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  1. Made the original in March of 2017, a month before I had my right wrist fused. I believe I had a brain freeze when I made it originally. I ended up having to destroy the handle to salvage the blade. Turned the old blade into a more of a ulu'ish shape and used a piece of koa that an old friend had given me for the handle. Dipped the blade in some liquid gold and called it good. A buckskin wrap for a better grip.
  2. Frank, I like the simplicity of this folder. Noticed the friction folders you had done on your other post. You've got a talent. The friction folders reminded me of this old how to book that Gene Chapman put out several years ago. It maybe something you already have: https://www.amazon.com/ANTLER-Building-Mountain-Folding-Knife/dp/B007HEA2OG
  3. Here's a photo I took when I first started working on the bird. Made a few changes in the process. I was also working on a knife part of the time which I just now finished. Pretty sure the blade is W-2 with wrought iron fittings. The handle I believe to be caribou antler.
  4. Is it done yet? Guess you could give vinegar a try. In a pinch urine will also etch.
  5. James, Other than losing the feeling in the part of the thumb I use its actually doing better than I thought. Did burn it a little the other day and didn't feel a thing. Once I smell burning flesh I know what it is.
  6. The other bird is a lot more gentle. This Bird is a lot more to the point. First time I mounted the blade to the handle it reminded me of the old Heckle and Jeckle cartoons. Everything was done sorta free hand but I did use a pencil and my left thumb to do the radius pattern before I went to the brush. After the paint was dry I used a scribe to scratch the paint. Its sealed with 4 coats of a floor finish.
  7. 99% of the time I design as I go. Actually did the painting twice. Normally the first time I do something is better than second or third time but I won't tell anyone. It is a thru tang. This blade was forged to shape with hand held hammer and cleaned up with a carbide burr in a rotary tool and then etched. Put a coat of paste wax on it and put it the oven to temper which gave it the dark color.
  8. Think I originally forged this blade in 2009 when I made a couple war clubs and never got around to using it. Never got around to using it until a couple months ago but shortly after I started working on it I had an accident when my right thumb jumped in front of the blade of my table saw while I was cutting the piece of handle material for this project. First time doing any art work like this for me. It was a learn as I go moment. The half is 18" and made from a piece of hickory. The 7" blade was once part of a truck leaf spring Wayne Goddard had given me years ago.
  9. Geoff, I'm not pulling out of knife making all together yet. I've still have the anvil I purchased to do demo's with so I can still do some tinkering. The bright side with the thumb is it was still attached. The cut I received was more like how you would fillet a fish. I did manage to sever the nerve so everything above the cut feels dead. The blade just nicked the bone while the cut went down to the knuckle. Have to yet injure myself with my portabandsaw but I do find the blade sometimes becomes invisible. I would imagine if I did cut myself it would be a more gentile cut. When the 40 year old 10" carbide tipped circular saw blade hit my right thumb it felt like it got hit with a sledge hammer. I think shit was the first word to leave my lips followed by "HOSPITAL"! Photo is of my thumb 3 weeks after the accident. I'm holding the piece of hickory I was cutting when I had the accident.
  10. Blair, I had heard that a knife maker in Gresham from time to time was doing the Gresham Saturday Market. I had gone yesterday and last Saturday with hopes of meeting you. I live about a 1/2 mile from your friend Darrel who lives on 302'nd. I live on Jackson Road which is just across the road from Darrel's property. I'm sure we had crossed paths at the OKCA Show. I'll give you a call this afternoon.
  11. Since my right thumb tried to commit suicide with my table saw back in August plus my car needs fixing its time to start downsizing. This has been my main anvil for 25 years and it has served me well. My guess its right around 150 pounds. Its in excellent shape. I'm asking $500.00 firm. Buyer will need to pick it up, I can no longer move it. I'm in Gresham, Oregon.
  12. That bird in the first photo looks like its could fly away. I spent a lot of my time down at the local ponds doing a little fishing during summer vacation as a kid. Quite ofter I would see that same bird. We use to call it a "king fisher". Is that the same name for it in Australia? You have many artistic skills! In March of 1970 I took my R&R from Vietnam to Sydney in pursuit of the local 2 legged wildlife. I did better with the birds.......
  13. Big Red did it again with another set of twins this morning however before I spotted Big Red I noticed a coyote along the outer edge of the blackberry forrest. Then I spotted a second coyote with a pup. It looked like they were having a meal and my wife thought they had caught a rabbit. Turns out it was one of the twins about a third of the way eaten when I got to it. Nature in action. Probably best for mother cow to only provide for one calf.
  14. Rob, Your messy shop looks well kept if you ask me. The knife looks good and I'm sure you'll put it to work. I believe I did one stacked leather handle years ago but not sure what became of it. Your one heck of an artist...... Your wildlife photo's and paintings are amazing!
  15. Rob, Your photographic skills look very professional! These animals live out in my back yard. First photo is of Big Red's hind end and her first set of twins born in September of 2017. Big Red had a second set of twins born last year in September also. Lucky the bull was the father of the first set of twins and Short Round was the father of the second set of twins. I'm expecting Big Red to birth sometime this month. Hope she just has one this time but it won't surprise me if she has twins again. Guess you could call her the golden cow. My photo skills are close to none. I use a Canon with what it just came with.
  16. I had no idea it was that big! That's almost 3 times bigger than my old Trenton at about 150 pounds. I have no idea as to when mine was made but I do think its older just because it appears to have a wrought iron base with a carbon steel plate for the face. Are you still doing the Little Rock show?
  17. Looks like you got enough knives in the works to keep you busy for awhile longer. I was checking out your old anvil, it looks very similar to my old Trenton. I think I am seeing the remains of the old Trenton diamond.
  18. I did use potassium permanganate on stag in the past but it seemed like it faded over time. Been using leather dye for the past 15 years. The knife and sheath in the photo were both done with the same leather dye.
  19. Thats quite a pattern for just 88 layers. Fine looking chef's knife..........
  20. Finally got around to making my pastor a knife plus a sheath. The blade was forged out of a piece of 3/4" 60 grade rebar. Since he was in my shop when I forged the blade I thought I'd use the forging for his knife. Use a piece of curly maple that was saved out of the firewood rack and used some aluminum bronze that I aged. First sheath I made in several years and it turned out better than I expected. The knife is around 10" overall.
  21. Guess its been at least 5 years ago I bought the smallest pair of diagonal cutters at HF. The main purpose for getting them was with the hopes that I could make the cutting head smaller and also make the cutting edges sharper to tackle the armor plated toenails that come during the aging process. I was able to make the adjustments with the belt grinder and for awhile the toenails clippings flew all over the place. Now since having right shoulder surgery and then getting my right wrist fused the grip in my right hand has changed and the factory made handles were just to small on my cutters. Finally got around to making the adjustment.Now to add a light and some magnification.
  22. If I made this knife package I'd find it difficult to let go. Excellent job!
  23. Looks like a WIP in progress. Like the fact that you used recycled material. Years ago when I got into knife making hand forging was to of my list but found very little on the process. When I got into tomahawks and small axes the seat of my pants got wore out. Thanks for your information and photo's! I see your anvil is in bad shape but it still works.
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