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  1. Phil, Good to see you over here. Nice one! You don't need an image host here, just scroll down to the browse button and it will go to your hard drive and the picture will come up.....Ray
  2. Tai, What you doing over here? I haven't seen this one yet. This one's getting pretty classy. Really like the clip.......
  3. Robert, The handle is something that Wayne Goddard talked me into doing. It acts as a shock absorber, didn't notice much difference on the larger hammer but on the smaller one its really noticable. On the larger hammer I think I should have made the slot alittle longer. On the first hammer I made it had replaced four other hammers that I used normally to do one knife. I'm guessing the 2 1/2 pound hammer replaced around 16 pounds worth of my old hammers...
  4. Lets put it this way, doing it by hand is a bunch of work but I'm finding the rewards are really worth it. First thing I start out doing is squaring up the bar which is no piece of cake doing by hand. The first hammer was done from scratch, the next two I used a friends power hammer to square up the bar, ran close to 8' in an hour and a half. Once the bar is squared I then drill four 3/8" holes in line where I want to make the eye. Then to the forge, after the bar is good and hot I use a fat chisel to start opening up for the eye. Once that is done and as soon as I can get the drift in I s
  5. Don had asked if I'd post the hammers I've been making, not sure if I should post them here or in the tools but I'll go here. I've been making now for around 9 years and finally decided to go full time knife making towards the end of last year. All of the forging I've been doing I've never really felt like I was using the proper hammer for doing blades. Back in January of this year Bruce Evans had given me a bunch of 1 3/4" 60 grade rebar that I went ahead and took but hadn't any idea of what I could do with it. It finally came to me in the shape of hammers. I've made three in the past mon
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