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  1. I did use potassium permanganate on stag in the past but it seemed like it faded over time. Been using leather dye for the past 15 years. The knife and sheath in the photo were both done with the same leather dye.
  2. Thats quite a pattern for just 88 layers. Fine looking chef's knife..........
  3. Finally got around to making my pastor a knife plus a sheath. The blade was forged out of a piece of 3/4" 60 grade rebar. Since he was in my shop when I forged the blade I thought I'd use the forging for his knife. Use a piece of curly maple that was saved out of the firewood rack and used some aluminum bronze that I aged. First sheath I made in several years and it turned out better than I expected. The knife is around 10" overall.
  4. Guess its been at least 5 years ago I bought the smallest pair of diagonal cutters at HF. The main purpose for getting them was with the hopes that I could make the cutting head smaller and also make the cutting edges sharper to tackle the armor plated toenails that come during the aging process. I was able to make the adjustments with the belt grinder and for awhile the toenails clippings flew all over the place. Now since having right shoulder surgery and then getting my right wrist fused the grip in my right hand has changed and the factory made handles were just to small on my cutters. Finally got around to making the adjustment.Now to add a light and some magnification.
  5. If I made this knife package I'd find it difficult to let go. Excellent job!
  6. Looks like a WIP in progress. Like the fact that you used recycled material. Years ago when I got into knife making hand forging was to of my list but found very little on the process. When I got into tomahawks and small axes the seat of my pants got wore out. Thanks for your information and photo's! I see your anvil is in bad shape but it still works.
  7. Doing the OKCA Show next weekend. Its the only show I do anymore and am looking forward to its opening. As you can tell I forged another ax head and just finished up another knife. The knife has a 5 1/2" 1065 blade, mild steel fittings and a sambar stag handle. 9 1/2" overall. Ax head is 4 1/2" and haft is 8" and made out of hickory.
  8. Slit and drifted. I've done a few wrapped full sized hawks. Might be able to do a tiny single bit ax but can't wrap my head around to do a double bit ax head.
  9. I've had the small hunter done for a week or so and just finished up the bow tie ax today. The hunter has a 4" 52100 blade, salvaged steel and wrought iron fittings and a sambar stag handle. 8" overall. The ax has a 1065 head and oak handle.
  10. Since the birth of the pickax I got the urge to make a mini ax and ended up making two more.
  11. Overtime my belly has gotten bigger and my bowies have gotten smaller. There was a time when my bowie blades were as long or longer than this bowie at 13" overall. This one has a 8 1/2" 52100 blade and an ebony handle. I salvaged 1/4" steel from a salvaged car part and used that to make the S guard. The other fittings are wrought iron.
  12. Robert, The handle does not go with this style blade. A straight blade should have straight handle. The knife needs to flow together.
  13. Cal, The photo's in your first post are now appearing. Thats quite a twist.
  14. Still no photo's. I just drag my files to where the paper clip is and it works just like magic for me.
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