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  1. Totally sweet thx for posting. I like your work and your site.
  2. This is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. I have not looked at the markets for katana's for ~10 years since I got an L-6 cutter from HC. Is the market so flooded that no one needs this? or has the down turn really reduced the value of these fine items that much??
  3. I have one and use it all the time. Great hammer. Ted
  4. Great piece Petr!! I wish I had the cash right now, but don't. Good luck! Ted
  5. Hi Chris, My brief description was trying to state rolling the wire by pushing down and forward with the jig, while wire is perpendicular to the jig. Just like Petr is suggesting. Though I have yet to visual the knife edge and groove correctly yet. Jeffs third pdf has designs similar to what I had previously seen for the rolling fixture. Sincerely, Ted
  6. Beaded wire is on my list to learn how to do. I have seen a couple different methods , but not tried any yet. The easiest is to imagine taking a piece of say 16 gage steel sheel and putting a 60 degree chamfer on one side. Do same on another piece. Now take those 2 pieces and fix together so the 2 chamfers are opposite so they create an inverted V shape. Use this tool to "roll" the beads onto the wire. Hope this helps, Thx for the pics, and I hope we all get better info than I just supplied!! Ted Bouck
  7. Totally sweet!! Thx guys for the tag team on the demo with pics!! Now I have another project on the list! Best Regards, Ted
  8. Very well done Jim!! Keep um comin, Ted
  9. How much is he asking? And can you be a little more specific about where in "Mid- Michigan"?? Thx, Ted
  10. OMG I want.... must be strong...... It's killing me that someone else will own this Jim, I hope she goes to a good home. One in which the noblest of uses is she put. ;0) Is this a single or double handed axe? Cheers! Ted
  11. I recommend Jim Austin for any and all Danish axes!! Do a search for my review of a battle dane axe I got from Jim on the "Show and Tell" forum. Respectfully submitted, Ted Bouck
  12. Greetings to everyone, I know many of you have been following Jim Austin's Viking Axe making tutorials under the History forum. I had the opportunity to purchase one of his Viking war axes, and this is a review of the Axe and the transaction. [To the moderator, if this review should be somewhere else, I apologize, and please move.] First go to my Flickr site for pictures of the axe: http://www.flickr.com/photos/eldesar See Dane axe set. Next a description of the axe - The Dane Axe has an edge length of 7.75" and is 8.375" from the BACK of the poll to the edge. From the
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