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  1. Hi Kevin, Given that this was made over twenty years ago, I have little memory of what I was doing at the time. It is a three bar billet. There is no fuller because I hadn't figured out how to do that at that time. The dark line is not a delamination and I never figured out what it was, it only appeared when I etched. I also hadn't figured out how to get the pattern to flow to the point, ie notching a V at the point and rewelding. As I said I learned a lot on this piece. I had no style in mind when I made this blade. Keep in mind that there wasn't as much information out there then as
  2. Sorry for letting this mystery go on for so long, I have been away from the forum for a while. The blade was definitely made by me. I learned a lot making it and though it didn't turn out the way I had wished, I kept it for a long while as a learning tool. Sorry to hear it is on Ebay, not sure what that means. So flaws and all it is mine. Don
  3. I can relate to this question. I was an English major in college and never really thought about visual art. When I started making knives, I quickly became aware that I was working in a form that was nonverbal and that I had no sense of what made a piece work or not. Fortunately, I soon began working with the artist Murad Sayen who had a wonderful eye. Watching him sketch and work gave me a sense of what I needed to learn. I focused first on line. Jimmy Fikes helped me by point out the perfect blade shapes in a bed of Spring flowers. Line and form are everywhere, texture, color, dimension,
  4. Shovel out the charcoal and put it in a closed container. It has a nasty habit of reigniting. The mini shop is very nice, thanks for sharing.
  5. Thank you Randal, it is an interesting path we follow.
  6. Welcome Michael, you will fit in fine here. Nice work.
  7. Nicely done, what a skill set. Welcome aboard Trollsky!
  8. Well done, I copied this thread
  9. Thank you for bringing this subject back up Jim. My main reason for beginning blacksmithing and bladesmithing was as a way to quiet my mind after returning from Viet Nam. I found that working with my hands gave me a whole new way to see the world. Line and form, texture, color, light, a whole new language presented itself. I began to meet others who were exploring like me. Having a community of good people who were learning and sharing helped me make my way through life. I am struggling for words this morning, but I do hope that others will jump in and explore this thread. We are learning
  10. Oh my, thread hijack. This brain conversation I have a personal interest in, but perhaps it should be reopened in The Way forum. The piece that Jim is working on is extraordinary and I wouldn't want to see attention diverted from the progress. Thanks
  11. I love your work. So distinctive, flowing and interesting. Well done.
  12. I like your web site Ric, nice job, good information, beautiful work. Thanks
  13. Well Done, some serious skills in that piece
  14. Make sure you go to the Bladesmith's Hammerin put on by the Alabama Forge Council every April. Lots of classes, info, supplies, good folk. It is at Tannehill outside of Birmingham. Check Alabama Forge Council for dates. It is a must go to event.
  15. :)src="http://forums.dfoggknives.com/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif"> Thanks guys, I am still grumbling.
  16. Oh my, that's alive. Beautiful Jim, I really like this work. Thank you for sharing
  17. Thank you Jake, you are a true artist.
  18. Welcome Pierre, what a beautiful piece, thank you for sharing. For those of you who are not familiar with his work Pierre Reverdy is one of the worlds best mosaic and Damascus maker. His pieces are bold and sculptural and true art knives. It is great to have you join us Pierre. Don
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