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  1. i have the same model and it dates to the 30's-40's
  2. I am in the Lansing Mi area. I was wondering if anyone else is going to the blade show from the lower Michigan area? I would like to car pool there to cut down on costs. BLADE Show 2010 BLADE Show & International Cutlery Fair June 4, 5 and 6, 2010 Cobb Galleria Center & Renaissance Waverly Hotel Two Galleria Parkway, Atlanta, GA Online registration for the BLADE Show has officially closed. Please come to the General Admission window on site at the Cobb Galleria starting Friday, June 4th at 11:00 am. Hours for the Blade Show are: Friday, June 4th 2:00
  3. ooo that is just pipe welded on to prevent the spring from sliping. hmmm may just have to add that.
  4. I am forging outside. with a shroud over the forge. according to the alro steel book d2 forges yellow to white heat. i did get the tip of the peice burnt but thought nothing of it and was going to cut it off later. does any burnt part of the steel affect and migrate down the rest of the peice?
  5. ok so here is some pictures of what i was talking about. i would like your opinions. the hammer is a Muller. i have modified it as a long strait peen for blacksmithing but originally it was a cutter and was slightly mushroomed on the face. the pics are in there raw state other than resizing, appoligies if there a little rough. I have alot of this d2 and hate to see it go to waste by just sitting in the corner as a big 7/8" thick plate.... hence forth the need for the forging.
  6. any other ideas? from what i know of where it came from is that the blacksmith shop was in operation around the 1940s and he was a German immigrant. The shop worked primarily in wagon wheels and farm implements.
  7. Soooo.... I have a job that requested a stone cutting hammers and chisels. I have no idea what there using currently. I have no clue what the industry is using for the metal in these hammers. one of there requests is that is be tougher than there current hammers and chisels. My first choice in steel was D2 which ended in a harmonic fractures on the shaft portion of a stone chisel. i was forging it white to yellow hot in the coal forge. What happened?? why??? I also own a mueller stone cutting hammer. I have used this to cut rose quartz and granite quite readily and want to replicate the same q
  8. Thank you for the pics. This would make a great sticky post for future reference.
  9. lyman nice job! james that looks like a pro did it! Hey since you such a great job lyman I would like to copy your design. Would you post pics of it all laid out with a tape measure next to it? I noticed you attached it to the way guides, nice, did you have to add longer bolts? My hammer has no room to add to the way guides. How did you overcome this?
  10. wow that last bit of info is a gold mine! thank you! i will have to set the clutch up that way as it came with the tapered dies for plow points. I tried a few knives and noticed that it was hitting a little hard for blade bevels. as for making new dies i read on the little giant website that they are making them out of 4130. Is there other alternatives than this metal or is it not advisable?
  11. From my understanding it was way back in the days of when hammers were king in the iDustry. That the spring would break and come shooting out at the operator.
  12. Hmmm... I was gonna weld threraded rod on the angle iron. Then. Use wing nuts and washers to hold all the expanded metal in place. I figured it would make it easy to do the maitinence. What do you think?
  13. Yes this is one of the things that I have heard and was worried about. I have heard of deaths because of this issue. Now is there any. Recomendations on what thickness/type of materials used?
  14. How do I Add cage and interfere with Any structural integrity? I have talked to little giant ppl but was wonderinG what others do. Is there special tongs and such that I should use? Is there operation safety concerns that I should wAtch for?
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