've ever known. It sure was a relief to finally get to a point and say, "Okay, they're done, stop messing with them!" I have a W2 integral that was clay-hardened... and was going to be one of the 5 but I just couldn't pull it off in time. It will be done soon and off to Coop for a photo. Thanks again everybody, I really appreciate it!
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