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  1. Whewe.... Man, I was worried I was gonna' come in here and read about you hurting yourself in your shop! Glad to hear you're okay! I feel for you, but better it was botched early on. Otherwise you would have gotten the knife nearly done and THEN something would have went hay-wire! lol :banghead: -Nick-
  2. Fred- It's really really nice to work with. It forges easily and can be heat-treated in just about any fashion you choose... whether that's to barely harden the edge, or get the whole blade glass hard all the way through. I like it because it works really well with the clay-hardening techniques I use, and polishes out nicely. It's also proved very clean. There are few things as frustrating to me as finding inclusions in a blade once you have it down to 1000X paper. I haven't found that yet with the W1 (knock on wood) It also cuts very well! Let us know how it works out for you Fred! -Nick-
  3. You're welcome Fred flatstock is hard to beat (toolanddie) on price and service. I buy a lot of O1 from them as well. Just for reference, I have bought 1" X 12' W1 rods from them, and they cost $80. That is a LOT of knives!!! Especially when you consider that I usually get a 7-8" hidden tang fighter out of a 3" length of the 1" round. -Nick-
  4. You can buy Timken Latrobe in that size for $20 from http://www.toolanddie.com I buy it from them in 12' rods. -Nick-
  5. Congratulations Dan Pfanenstiel!!! I was elated when I heard them call Dan's name for the Best of Show for his sword. We had looked it over thoroughly, and it's a wonderful piece. I hope Dan can get a picture of it for show and tell! Dan also showed us a sword he had taken to a rough polish with a habaki fitted... and it was just awesome. You guys need to beat up on him to show his work here more! Good on 'ya Dan!!! -Nick-
  6. Hey Larry- Larry, I can't imagine anybody not knowing about you and your contributions to budding bladesmiths??? Okay, I went and found the thread Larry. The only thing I can think of, is the thing for Ray on BF was more of a notice to people, rather than actually holding part of the raffle/auction there. ??? There's sure no reason for this to shadow your raffle dude... we're all pulling for you Larry!!! I wasn't trying to start anything bad or go against anybody's grain, just trying to help Ray out. Thanks guys -Nick- ob btw- I haven't ever seen Don get upset about linking, but I know mods at other forums have, that's why I mentioned it.
  7. As many of you know, Ray lost his entire shop and barn in a fire recently. Some of use folks that also hang out at BladeForums decided that since Ray wouldn't ask for help, we'd just gather some up anyway, in order to help Ray get back on his bladesmithing feet! Dave Larsen and Chuck Bybee have been the front-runners, and I thank them dearly. Here's the deal. If you want to donate some money towards this, whether it's $5 or $100, we would sure appreciate it. You can send it to Dave at- Dave Larsen 920 40th Street Des Moines, IA 50312 Dave is gathering it up, and Ray will get a check, as well as a gift certificate to Lowes or Home Depot We are having an auction to raise money for Ray as well. Mary Lutz has graciously agreed to donate a table at Blade Show West in Portland for us to display knives and knife related stuff that will be auctioned. If you can donate a knife, that would be just super, and in that case, please send it to Chuck- Chuck Bybee 22964 NE 26th PL Sammamish, WA 98074 If you have some materials you'd like to donate to the auction, you can send those to me- Nick Wheeler 1109 NW Mill St. Winlock, WA 98596 The three of us (Dave, Chuck, and I) are cross referencing everything that we recieve with one another, so that we can make sure everything is accounted for, and 100% of the donations go to help Ray out. I know linking to other forums is usually frowned on, but here is a link to the BladeForums thread if anyone would like to check it out- http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=359582 Thank you guys very much! -Nick-
  8. Thanks Roger! Just wait a couple/few more weeks... then -Nick-
  9. Ric's gonna be on the next flight, LMAO! -Nick-
  10. Dang Chad, that's SWEET! I LOVE integrals, and I don't think they can get any better when you use stag! Love it! -Nick-
  11. Thanks everybody! I sure appreciate the kind words, it's a great way to start the day! (I'm weird and work from about noon to 4 am ) If any of you are coming by the BAKCA show, I'll have this one on display. -Nick-
  12. Man, that turned out nice Dan! Are you going to pack it to BAKCA for show and tell? -Nick-
  13. Great look'n piece Lin! I'm like Don, I don't normally care for file-work on bowies... but you sure pulled it off here! Very nice/pleasing overall lines as well. Look'n good Lin, keep 'em coming! -Nick-
