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  1. This is Blades baby brother, out at the other end of the country. This is just the second year for the show, but folks are coming in from all over, I've seen the names of some European makers, which is a good sign. Nice venue, in a big convention center in Portland Or. You should attend if you can. Oh and my table has moved to E2 Gerhard, from, your mouth to the gods ears Geoff
  2. The whole idea of parrying a knife with a knife strikes me as unlikely. Even the HEMA sword and dagger fencers use the dagger either to catch a bound blade, or as a secondary attack or parry on closing. Knife fighting is too fast, IMHO, to count on being able to parry, blade to blade. Geoff
  3. Mikado:A more humane Mikado neverDid in Japan exist,To nobody second,I'm certainly reckonedA true philanthropist.It is my very humane endeavourTo make, to some extent,Each evil liverA running riverOf harmless merriment.
  4. Geoff Keyes

    My KITH

    I know I lobbied for a folder, and I know I was going to do a folder, but when it got down to the brass tacks (whatever THAT means) I didn't like any of the folders on the bench. So I did an integral instead.
  5. My wife used to do spinning show and tells as part of a Mountain Man encampment. The knowitalls talking crap about spinning wheels is always good for a laugh, but my favorite story is the guy who wanted to know "How many times can you skin a sheep before it dies?" Geoff
  6. I spent some time last year exploring the Elgin and how it was made. It looks like there was a dovetail rib on the top of the blade and a slot for it milled into the barrel. I think the blade, trigger guard and knuckle bow are all one piece. I think the plate in front of the trigger block bolts through the spine of the blade and perhaps a rib the projects from the underside of the barrel. I have not been able to find an exploded drawing. I'm thinking that they must have been hand made. g
  7. How about an Elgin?
  8. So looked at the pics pretty closely. It looks like the barrel and blade are single piece. So a round of something, bored out, and then the sword forged out of the end of the bar. I would not be confident of a screwed in blade, though it's something I could do with a piece of sch40 just as a test. I suppose a real gunsmith could build it in two pieces and get the blade to line up, but I don't know how to do that. I find that the length of time my computer takes to boot up, is just enough time for me to forget why I wanted it to boot up. Geoff
  9. This is Devon Thomas' sharks tooth, and I think that that it's a "W" that has been laddered. Joshua I think what you are talking about is a Half ladder. G
  10. Geoff Keyes

    KITH 2020?

  11. That is amazing! I love the interplay of subtle textures. Geoff
  12. Got my table assignment today. 5 Elements Forge is going to be at H3. Come see us and say hi https://bladeshowwest.com/
  13. This one is headed out today. It's a refurb of an unloved damascus chef from my kitchen. Reground (lost about 1/2 the weight) new handle.
  14. That is a wonderful video. 2 questions. How many hours do you have in it at the end of the video? Who are the musicians (aside from yourself. Is that a bouzouki? OK, 3 questions)? Geoff
  15. You should go here and read the pinned topics. We put all of this stuff there just for you https://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?/forum/26-beginners-place/ Geoff
  16. I didn't measure it, but the mid point of hte blade jammed in the block, and they are over 1/8th. I drew lines from the tip back to where the handle joins the blade and re built the distal taper, The tip is a bare 1/16th and survived the accidental concrete floor drop. I'll get some measurements tomorrow. Mostly what I did was bring the bare blade into the house and hand it to my wife for a direct carrot cut comparison. The first two times it failed, it did not cut as well as the favorite hand made blade in the block. I think it could be thinner, but not without re heat treating it. It's pretty nice right now. Geoff
  17. I ground a good third to half of the thickness away. It's amazing (having made a few) how thin they really are. At least this one cuts a whole lot better now. g
  18. This one of the earliest kitchen pieces I made. It had been sitting in the knife block, unloved, for a long time. It was way too thick and the handle was wonky. I was contacted by someone looking for a kitchen knife, when he mentioned damascus, I made him a deal. Before, I really liked that handle, which is why I resisted the urge to fix it up Notice the no pin construction. It took 5 blows with a 5lb hammer to even crack the handle Sorry about the crappy pics, I'm just doing this on the fly because I need to get this done Geoff
  19. I think this would adapt nicely to a vertical chunk of RR rail, like I talk about above. Geoff
  20. In my episode I was pretty much the token "Beard and Wide Load", but yes, for the most part, we tend to be top heavy and shaped like a barrel Geoff
  21. I was thinking a pass through control block to a second set of controllers. I should put QC on all my hoses, that's a good idea no matter what. Geoff
  22. I had one that was really worn. The jaws only met in the middle, leaving about a 1/4 gap at each end. We pulled it apart and took a couple of cuts with a mill, just enough to fix that issue. I've never seen another one as bad. I have seen them where the moving jaw is twisted out of true. Since most of the old one are wrought iron, a little heat with a torch and a big pipe wrench will fix it. Geoff
  23. This is pretty clever https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=hydraulic+twister+for+making+damascus&&view=detail&mid=D72D421B1FA5B384769FD72D421B1FA5B384769F&&FORM=VRDGAR
  24. I can't be the only person to think of this. I have seen re-purposed pipe threaders used to twist bars for damascus. I have a press, about 30 tons. If I hung a motor and gear reducer off the press, couldn't I use the existing pump, motor and to power a twister? Random thoughts that come while polishing Geoff
  25. I can't remember where I saw it, but at some point I ran across a picture of a "key ring" of pieces all made from 1 inch cubes of steel. One of them was a long spike and I don't have a clear image of the other things, though one might have been a thin flat of steel. This was meant to show the abilities of the smith, how much he could manipulate the mass Does anyone know what it is that I'm talking about and have a picture of it. Thanks Geoff
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