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  1. Thanks guys, I was trying to come up with a way of saying what you just said, except I would have used a bunch more words and still been not as clear. Geoff
  2. That was my thought as well, thanks. g
  3. So I have to make some decisions. I can throw myself on the floor and kick my feet. I've done that, so I need to move forward. I can just take my lumps and just make things out of these pieces, there is a ton of material there. BTW, what appears to be a crack in the bottom billet is not, I was able to grind right through it. I could try refit the two pieces, weld them around then try to forge weld them, kind of like a Ferry flip. I'm thinking that even if a reweld works it will look strange. Any thoughts?
  4. My big canoe weld did not take in the middle, so in that sense it is a failure. In another sense, I have 2 nice billets to make into things, and I learned stuff. Geoff
  5. The chain is not really needed as a sound dampener on the Fishers. They were designed to be quiet. They don't have quite the rebound of a Hay Budden, but they don't drive a spike into your head, either. The caulk should be all you need to keep it on the block. Good looking tool and it's great to keep it in the family. Geoff
  6. Nice date on it. You should contact the Fisher museum and see what he can tell you https://www.facebook.com/FisherAnvils I do love Fishers. The first anvil I ever bought was a 200# Fisher. Geoff
  7. I'm thinking that the material may be too small to give you any detail. Assuming that you can get a weld, by the time it's a solid mass, it will be pretty homogenous. In the early 2000's Jon Christensen did a hunter with a blade made of lathe swarf. It looked like maple leaves. What other things might give you what you want? Ball bearings, star washers, nuts? I'm just kicking the idea around. Geoff
  8. This design seems to follow the way many of the grinders in the market are designed, though my KMG is all built out of .5" slabs of steel rather than tubes. The one thing that concerns me is the motor. Pretty much every design I have seen has the motor on the left and all of the wheels on the right (as you stand in front of the machine.) Perhaps this has to do with motor rotation? If your motor is reversible, then you don't have an issue, but if you have a standard motor, your design has the belt running away from you, which I think would make for some awkward grinding. Perhaps I'm mi
  9. I'm watching this for the tile piece I'm working on, since that is going to have a frame as well. Geoff
  10. Gary, thank you for jumping in, I figured that I had annoyed you enough with questions. I am going to build the canoe from scratch. I was going to superglue the pieces today and get the canoe built. I was also going to fill any spaces with 1095 powder, there will be a bit of grinding on the edges to remove it, but I think taking up any space will help me. I was going back and forth on where to start the welding pass, so your advice is valuable there. I'm using a press, but a light hand on the edge is how I will start. I'm pretty deep into this project and I don't have a plan B, s
  11. I wear a welders glove on the left, mostly when I'm working on damascus billets, and a lighter leather work glove on the right. My welding forge heats the handles up pretty badly. I use the left hand to shield my right when reaching for the handles, the end of the handle is generally cool enough that the light glove is enough. The welders gloves are sloppy enough for a quick dismount if needed. My vertical forge does not heat the handles so badly, for the most part I can work bare handed or with just a left. I had to get new gloves just this week, my right glove burned out and split f
  12. I had the revelation about 1095 powder just this morning, so I'm going to do that. I already had the superglue idea in mind, but thanks for reminding me. A wee drop in the can to gain the gods favor and I think I'll be ready to go. I haven't been so wound up about a project in a while. I literally had nightmares about it last night. Geoff
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