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  1. Geoff Keyes

    Power hammer build questions

    I built my hammer for about 100 hours of fab (3 weeks of nights and weekends) and about $600 USD in cash. This was in 2000. It's been running almost without tweaks since the first day. I changed out the grade 5 bolts in the toggle for grade 8 (they stretched over a couple of years). I changed the the way the pedal worked (it pulled on one side, I changed it to pull down on two sides if the foot bar) and that's it. It's got hundreds of hours on it and I've gone through 1 belt. So the short answer is, no. Geoff
  2. Geoff Keyes

    Way outside my comfort zone

    I think cord, but there are lots of options.. The material is so thick that you could just roll the edges and leave it at that. g
  3. Geoff Keyes

    Way outside my comfort zone

    This is a proto for a customer. I did a kiridashi grind on this one, but there are lots of other options. What do folks think?
  4. Geoff Keyes


    Are there any marking on the spine, flowers or stars, perhaps? On a FB forum dealing with swords and the like, the thought is that it's 18th century, perhaps a broken, re-mount of a sword, and European. If it's the tip of a sword, that would be why there are no makers marks. A broken sword re-mounted on a bayonet handle? Maybe. g
  5. Geoff Keyes


    I am far from an expert, and since we are makers here (mostly) rather than collectors, knowledge may be a little thin. The mounting system is strange, and the marks on the blade makes me think India (?). Where are you, where did you find it, do you have any more info? g
  6. Geoff Keyes

    Clearing the decks

    I'm trying to clear the decks a bit, so before I put most of these in a drawer, is there anyone out there looking for a big blade? I can finish any of these to your custom order. They are all carbon steel (no pattern weld), most of them are 1080, the two polished ones are L6. If you are looking for a project, contact me and we can talk about a blank for you to finish. Geoff
  7. Geoff Keyes

    Anvil question

    Some pictures would be helpful
  8. Geoff Keyes

    My hydraulic press plans

    Does it have a power unit? g
  9. Geoff Keyes

    Thoughts on this anvil

    It's very cool, I'd go for it at that price. If you mounted it on a block that filled the hole between the legs, that would help kill the ring. Some kind of a bridge anvil? g
  10. Geoff Keyes

    Fat Belly Skinner

    IMHO, if you straighten out the handle, it would have a better flow. g
  11. Geoff Keyes

    Small gas forge economy

    A hard surface forge is less efficient because the hard material is not an insulator, it a refractory. A forge like that works best if it's running long hours with high throughput. You are burning gas just to keep the bricks hot whether you are working or not. A ceramic wool is an insulator, it's holding the heat in the forge where it does you some good. In general, you burn less gas for the same work in wool forge than in the same sized brick forge. Another point I feel like I should make, curved surfaces in the burn chamber are more effective. A square box makes for "cold" corners. OTOH, I know you're in Namibia, and I don't know what the availability of ceramic wool blankets is. If you can't get the ceramic, then castable in a tube shape would be my next best advice. Geoff
  12. Geoff Keyes

    1” Challenge

    Last pic for now. I got nearly 7 inches pulled out of that little piece, just over 4 inches of blade back to where I will cut the shoulders. Not too bad. A bit of NS and some stag and I'll have a little B&T. Geoff
  13. Geoff Keyes

    1” Challenge

    I don't have any 1" bearings, so I sliced 3/4" of O1 round off and forged that out. My camera died early on, so I only got a couple of pics, but as soon as the battery charges, I'll have a couple more I cut this with the chop saw, just to give me a starting place. I heat with the powerhammer A pass with the press. It got a lot easier from here. More later Geoff
  14. Geoff Keyes

    Hack silver

    This is way off topic, though it is about tools, and so about tool making and such. Does anyone know what sort of tools (if any) were used to cut "hack silver" and other tokens of trade (like doubloons and pieces of eight)? I suppose that it's possible that this is more story than reality, but I would like to know. Geoff
  15. Geoff Keyes

    1” Challenge

    The volume of a 1 inch sphere is .524". Is this a volume challenge, or a control of mass challenge? A 1 X 2 X .25 piece of stock is just a bit less mass, but working from a sphere is a challenge all by it's self. Can I use power tools, or is this a hand hammer only thing. So many questions! Geoff