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  1. Raymond Richard

    boring axe-stuff...

    Looks like a WIP in progress. Like the fact that you used recycled material. Years ago when I got into knife making hand forging was to of my list but found very little on the process. When I got into tomahawks and small axes the seat of my pants got wore out. Thanks for your information and photo's! I see your anvil is in bad shape but it still works.
  2. Raymond Richard

    2 More for the Show

    Doing the OKCA Show next weekend. Its the only show I do anymore and am looking forward to its opening. As you can tell I forged another ax head and just finished up another knife. The knife has a 5 1/2" 1065 blade, mild steel fittings and a sambar stag handle. 9 1/2" overall. Ax head is 4 1/2" and haft is 8" and made out of hickory.
  3. Raymond Richard

    Hunter and a Chopper

    Slit and drifted. I've done a few wrapped full sized hawks. Might be able to do a tiny single bit ax but can't wrap my head around to do a double bit ax head.
  4. Raymond Richard

    Hunter and a Chopper

    I've had the small hunter done for a week or so and just finished up the bow tie ax today. The hunter has a 4" 52100 blade, salvaged steel and wrought iron fittings and a sambar stag handle. 8" overall. The ax has a 1065 head and oak handle.
  5. Raymond Richard

    1849 Gold Rush Tomahawk

    Since the birth of the pickax I got the urge to make a mini ax and ended up making two more.
  6. Raymond Richard

    Overtime Bowie

  7. Raymond Richard

    Overtime Bowie

    Overtime my belly has gotten bigger and my bowies have gotten smaller. There was a time when my bowie blades were as long or longer than this bowie at 13" overall. This one has a 8 1/2" 52100 blade and an ebony handle. I salvaged 1/4" steel from a salvaged car part and used that to make the S guard. The other fittings are wrought iron.
  8. Raymond Richard

    Camp Knife finally finished

    Robert, The handle does not go with this style blade. A straight blade should have straight handle. The knife needs to flow together.
  9. Raymond Richard

    Damascus Kitchen Carver

    Cal, The photo's in your first post are now appearing. Thats quite a twist.
  10. Raymond Richard

    Damascus Kitchen Carver

    Still no photo's. I just drag my files to where the paper clip is and it works just like magic for me.
  11. Raymond Richard

    1849 Gold Rush Tomahawk

    I hadn't been paying much attention to GRT49 ever since I got her half'ted. She just sat on the cluttered work bench looking pretty. Guess she got bored and then she became out of control. Every time I'd go into the shop there was another hole dug into my crushed rock floor. I finally had to put her in a cage so she would stay put. Once I got out to the shop this morning she was acting a little better so I let her out. I decided to clean up the cage and mixed up in the bedding I discovered she had given birth. I should have recognized the signs. Its a boy with a 3 1/4" head and is about 5" tall. Soooo cute!
  12. Raymond Richard

    1849 Gold Rush Tomahawk

    I did not make the pick ax head. I purchased it at a knife show several years ago. I did make the handle.
  13. Raymond Richard

    1849 Gold Rush Tomahawk

    Almost a tomahawk, maybe a substitute.
  14. Raymond Richard

    Tribute to Farriers...A knife for them..

    I found the horse head on the blade. I win.... Really nice work of art! Exceptional....
  15. Raymond Richard

    African Blackwood X 2

    Adam, I use a rotary tool and carbide burr with light pressure, then etch, clean with steel wool or light wire brush and then cold blue and steel wool a second time.