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  1. Cal, Happy to see you are still making. A fine looking piece of cutlery!
  2. Gary, Your sure doing some fine work! Is that gator hide?
  3. Maciek, Thank you for the video! You really know your craft.....
  4. How small are these small kitchen knives? Looking good......
  5. Most of this knife and sheath were done in the smoke house, my shop. We just got a 2 day break from the smoke, a little rain, blue skies and was able to see the stars last night. However it is now getting smoky again. Hope this is short lived smoke this time. I believe a few of the larger fires are still going. I think we the home to the new Smoky Mountains..... Photo's were taken from my backyard. First one with smoke above and after it decided to come join us. It was like the second photo about 5 days.
  6. I had received the piece of sambar stag in a trade for doing some heat treating years ago. The previous owner had removed a good deal of the bark before I got it and I removed much more. Back when you could get sambar stage for under 10 bucks a piece is when it received its nickname, pour man's ivory. Nice looking piece of bone. Blade was once part of a much larger drag saw blade, fittings are from some of the finest wrought iron west of the Rocky's. Overall length of knife is 11". Surprised myself that I had desire to try making sheaths again. First time for me to use leather over a wood line
  7. Cal, Had you ever seen this pattern before? How's things in Regina?
  8. Around the middle of July I went to take the car battery out of my old Nissan. Lifted up the hood and saw this image. Shortly after I'd seen the baby rabbit and assorted rabbit parts up pops the head of a weasel. As soon as it saw me it got out of Dodge lickade split. Next time I look under that hood I'll have me a weasel getter.
  9. Cal, You see the rainbow in the second photo? That tree top belongs to one of my huge Doug firs. The pot of gold is under this tree. My tree......
  10. Was leaving the shop to call it a day Sunday evening and to the east I'd noticed a rainbow. Really, I was totally shocked to see the rainbow. Just didn't seem like it rained enough to be seeing what I was seeing. First thing I thought of was to get my camera. I was out for the next 45 minutes taking photo's. All the photo's were taken behind my shop. Both the rainbow and sunset were happening at the same time, just in opposite directions.
  11. James, you must be the other guy. I actually drove a truck around a year way back in the early 70's. I was a one direction driver, forward only. Couldn't back up to save my life. Think I would have panicked seeing some huge fellow with a beard as long as he is tall carrying a tool to chop down utility poles. Glad to hear it had a happy ending. Normally its a smaller fellow wanting a bigger tool but not in your case. Always enjoy seeing your work!
  12. Raymond Richard


    Ibor, You really do understand your craft!
  13. Made the original in March of 2017, a month before I had my right wrist fused. I believe I had a brain freeze when I made it originally. I ended up having to destroy the handle to salvage the blade. Turned the old blade into a more of a ulu'ish shape and used a piece of koa that an old friend had given me for the handle. Dipped the blade in some liquid gold and called it good. A buckskin wrap for a better grip.
  14. Frank, I like the simplicity of this folder. Noticed the friction folders you had done on your other post. You've got a talent. The friction folders reminded me of this old how to book that Gene Chapman put out several years ago. It maybe something you already have: https://www.amazon.com/ANTLER-Building-Mountain-Folding-Knife/dp/B007HEA2OG
  15. Here's a photo I took when I first started working on the bird. Made a few changes in the process. I was also working on a knife part of the time which I just now finished. Pretty sure the blade is W-2 with wrought iron fittings. The handle I believe to be caribou antler.
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