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  1. I've rarely posted, but I wanted to chime in that these are great...JA did my own wedding ring, a "simple" stainless damascus with white gold liner, and I love it. It gets compliments all the time. In fact, since buying this ring from him and getting married, I've gotten into jewelry and now work full-time in the field...the amazing work from Mr Loose and on this forum in general played no small part in that.
  2. I greatly enjoy your posts. What technique did you use to close up the sheath after you rolled it? It looks like solder of some sort. Once the piece if finished out, will there be an apparent solder line? Thanks for the great posts.
  3. I hope I'm not dredging up too old a thread, but I remember this thread from when it was first posted, and found these new comments, plus things I've read elsewhere, to be very interesting. I've been told that complex banding of carbide-rich sections with carbide-poor sections in a blade actually results in superior performance, since the carbide poor sections act as "shock absorbing" regions, and the complex patterns make this even more effective, since the forces travel longer paths, or somesuch. I was further told that this was superior to a finely dispersed, even distribution of carbi
  4. Have you gone to see a doctor about your kidney stones, and come up with any sort of treatment? And do you know what type of kidney stones you have? The reason I ask, is that most (or at least a lot of) kidney stones are calcium oxalate, and tend to form when oxalic acid in food (all sorts of things are high in oxalic acid, like beets, coffee, rhubarb, strawberries, that sort of thing) gets absorbed and combines with calcium in the blood, and then that all collects in the kidneys, forming those lovely rocks. While it's somewhat counter-intuitive, some people can prevent kidney stones by a
  5. I met a lot of people very quickly in those few days, but the ones who I actually introduced myself to and talked to for a bit were Raymond Richards, Larry Harley, Rick Barrett, and Kevin Cashen. If I talked to anyone else and forgot, or didn't mention you, please accept my apologies...it was quite the blur of a weekend. Dwayne
  6. Congrats on the website, Ray! From talking to a lot of knifemakers, I know that just getting something reliable up and running can take a huge effort. The only real suggestion I have is to get your own domain, something like "raypieperforge.com" I just think it looks that much more professional, and it makes sure things like ads don't get put on there without your say-so. While some ads are a simple nuisance, I've seen some hosting sites (I think it was geocities, even) that scanned your site text for key words, then tailored the ads appropriately, such that a custom maker had ads for "ch
  7. Well, sounds like I'm in good company on the whole "wait 'til next year" bit. Good luck to all that are testing, and to all that are waiting, maybe all of us can finally make it next year. Dwayne
  8. I'll be there, but it's looking more and more like it'll just be to enjoy the trip. I had hoped to have my JS knives ready for presentation, but as luck would have it, "real life" (or at least, graduate research) decided to rear it's ugly head and take up all my time that I was going to use to finish knives. It would have been close under ideal circumstances. Anyway, Lin, be happy, I think you'll have no trouble at all. And I'll just take the long view of things...a year delayed just lets me get that much more practice, right? Still, I think I'll get back to work...maybe I can w
  9. Doh, caught napping. :-) Don, Greg, if y'all can't come to an agreement, let me know, and I might be interested in that mill. Otherwise, Greg, let me know how it works out for you. Just as well, I should probably get one this week anyway...got a lot of work to do.
  10. Greg, I'm also looking at getting a mill soon myself. I actually just went to the local harbor freight today, and looked at a few of their mills. I thought the one you listed looked a little small in person...the bit just couldn't move up and down all that far, and it only has two speeds I liked the looks of this one: http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/Disp...temnumber=42976 a lot better. The one in the store had a vise attached, and the worker said it came with it, but the website doesn't include a vise in the discription. If it does indeed come with the vise, I'll probably get it so
  11. Don and Mike - Many thanks! That's exactly the kind of answer I was looking for. You've both done a lot in those two posts to make me a lot more comfortable. Mike - Nice to meet you online...if you're the Mike Williams, Master Bladesmith from Broken Bow, OK, we met at the Spirit of Steel show, though I'd guess you'd probably more remember my better half, Julie Gele. She was there promoting her web design business. Anyway, thank, and I hope to see you again at the SoS. Lin - I actually have not taken the performance test at this time. I've put a test knife through the step
  12. This topic has drawn me out of my comfortable lurking mode. *sigh* First off, Don, thanks for the great forum. Now, on to the issue at hand...did people get the impression that the judges don't want to see any knives without guards/bolsters, or just that they don't want all you knives to be that way? That is, if I have a good variety of knives, all different, four of them with bolsters or guards, and then have one with no bolster or guard, am I sunk? I get the impression that it's more a case of judges wanting to see that you can indeed put bolsters and guards on knives without any
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