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  1. I want to apologize publicly to Mike Ward. He and I were KITH buddies and I let my natural sloth get ahead of my responsibilities. He delivered a very fine EDC with a very complex handle of interlaced wood pieces. I dithered around and only just got my effort off to him. Hopefully he's not disappointed. I think we're square, and I'm very pleased with his effort. I hope to better in future, but I have only my self to blame for not being prompt. Geoff
  2. I have used most of these. The thing I don't like about the Uncle Al is that the moving die resets to full open when you let off the pedal. This means that you can't use it as a clamp, which I find handy. It may be that there is a way to change that, but the one on the FiF set works. Mine is home built. 30 ton, 15 hp 3 ph, 12 gallons a minute. It's a single stage pump and it's fast (for a hydraulic press) at 3 inches a second. I don't have a gauge on mine, but I'm betting that I hardly ever use the full 30 tons it is spec'd for. 15 tons is probably plenty. I'm North of you, (east of Seattle) but if you want to come have a look, feel free to make a play date Geoff
  3. Geoff Keyes

    Fun time

    Not too bad. I should be back to work next week
  4. Geoff Keyes

    Fun time

    That one is not even going on the table. It's an older piece, a coffin handle gent. I can't even find a picture of it right now. Finger hurts today, but at least it's in pretty much one piece. Geoff
  5. Geoff Keyes

    Fun time

    What is better than spending a couple of hours in the Urgent Care on a Sunday evening? I was packing up the box for Blade West and picked up a zipper case and the knife jumped out and tried to slice the end of my little finger off. Just the blade falling through the air was enough for a trip to UC and three stitches. Damn that blade is sharp! Marianne thinks we should name it Nosferatu. See you in Portland
  6. This piece is nice and solid, so it gave me no trouble. A sharp rasp did most of the work. Geoff
  7. I got a few new things done for BladeWest (table E2, if you're in the area). A 270mm chef, a belduque, and a couple of small integrals, a boot knife and a bird and trout. The chef is forged (in the past my kitchens have been waterjet) and dressed in stabilized mulberry burl and micarta The Belduque is in buffalo horn. It's actually much lighter than the originals. Now that I've gotten better at thin blades, I need to remember when they need to be thick. The boot is in desert ironwood with a bit of texture. The B&T is in elk. Both of these are forged from 5/8ths 1095 hex stock. I'm still figuring out all of the steps to get the shapes I want in these, so these are more progress pieces than where I want to finish.
  8. As I said, there are better places than this forum to find out about this, but remember (as one old guy to another), 50 years ago was the 1970"s. The AK has been in service since 1947. Depending on where it's been, that surface could happen in just a few years. The general form is related to the AK's Plus the short blade places it in the last half of the 20th century I'm still thinking AK, with the manufacture in some third world forge.
  9. I am far from an expert on such things, but a quick image search leads me toward AK's. There are two things that are an issue. Most (not all) AK bayonets have a hole in the blade near the tip that lets you use the scabbard as a wire cutter. It's missing here. There also should be a rear mount to keep the blade stable. This might be a back country knockoff (Afghanistan? ) or just some random variant. AK's were made everywhere, so unless you can find some marks on it, that may be as far as you're going to get. There are collector groups and I'd try one of those. We are more makers than collectors, though there is always a lot of crossover and someone may know more. Good luck Geoff
  10. There is an ax junkies group on facebook, I'd try there g
  11. Bigger is better, in general, when it comes to anvils. That said, anything that works is better than no anvil at all. If you've been offered a Mousehole, jump on it. Even if you don't like it, you can probably trade it for something you do like. I work in a 5" x 6.5" post anvil. Even though it's not very hard, all of the mass is under the hammering face. I don't think there is one, holy grail of bladesmithing anvil. You said you have an anvil (it looks like a smallish Arm and Hammer, 50-75 lbs). What is it that you think a bigger anvil will do that this one doesn't? geoff
  12. It's fixed? Reallyio truelio? It's fixed! Yea! Thanks Alan Now, can you help me with my spelling? Geoff
  13. Geoff Keyes

    double space

    Does anyone know how to make the editor stop using a double space as the default for a line return? Like this It makes me crazy(er). Geoff
  14. Alan will have to weigh in, but I'd say, English, pre 1810. Short heel and no pritchel hole lead me there. The 0 3 5 is the weight in 100 weight or CWT, it should be about 89 lbs or 40 kilos. It's pretty clean little guy, and once you get attached to the stump, it should work very well. Nice gift. Geoff
  15. Yes, I somehow missed the completed list, and I apologize. I am done and Mike, I'd be pleased to swap with you. You tell me when you're done and we'll get the swap in the mail. Geoff
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