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  1. Scott Joram Sweder Tilaru Metalsmithing I have used two logos this first is what I call the Tilaru man a doodle in college that turned into a series of projects. The second is a Celtic tree of life with the tilaru man in the middle
  2. Chefs knife with Curly maple handle
  3. I always love your videos, a fact you do not try to hide the problems you do have impresses me even more. If we didn't make mistakes we would not be pushing the boundaries of our knowledge. I think I make enough for 10 bladesmiths..
  4. This is a seax I finished last week. it is a multi bar of 1095, L6, and 15n20. The center core is a cinnamon roll of the same. The Stack from top to bottom on the picture is Raindrop pattern,15n20, raindrop pattern, 15n20, cinnamon roll, 15n20, raindrop pattern, 15n20, raindrop pattern. once I started forging i got some gaps between the cinnamon rolls so I milled them out and re-welded them with more pattern weld. forged it out and pretty happy with the pattern The blade fittings are pattern weld with a carved bacote handle with Turquo
  5. Yes, One in white bronze and the other in 10/90 bronze
  6. I used 1095, L6, and 15n20. I ended up making 2 smaller knives out of the material because I had an inclusion in the middle that there was no getting around. I have not cast the guards or pommels yet, one will be inlayed with Lapis Lazuli and the other with malachite.
  7. Your attention to the detail in the construction process is amazing.
  8. I was thinking knights of columbus sword as well.. Thank you for the confirmation. I know there is a name on the sword I will look in to this one more I posted a picture of the other blade next to the knight of columbus sword to show size.. Thank you all for the tremendous help in this.
  9. Trying to Identify these two swords for a friend and I was hoping someone here could point me in a proper direction. The first one I believe is from early 20th century Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Well I have to admit I put the fullers in with a little mini air flex shaft I have. they were put in as an after thought. I hope to have it at the Blade show, finished with some forged cable weld leaves on the guard.
  11. Here is my first attempt at 1095 cable weld wrapped around 5160. Just looking for thoughts. Sorry the picture isn't any better
  12. You may want to play with a blueing using tempurture control. For most pieces I do this way I use my oxy/propane torch. this is what it looks like. As long as you don't get to a pale blue you will retain a decent edge holding ability. this particular knife did about 50 cuts though 1" hemp rope before it was sold.
  13. Just Signed up to the forum, but I'll be there as well It will be my third year at this particular show and I have always had a great time there. If you have a chance stop by and say hi Joram Tilaru Metalsmithing www.tilaru.com
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