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  1. Thanks for the welcome back. It wasn't long ago I was thinking my knife making was done. Got my right shoulder rotator cuff repaired and my right wrist fused. The last few months I would go to the shop hoping for some inspiration and it just wouldn't come. It wasn't until the first of the new year that my desire to be making came back. I've got 3 other knives that are close to being done now. I'd forgot how frustrating putting a knife together can be. I was always taking one step forward and then a couple more backwards. Hope to post pictures of the other 3 knives shortly.
  2. Its been a few years since I have posted any knives. Not sure if I will be able to do anymore hand forging but did manage to get some desire back to put a few knives together. After retraining myself here's a couple of my newest knives. The smaller knife has a sambar handle and is 7" overall. The larger one has a deer shinbone for a handle and is just under 10" overall. Now as far as the blade steel goes pretty sure its not rebar. Actually think the larger one has a 1084 blade and the smaller one is most likely some type of saw steel. The blades were all extra's from over the years. I used mil
  3. Karl, You ought to make knives for a living......
  4. Cal, This is quite a change from your normal Damascus. It looks good like all you work. Did you use kerosene for a flux?
  5. gary, it takes an old dog to make antique bowie knives. your work keeps improving as you age........
  6. it looks like a down under professional made it...........
  7. gary, that's a mighty fine looking dagger!
  8. It's easier to catch a fisherman than a fish.
  9. Karl, You have certainly evolved! Hope the knives you are taking to Atlanta are only going one way with you.
  10. I thought of Puma the second I saw it. Years ago I had some of the original cru-forge V. Seemed to recall it really ate up belts as fast as I put them on. That was before ceramic belts came out. The whole knife and sheath look great!
  11. I've seen black pipe turned into candle holders but this is the first time I've seen a tomahawk made out of it. The finished one looks good. Does look like you got the eye to large which is easy enough to do. I've done that before. What size pipe did you start out with?
  12. Nice assortment of tools! Noticed that you made a socket for the chisel. Is the socket forged from the same bar of steel as the rest of the chisel? Not sure how many times I started to make a draw knife but it never did happen.
  13. Cal, I knew you had it in you! Nice creation.....
  14. Alan, Actually I posted this for you after your comment about my work with stag. I'd forgot to mention the handle is elk antler I'd purchased at the show. It was also dyed. These blades were made in the 50's and early 60's. My guess was that is was meant to harvest bananas but sure could have been used to cut surgar cane. This one before I got it was a wall hanger and that's what it will most likely be now. Its been hanging on a wall of my shop since I redid it. This was the paper sticker that was on the blade when I bought it.
  15. Not quite a year ago I was doing a local knife show with Northwest Knife Collectors in Kelso, Washington about 50 miles north from where I live in Oregon. Got there a little early on Sunday morning and took a look around. This show always seems to have one larger room with most the displays and then a couple side rooms since there isn't room for everyone in the one room. I walked into the first small room and spotted this old Collins machete. It was in mint condition and had never been used plus it still had the factory edge which was no edge at all. Been doing knife shows for at least 15 yea
  16. I'm surprised the hamon even showed. Set some old fence boards down on the talegate of my pickup that was parked in the shade.
  17. I've had this one knife in my nightstand drawer for several years and happened to take a look at it a couple weeks ago. Originally it had a thin osage orange handle that had developed a slight crack. Just haven't felt like attempting a larger new blade so I decided to redo this knife. Pretty happy with what I have now. I used a piece of sambar stag and modern iron to pull it all together and a good amount of time. The blade is W-2 and is 10 1/2" with an overall length of 15 1/2". Weight is 1 pound.
  18. Wade, I have found the desire and I even found the fitting that got flung out of my hand yesterday afternoon while grinding on it. As long as I can keep this old body in check you should be seeing more of my work in the near future. Thanks for the encouraging words......
  19. Thanks for the kind words! I was anticipating having my right wrist fuzed but saw a different surgeon and he suggested giving a cortisone shot a try so I did. I have a student coming over on Friday that is wanting to try forging. My plan is to give hand forging a go on Friday. Hopefully I will be able to do it. I sure miss banging on steel by hand more than any other aspect of knife making. Cal, I'd forgot about the musk ox horn. Thanks for the reminder....
  20. Its probably been at least a year since I had made something I wanted to post. All the hand forging I did over the years had taken a toll on my whole right arm plus I had lost the desire to make knives. Here's a couple of my latest creations. Both were made from blades that I had on hand. Can't remember what steel the forge finished blade was made from but the other blade was from a 1932 Studebaker leaf spring. Not the best steel but it did harden up some. Both knives have deer crown antler handles, most likely white tail. Both have fitting made from wrought iron wagon wheels. Both knives are
  21. Hey Ben, You should do well at the gathering what ever that is. Nice thing about your work is its original, one of a kind! Got talked into doing the Washington Show. Wasn't planning on doing but glad I am. I just hope it isn't another long nap. Will you be there?
  22. Wes, Nice looking knife! I've always like S guards. Well done. I used a lot of cocobolo when I first starting making. One of the best natural materials out there. It handle abuse very well.
  23. Nice combination between the pipe hawk and Nessmuk! Both sheaths have more hair than I do on the top of my head. Well done on both!
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