  14. Hey Fellas- Here's a big one (for me). Should have been a Js test knife (if I'd have gotten done in time! grrr :banghead: 12" clay hardened and polished 1084 blade wrought iron guard and fluted wrought iron ferrule 0.020" ss spacers on either side of the ferrule presentation grade Ironwood handle GREAT photo by Coop! Thanks for look'n -Nick-
  15. Hurl- Rarely is it a problem. If I'm hot cutting something in half, like cutting a jelly roll for a feather pattern, then I'm extra careful to make sure everything's lined up... but I don't have anything to keep them in a fixed position. You could drill and tap a bolt into them, a friend of mine has a similar set-up, and he has done that on some of his dies, like the ladder dies. Michael Kanter has a thread over on BladeForums about the press he's building, and he's come up with a really swift way of keeping the dies in place. It's MUCH different than my set-up -Nick-
  16. Here's a close-up of a damascus blade (320 random layer) that was textured on the sharper, left side of the texturing die. -Nick-
  17. Tony, I only have it set up for gas and it's 0.035 wire. If I recall, I didn't even turn the gas on since I was going to have the gun so far from the work. -Nick-
  18. This is a full tang fighter I sold back at the ABS Reno show in January. Don was (as usual) my inspiration for the texturing. I'd done a few times before, but this was probably the most successful time. I used the dies in my "press die" thread and also came back with a chipping hammer and knocked some more "dings" into the blade. Thanks for looking! -Nick-
  19. Wow, I like this one a lot! VERY nice carving, like Don said, it REALLY adds to the overall look/flow -Nick-
  20. All of my dies are mild steel (except for the RR rail). The problem with using a hardenable steel, is that it's typically REALLY expensive in the types of cross sections I've used here. If you have the $$$, or accesss to some that's cheap or free, then I'd be all for it. Mild steel dies won't hold up for squat on a power hammer (the few I've actually seen anyway). But on a press, they work fine. I've replaced only the "T" dies in the last 4 years. Granted, some of the dies are newer than that, but they hold up well. Just don't stick something under them that's cold!!! :banghead: I hope this helps some folks out, and also hoping that some others post pics of some of their dies. I'm always up for making some new ones Oh yea, the texturing die. I made that one by getting the die shoe really clean, and the holding my MIG gun about 3-5 inches from the top and just firing away. It splatters like mad, but makes for a cool pattern. I know many guys carve their's and that would be GREAT... but I wasn't that patient that day -Nick-
  21. Oops, I gotta add these too. My drawing/flattening die is probably the most used die of them all. -Nick-
  22. I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and since I told a fella on another forum I'd do it to help him out, I'm going to add it here too. This thread is about press dies. These are some of the staples from my "collection" and I'm hoping others can/will toss in their ideas and pics too. Thanks! -Nick- Combination drawing/welding/flattening die. This is one of the most basic, and staples of them all. Extreme drawing, or tight radius forming (like from bolster to blade on a forged integral). Hot cut die, made from a piece of small RR rail turned on edge, with the webbing sharpened. This idea is 100% borrowed from Don Fogg. Another RR rail hot cut, this one for cutting width-wise (I simply cut the rail off, and sharpened the web) Squaring dies Ladder pattern dies Texturing dies
  23. Thanks Don I'll try to do as nice of a job on my end as Terry did on his. I meant to ask him about the etch too. I have trouble getting an even etch if the entire blade isn't hardened, and Terry got a nice even etch. I know for sure, because I have to blade in the shop! About the only thing he did different from what I do is the light buff, i.e. a more polished finish. I usually use cold blue for dark "lows" so maybe that's the difference. Well anyway, Terry's blade is GREAT, and I'm really excited to do the handle work! -Nick-
  24. Michael- Unfortunately, apprenticeships have sort of gone away with the increases in technology (and throw away, cheap import crap). If you live in the Bay area, make sure to come by the BAKCA knife show the end of this month, August 27-28 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Palo Alto. (4290 El Camino Real) There will be lots of bladesmiths there. You can handle all sorts of knives, and talk with us crazy people Also, my friend Mike Vagnino (mastersmith) is helping build up a bladesmithing school. Sierra Forge and Fire in Exeter, CA http://www.sierraforgeandfire.com/ Hope to see you at the end of the month -Nick- http://www.wheelerknives.com
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