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  1. Geoff, can't see a pm button; what would you consider a fair price for that distressed sword?

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    2. SteveShimanek


      Wife says cool beans :) Steve Shimanek, PO Box 997444, Pago Pago AS 96799 I am not sure if I still have you Paypal address, please resend. I estimate about $60 or less for USPS Priority Mail with tracking, will pay it once you know how much it is. Thanks Geoff.......Steve

    3. Geoff Keyes

      Geoff Keyes

      Paypal is polarisfarm@hotmail.com.  I'll get it packed up after lunch.  Tell your wife thanks for me.  I know it's going to a good home.



    4. SteveShimanek


      Let me know how much the Priority Mail postage is geoff, and i will Paypal you right away. Thanks, Steve

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