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  1. Hi Bill, Yes, very much still in business. I've got an email and a voicemail from you from two days ago, but there have been no other calls or emails from your account to my knowledge....just thought I'd let you know in case you've been emailing the wrong address. In any case, I'll be able to respond to your email in a couple of days....it's midterm time right now (I'm back in grad school working on my Ph.D.) and things are extremely busy...so I'm running behind on emails.... hang tight for a few more days.... -Darren
  2. Steel Heat Treatment Handbook (Hardcover) for sale. It's the one listed here: http://www.amazon.com/Steel-Treatmen.....;/dp/0824797507 or try http://tinyurl.com/dyu2cz Book is in mint condition. I have two copies, so am selling one. $110 + shipping -Darren
  3. Hi JV, Just saw this post tonight...I haven't been able to get on the forums much lately. I'm very sorry for the delay in getting back with you guys.....it seems to happen every year at this same time for us...a convergence of events...one of the best hammer-ins in the country we travel to, Spring final exams at school, and order volume increases all at once...we do our best. Most of the time we are able to get orders out within a few days, with Kathryn packing orders to ship...I think we are getting to the point where we need to start looking into hiring our first employee to help with pac
  4. Hi all, Our inventory has outgrown our ability to transport it all to shows/hammer-ins. If you're planning to go to Batson's hammer-in this weekend in Alabama and want to make sure we have everything you may need, you can email us by noon tomorrow (Thursday) and we'll make sure we have your order there set aside and ready for you to pick up. You can either pay via credit card on our website and select the "pick up at sellers location" option and put a note in the order that you will be picking it up at Batson's or just email us with your order and we can settle up at the hammer-in
  5. Hi Al, Sorry, I got busy and forgot to check back in on this thread. Your idea is fine, go ahead and input any zip code into the cart and if the shipping comes out higher I'll send a Paypal invoice for the difference, and if it comes out less I can send a refund for the difference. Just be sure to put your shipping address in the notes section of the cart when you check out, that way when I run your invoice I've got it with the payment details. I'm curious, you mentioned that you haven't been able to get an email through to me? Are you getting a bounce message? If so, c
  6. Hi Al, We are happy to ship to international destinations, just shoot me an email and I can work up a shipping quote for you, unfortunately our shopping cart currently doesn't have the functionality to do it automatically. Let me know if I can help in any way! -Darren
  7. Ken, If I can help out in any way just shoot me an email. -Darren
  8. Hi Randy, Well it's 2:30 in the morning of the 30th, and I just found this message! When you guys do another one if you can post earlier please do, I think that's close enough to come up for the day next time! -Darren
  9. Hi Matt, Good to see you're still into knifemaking! If you can't find any cable locally and you need to order some, let me know, I've got all of the various sizes in stock and ready to go! -Darren
  10. Hi Matt, Thanks for the great feedback, I really appreciate it! We're trying to expand our offerings to include the things all of us into forging and in-shop heat treating need without crossing over into what all of the other knifemaking suppliers are offering as much as possible. I still appreciate your gentle nudges into the direction for carrying the quench oils, they have gone over well. The heat treating salts have too. In fact, I've completely sold out of my first run of PID controlled high temp salt pot systems and have already been taking orders on the second batch. (onc
  11. Just wanted to get the word out about some new items we've added to the website. I've just recently updated the web pages with Low Temperature Heat Treating Salts, good quality Knife Cases, and Vermiculite. Also, we're working hard on getting our line of forges caught up to the point where they will be in-stock items at all times...I've got a run of the Ellis 8-HT Forges in that I need to get pictures of and up on the site...they will be up there by the weekend. All of the other models will be available soon, within the next 2 - 3 weeks, so if you're in need of a new forge, it's a good time
  12. Only one slot left! The price is going to $1200 after this first round...I've made some changes to my original design that has increased the cost, and added some more safety features. One more person can get in at the introductory price if you want. -Darren
  13. Hey Michael, Sorry for the delay, I never saw that there was another reply to this thread until tonight when I came back to it to post an update. We can chat about some of this at Blade if you want, or in the pit over a beer...I think Nick, Bill, and some others are getting together one evening for beers...I've got first round and the second is on Nick. -Darren Two slots left for the High Temperature Salt Pot Systems at this *Introductory* price! If you're on the fence about getting one, it's best to get in at this price! Please see our website for details...
  14. We are now carrying low temp salts for heat treating. They won't be on the website until a week or so after the blade show, but I wanted to get the word out. We will have them in the following quantities: "By the Pound" = $4.00 per pound 25 pounds = $3.50 per pound ($87.50) 50 Pounds = $175 To figure how much is needed, you will require approximately 1 pound per 14 cubic inches. If anyone wants to pick up some at the blade show, shoot me an email, this is a great way to save on shipping and hazmat fees. -Darren
  15. Kathryn and I are in prep mode for the Blade Show in Atlanta coming up in less than two weeks (June 8, 9, and 10). We are already figuring out what we plan to bring with us, so if you would like to place a pre-order let us know as soon as possible -- by Monday, June 4 would be great. Picking up an order from us at the Blade Show is a great way to save on shipping costs on large items like Forges, 55 pound bags of Satanite/Mizzou/Kastolite/etc., rolls of Inswool refractory blanket, 5 gallon quantities of Quench Oils, low temperature and high temperature Salts, and Salt Tubes -- as well as any
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