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  1. JD, That is a beautiful sheath to go with a beautiful knife, Great job.
  2. The 2011 CKCA (Custom Knife Collectors Association) Calendar is now available at the CKCA Website. Here is the link: http://www.customknifecollectorsassociation.com/Store.html This Calendar has images of custom knives from 41 different knife makers. Here is the pricing: 2011 CKCA Calendar Prices CKCA Members: 2011 Calendar (Shipping to USA/Canada) is $12.00 each 2011 Calendar (Shipping Internationall) is $17.00 each Non-Members: 2011 Calendars (Non-member), Shipping to USA/Canada) is $15.00 each 2011 Calendar (Non-member), Shipping International) is$20.00 each Quantity Discounts: Quantity Discount (Shipping to USA/Canada) 5 or more Calendars is $10.00 each Quantity Discount (Shipping International) 5 or more Calendars is $15.00 each All prices include Shipping & Handling. We also urge you to buy your Calendars now. The Holiday Season is coming up, we only have a limited amount of Calendars. They make great gifts and are a super way to introduce people to Custom Knives. Jim Treacy
  3. Ron, They are both great looking knives. I particularly like the Desert Ironwood. Good job, Jim Treacy
  4. John White, MS made the Dogbone in the link for me. He did a wonderful job. It was the first Dogbone Bowie that John has made. It looks great in the photos, but is much better in person. The blade is chatoyant and really shimmers in the light. Here is the link again: http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=722588 Jim Treacy
  5. JD, I was glad to snatch it up and also glad to see the photos. Great job. Jim
  6. JD, That's a beautiful knife. Great job. Jim Treacy
  7. Here's a few photos of Don Fogg forging some Jellyroll damascus. Rolling the steel: Welding and rounding: Forging the bar: Here's the finished steel: Jim Treacy
  8. It will be nice to have a ABS Hammerin in New England. I'm sure that it will be great. Here's a link with more info: http://www.americanbladesmith.com/AuburnHammerin.htm Jim Treacy
  9. This is a great sword. I was lucky enough to get to see it before the show. It's every bit as nice as the Coop photo. Jim Treacy
  10. JD, That's a great looking blade. I really think that the guard goes well with the carved handle. Jim Treacy
  11. I'm the collector who had Jim Cooper photograph these two knives. I was going to post them on this Forum, but JD beat me to it. That's what I get for emailing him the images. I got the sword because of the Don Fogg Forum. In October, 2003 J.D. posted up a picture of the finished blade. As soon as I saw it, I wanted it. I was amazed at the pattern. I called J.D. and we made a deal. Then it took him awhile to decide how he was going to finish it. He's the creative type. I was extremely happy with everything about it. It has a 15 1/2" blade and it is 22" overall. I have taken photos of it but nothing to compare with Coop's great job. He really captured everything that I like about the sword. The folder was my first really handmade custom knife. I visited his shop on numerous occasions to see the progress that he was making. It is a linerlock with a 5" blade of 1085-L6 5 bar damascus, mastadon with mokume and filework. It is 11" overall open. J. D. called it "Mastadon Madness" because of all the fun he had with handle. It is still my favorite folder. Dave Stephens said: Dave, I have been a collector for almost twenty years. I have no intention of becoming a knife maker, but last December I took the ABS Intro to Bladesmithing course in Old Washington, AR. JR Cook MS, Don McIntosh JS, Jerry Fisk MS and Mike Ruth JS were my instructors. I wanted to make a knife not make knives. I enjoyed forging and I think that I picked up grinding OK. I made some great friends there. I still have not finished the knife because I don't have the patience for the handles and guard. I am one collector who can appreciate something like these two pieces. Jim Treacy
  12. The Custom Knife Collectors Association has produced a Custom Knife Calendar to help in promoting the Custom Knife Industry. This calendar is made up of 35 custom knife photos of which all knives are either made and/or owned by CKCA Members. This beautiful calendar is available for purchase on the CKCA website. Please act fast as these 11"X17" high quality calendars will most likely go fast. The photography is first rate with all of the pictures taken either by Jim Cooper, Chuck Ward or Buddy Thomason. The knives in the calendar are by 25 different makers, most post on this and other forums. I think that the will help promote the custom knife industry and hopefully show more people how custom knives can be more than just cutting instruments. I believe that these will be great gifts to both collectors and non collectors. I have allready sent some to fellow knife enthusiasts. Here is a link to the CKCA Store website: http://www.customknifecollectorsasso...com/Store.html Here is the cover knife, the "King Tut dagger" by Buster Warenski: Here is the August page minus the calendar portion: Jim Treacy
  13. JD, That's a great looking sword. Jim Treacy
  14. Matt, Welcome home and thank you for your service. Jim Treacy 11B40 RVN '70-71
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