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  1. Geoff Keyes

    Dogfish Woman picture heavy

    Some of you may remember a project I embarked on several years back, called Dogfish Woman. The dog was a collaborative project between me, Tom Sterling, and Marianne George. The Dogfish has gone to her new owner, and while I am glad to have sold her (and paid off my partners) it is sad, too. Fortunately, she has not gone far and we shall visit from time to time, and perhaps take her to a show or two. Here is a retrospective of the work in various stages. This was an amazing project to work on. In many ways I feel that Dogfish Woman chose us, rather than the other way around. Thanks for looking Geoff
  2. Geoff Keyes

    Steel for Anvil Shaped Objects (ASOs)

    Online Metals (it's an easy site to navigate, that is why I used it) has 1" 1018 for about $3.58 a pound. 1018 is mild steel, good for building simple things from, but not hardenable. The guy in the post is selling a mild tool steel (it gets used for hammers and axes and stuff) for $1 a pound. A new anvil will cost between $5 and $8 a pound. At $1 a pound a pretty good anvil analog sounds like a good deal to me. On a related post one of the online cutlers supply is selling a 12" post anvil (Black Robin) for $450, plus shipping. Does that help you any? Geoff
  3. Geoff Keyes

    Steel for Anvil Shaped Objects (ASOs)

    Steel is about 0.3 lbs per cubic in, so 6.5x10.5x12 is 245 lbs, so 10 feet of this is almost 2500 lbs! Given that you want about 20 to 1, ration of anvil to tup, that would be a 125 lb hammer. Of course, most power hammers never get close to that ideal number. Get 2 feet of this, lay it on it's side, and mill the horn out and you'd have a world class anvil, nearly 500 lbs and no need to weld anything. 10 inches high with a top like an aircraft carrier. Personally, I'd skip the horn and just have a nice 250lb post anvil. Which, in fact what I have done. Geoff
  4. Geoff Keyes

    Steel for Anvil Shaped Objects (ASOs)

    Nice buy. A 3 foot piece would make a dandy power hammer anvil! Geoff
  5. I like to have something new on every table, and this might be it for this weekend's show. 6 waterjet EDC's, 5 in synthetic handles and one in elk ( the elk was for another project that I buggered up, but was able to salvage the material) Pretty simple stuff, but still hand made Geoff
  6. Two things. Read this Check this out Geoff
  7. Geoff Keyes

    Power hammer build questions

    We poured a tot of whiskey over the anvil and sparked up a stogie. It does seem that some sort of ceremony is called for. Geoff
  8. Geoff Keyes

    Power hammer build questions

    Don't know any of these guys, just found them on Google https://www.knifegrinderparts.com/collections/wheels http://stores.ebay.com/oregonblademaker https://usaknifemaker.com/shop-categories/grinders-sanders-all-kinds-c-99.html?p=12 g
  9. Geoff Keyes

    HELP!! Somthing is wrong with my forge :(

    Let's start from the beginning. Has this forge ever run? Has this burner ever worked? Are you sure you've got gas in the tank? g
  10. Geoff Keyes

    HELP!! Somthing is wrong with my forge :(

    I have bought empty tanks before . It may be that your regulator has packed it up. Have you tried the valve with no regulator in place? Geoff
  11. Geoff Keyes

    Hogging Steel with limited tool set

    Draw filing is the best low tech way I know. It takes basic skills and elbow grease. If you have the right kind of space, it's the sort of thing you can do while watching TV. Geoff
  12. Geoff Keyes

    Blade Show West?

    I've been doing shows a for a while, close to twenty years. There are always more lookers and wannabes than buyers. I get some students that way, and I don't feel bad about giving away information. Most of them are never going to make more than a couple of knives, and most of them are never going to buy a custom knife. The best you can hope for is that someone will see something that jumps up off the table at them. I like selling my stuff as much as anyone, but it's rare for me to sell more than one or two at a show. I make what I like and hope that other folks do too. I think that BW has the potential to bring in some crowds, and more people make more chances to make a sale. Geoff
  13. Geoff Keyes

    Blade Show West?

    I think BW is going to be better this time around. Major new setting (the last ones were in marginal spaces) and the knife community is much stronger than it was in Portland. Geoff
  14. Geoff Keyes

    Need Advice on Steel Choice

    I have looked at this design many times. I realize that it is a fantasy piece, but it's hard to see how you would ever make it as a forged piece. If I were making one (assuming that you want to make more than a simple wall hanger) I would make in 2, or perhaps 4 , pieces, with decorative plates holding the pieces together. You'd have a single, long, double ended blade as the rear points, and the forward blades as either one piece, or three. You could treat the center spike as a separate piece, bolted over the short blade (?). How wide would the sheet have to be to cut it out one piece? Aldo Bruno has 1075 in 0.250 x 15.75 x 48, 'taint cheap, but assuming that you could heat treat it, it would be plenty stiff. I what you want is a wall hanger, and some time carry prop, how about aluminum? Or carbon fiber over hardened cutting edges. Geoff
  15. Geoff Keyes

    Blade Show West?

    I have a table, and I like bourbon Geoff