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  1. It is often hard to make her understand just how good her stuff is. Even the person whose design that is thinks it's outstanding. Geoff
  2. A while back I posted a piece of the Lady Wife's work, a knitted, very brightly colored, shawl. This is the same pattern, but done in black and grey. We think it looks like damascus. Geoff and Marianne
  3. I have learned that for me, it's best to set a hard cutoff date when prepping for a show. If I don't, then I'm rushing to get one more done, and it's neve my best work. These just slid in under the wire. I've been seeing folks making pocket stone/fiddler/worry stones out of all kinds of materials, micarta and G10 and other stuff. This one is bone and ironwood and a mosaic pin, because I like natural materials best. I think I'm going to more of these, they're quick and I have lots of small scraps of good stuff. It's quite satisfying to do, and I'll have to make one for me, now that this one is done. The boot knife blade is made from an experimental damascus billet I did for a friend. It's 80crv2 and 15n20. There isn't much contrast, it's more like hada than damascus. Handle is ironwood and bone (familiar somehow) with a mosaic accent. The blade is a single side grind and the bone side of the handle is flat to fit against the person. A little different. Geoff
  4. I have to say that everything I tried, failed. I was going for some processes that I had never tried, and we all know that is a recipe for disaster. I don't think more time will help me. I've been avoiding admitting failure in the hopes that I could salvage something, but it's not going to happen. Sadly, I'm out. Geoff
  5. If you hit the flats of blade at all, you'll have scratches that will look bad and have to be polished out, which opens a whole can of worms. An angle grinder will work, but I'd want a fine disk and some care. You want to hit the edge but nothing else, and not too much, or it will make getting back to sharp a big chore. I might go with a less dramatic approach. Some fine grit (120-220) paper glued to a flat piece of wood. Lightly roll the edges enough to kill them. I would use the black automotive papers (silicon carbide), I get good results with those. There may be a adhesive tape solution, something that would go over the edge and cover it without looking bad, but that's out of my direct knowledge. Anyone? Geoff
  6. I often find that I don't love a new piece right when it comes off the bench. Too much time working the details and just tired of looking at it. That is the problem with this one 7in damascus blade Ns guard Horn, bone, NS and purple heart Hunter? Fighter? I don't really know
  7. Think of it this way. It's a link back to that first guy who used a sharp stick to gut a fish, or a claw or a flake of stone to cut something. It's a tool that some person made to do a job. It's pretty fugly, but it did the work and was good enough afterwards to keep. In many ways, it's the sort of thing that inspired makers like us to make stuff, and to try and make it better the next time. I had a friend who had a trap line. Somewhere in the process of getting to his camp he lost his knife. Rather than schlep back to the truck and try and find it, he took the lid off a can (old school steel cans) bent half of it over several times to make a grip and used a rock to hammer the edge down and ground it on another rock until it was sharp. He used up 3 of them in the course of the season, but they worked just fine. Man the tool user.
  8. What is the current weight? That will tell you something. What does the heel end look like? Is that a magnet in the cut out. It looks like a shop mod to me, but it's hard to know for sure. Maybe Allan will know something I don't. Geoff
  9. This is the blade that I asked for help in the handle design. I had some trouble with the fit up of the horn and so did a bit of a pivot. Copper spacer, cow bone, bloodwood, cow bone, and buffalo horn My damascus, 9 inches worth, 13.5 OL I think I got the Moghul/Persian look I was after, pretty much Geoff
  10. You want to know what's really annoying? She can work in the house, in a comfy chair, in front of the TV. Nothing I do is allowed in the house. And one more thing that frosts me. If she is working on a project and it's not going the way she wants, she just unknits it and starts over. If I screw up a piece, it goes in the trash. She even buys knitted pieces at Goodwill (silk and angora and other sorts of high end fibers) and un-ravels them for new fiber. It's just so unfair! She knits when we go to shows and it gets all sorts of attention. She's prettier than me, she's doing stuff in real time at the table. All I do is make knives. How's a guy supposed to compete? Geoff
  11. It is knit. Although she said one was plenty (it's quite a complicated process) a second one is in train. It will be black and gray and should look like a piece of damascus. The pattern is here Marianne says that we need to go to the other coast for a play day with you and your wife. Geoff
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