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  1. PS - Love the knives @MacCrea - In addition to my soft spot for trade knives, that cable looks phenomenal with giraffe bone. I never would have considered that, and I am going to have to dig mine out of the bin now.
  2. First post in 10 years.... almost seems surreal to me considering I have been here since 2003. But I'm trying to become more sociable ;). @Doug Crawford -- The last time I bought cable was from Ellis Custom Knifeworks, which has unfortunately since gone 'the way'. I'm fairly certain the business itself was bought out by High Temperature Tools (http://www.hightemptools.com/wirerope.html). Assuming they work through the same suppliers, I can confirm that these sections do not need any special treatment -- i.e. there are no non-steel strands/cores. The shot below include my last remainin
  3. AdamRidlon


    Well hello there, Charles. I have no doubt that Beowulf is capable of smoothing feathers. I get into KITHs for the sake of trying something new and getting to know the work of others. I rarely keep a knife forever, and someone else should get the chance to play with it for a spell. Of all the knives that have passed through my collection, that was one of the hardest to see go. Hopefully it will feel the hands of a few more neophytes before it settles into a permanent home.
  4. AdamRidlon


    I would like to publicly apologize to two members of this community. I have owed both Jared T and Boo a knife for months now. The last year has been very rough on me, and their finished knives sat in my shop gathering dust along with all of the other pieces of my life that I have had to set aside. A man is only as good as his word. I want you both to know that I have always had every intention of keeping that word, and I’m sorry it took me so long to get around to it. I really appreciate the patience both of you have shown me Boo -- I have sent you my entry to the SITH as well as
  5. AdamRidlon


    Email and phone number is listed right at the top of his website: http://www.radharcknives.com/
  6. AdamRidlon


    Morning all. Finished this awhile ago, but I'll probably be nitpicking the sheath until I ship at the end of the week. Steel: 1065 Handle: Forged copper and maple w/ linseed finish Blade: 8" OAL: 14" This is an honery knife.... drew blood 4 times. A few weeks ago she reminded me why I always try to put a glove over a clamped blade when I walk away from the vise -- bit me all the way to the bone on my left shoulder blade. Adam
  7. Wish I could say I knew the answer to that question. I can say that even if tomorrow I found out that stock removal could make a stronger knife I would still be a smith... I'm in love with the whole process, not just the product. I love breaking up charcoal, and making fire. I love cranking my champion blower while I sample homebrew. I even love removing scale! The 'soul' debate is a tough one. Maybe it exists because everyone's version of 'soul' is subjective. Maybe it is because there are more hobbyist stock reduction makers than obsessed ones, whereas there are more obsessed smith
  8. AdamRidlon


    One month to go! I have been getting very little shop time lately, but I am determined to see this one through. I managed to get out on the last full moon to heat treat a couple of projects... thought I would share a pic as proof that I'm still in. Since I figure seaxes are really hard users I forged it from 1065 w/ an elliptical taper (not sure what else to call it... thickest point of blade will be a couple inches from the handle). I walked into giant pile of free wood the other day... one of those right place right time kinds of things. Haven't made up my mind on what I'm goi
  9. I don't have any good historical links for you, but thought I would share anyways. Beats working anyhow... A good way to make one that would be acceptable for SCA would be to make sure the profile of the blade resembles a typical utility knife from the time period you are trying to replicate, and then do whatever you want with the handle portion. Makes me miss SCA. Any of you ever go to Gulf Wars? It is my opinion that this type of knife has existed since the first blacksmith lit the first forge. I call them "self knives". I was into bowyery before I discovered this true addicti
  10. Here is one that I found for sale the other day when looking for examples of ancient weaponry. Little more than I would be willing to pay though: Small spider in amber
  11. woe be to the grasshoppery thing that sets foot on me peppers I mean just look at the thing... shenanigans written all over its face... and its shifty little eyes...
  12. It's too late to be at work, and while I wait for a server to patch I thought I would post this pictorial adventure for the spider lovers out there... I have a lot of funnel web spiders around the house this year (that's the common American araneomorph funnel web spiders, not Australian kind). They are really fascinating because they actually develop a social structure if you leave them alone long enough. They will share webs, food, parental duty, and will even demonstrate cooperative prey capture. I have a small colony in a bush off the back porch: They are extremely quick, a
  13. Looks like mine might have been lost in the mail. Stephan is going to take his receipt to the post office and see what they can tell him (it was mailed 3 weeks ago). I still haven't shipped mine to Jared yet... just can't seem to get the sheath right. Maybe I'm just being overly critical of my work, but I don't like sending out stuff I'm not happy with. We have been in communication though, and fortunately for me Jared is a patient lad --adam
  14. Raymond, Is there something you look for when buying large saw blades to better your chances of getting shear steel? Do you have any pictures of the teeth on the ones you have found? How thick are they, and what was the diameter of the blade? There's a junktique place down the street from me. One of the real packrat types who gets shut down all the time because his spread encroaches the highway and other peoples property. Anyways, he has dozens of those big old sawmill blades for sale and actually gives me a pretty good price on stuff. I also have a question about the shear p
  15. I never managed to hit my deadline either. Fortunately, Jared T has been extremely patient with me. I decided to go with an integral, and ended up turning it into a neo-tribal mess kit. The three essentials will be covered: Something to cut meat with, something to eat meat with, and something to open beer with. Since I am determined to try as many new things as possible in these KITHs I went all out. First full tang, first time working with rawhide, first bottle opener. Then I got the crazy idea to try and tackle all of this without the use of files or sand paper. So the blade w
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