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    Well, I'm here aren't I?
  1. Dont fire the poor bum for being an obvious slacker....guys like that are fun to keep around and mess with. Instead, make him a small knife, just a beater, maybe a rail road spike or somthing, then gift it to him with a display case for his office...or desk I hope you didnt give him an office..... then the nextday give him a termination notice based on violation of his own policy.... Now that would be a fun deal... If you where me yu would wait till he has some of his stuff packed to tell him it was a joke... When I worked in Costa Rica the boss gave me the number to his connection for gu
  2. wow man great work. very nice.
  3. \ I really like the shape! Just keep practicing and it will go from the wanna be to the proffesional bladsmith in no time.
  4. Paul, Im a huge fan of this style of knives (borang) and that thing is fan frikin tastic!!!! Nice work.
  5. I wish it was just my fingers they stick to.....
  6. Thanks for being nice. See Chuck I new that is what folks would say. All these views and one really nice guy pipes up and says its not like anything he has ever seen before.......... But those pins are sexy......
  7. looks really good. Love the hammer work, just the type of stuff I like.
  8. Ohh you didnt post the pretty pretty prison shank did ya......?
  9. no secret magic way then huh? My tendons are gonna hate me.
  10. http://therionarms.com/antiques/therionarms_c569.html her is a link to an example of what Im talking about, I have also seen this on a maasai lion hunting spear(sweet) and I have some Idea's how I could do this but all of them envolve alot of no fun stuff. I pictured forge welding a strip on there, but the examples I have see where not done that way, its all one piece of metal. I was thinking maybe with the spear I saw it was "carved out" in almost a third world fashion heavy stock removal, but I cant imagine that mind numbing process being as easy as simple forging into the metal
  11. Well you cant rush genius, brilliant creativity like that comes with a price Chuck. My advice is just to feed him beer and fan him when he is hot, talented guy like that showing you the ropes, you should feel so incredibly blessed, make sure to take notes and listen intently. You lucky dog you. Tim I like your style
  12. I had almost the same set up, but I had a "don fogg pipe forge" and the rail facing the other direction and no sander. Its all you need realy, but other stuff makes life easier.
  13. Yeah the pins are REALLY nice!! man those are sexy!! Some nice pins there. The knife is OK too. -Ian
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