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    Multi-culturalism, anthropology, painting, design, swords, arts in general.
  1. Stunning Work JH. I couldn't resist but to promote your video in my FB
  2. Nagasa 23 inches W2 steel Tsuka 13 inches Fully polished blade Mountings in a Dha style oar shaped saya. Pristine Condition please check entire making process here Asking US3.000 and will throw in FedEx shipment. Serious contacts only. Thank you.
  3. Nagasa: 29 inches Tsuka: 14 inches Blade: Hira Zukuri Please take a thorough look into this masterpiece in pristine condition by looking here Contact me only for serious intentions. Selling price is US4.000 will throw in shipment by FedEx.
  4. Thank you for your email alerting me to this thread. It is most kind and gentlemanly of you. Thank you also for your kind words. However, I think and have felt for long that in this craft people are not comfortable that an outsider is given any credit. That's okay, it however shows your greatness. Actually if you were a musician and this was a classical music forum, folks would be talking about the composition and would be analizing it. I actually was thinking of Ravel's Bolero and what a magnificent piece it is. But by praising each other people make sure they exist and feed the
  5. Hi Jim, Been away in Europe for almost a month. Amazing work as always. Check your mail please. Very best as always
  6. Hello Jim, Another of my favorites. Wonderful piece of work. It's a pity you don't do some more of this stuff. I also had do scan a lot of work from slides of pre-digital days. Now I have a 1TB External Hard Disc
  7. Hi Jeff, I trully hope you'll find a good home for it. It brings back great memories to me also. Warmest regards,
  8. Richard, Fantastic and superb job you did there. Congratulations my friend.
  9. Hello Charles, Da jia hao Yes I know my Chinese name meaning. It was given to me when I was 8, meaning 50 years ago. Xié xié ni. I can speak mandarin and cantonese but cannot read or write that much. The two exhibitions have ended. One was in 2006 and another in 2007. Your work is wonderful. I know that in the past, something like the 17th century, many japanese swords tsuba were made in Guangzhou. Please take a look on the tsuba below. The seppa area is carved. Japanese tsuba were not carved in the seppa area. Your work is remarkable. Congratulations!!!
  10. Hi Jim, Thank you . According to Ford Hallam he lives in Zhongshan which is very near Macau, about 50 km. Very best ,
  11. I have kept an eye on your work over the last couple of years and the ascending curve has been amazingly steep. Stunning work Chris, great creativity. The woodwork is amazing. I particularly like the texture of the wood in the two last photos. Congrats.
  12. No problem at all Alan Antonio does the job fine Yes, fantastic work indeed. I wonder where he lives. Very best.
  13. Alan Hi, A friend alerted me to this thread. Pardon the interruption... Alan, the name is difficult to write, much less to speak: António Conceição Júnior so I decided long ago to use Antonio Cejunior for non Portuguese speakers . Mr. Wu, my Chinese name is 江連浩 . Where do you live? Have you visited any of these exhibitions before? http://www.arscives.com/mastersofire/Default.htm http://www.arscives.com/historysteel/default_main.htm I am not the least surprised with the talent of Mr. Wu. I grew up exposed to different forms of exquisite Chinese carving, from metal to
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