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  1. I've seen a lot of pics of originals. Most apparently were either used as props by photo studios taking pictures of new soldiers, or were given up on the march after they realized how uncomfortable they were hanging off the belt on a long walk.
  2. Also, drill a couple of holes in the tang and make sure that epoxy fills them. That makes essentially "rivets" which grab the tang much more securely.
  3. PPE

    A friend of mine has been goldsmithing for around 40 years. His hands look like an Egyptian mummy's in general colour and texture. So don't worry about it.
  4. I think the fellows carrying broadswords in Prestonpans and Killiekrankie might have had an elaborate hilt or two.
  5. Sounds like you need to contact them. Normally it's a good product.
  6. Historically, I don't think complex sword hilts ever were heat-treated. If the guys who used these in fights didn't see the need, then I wouldn't bother.
  7. I like micarta for kitchen knives and such. I just keep it cool while grinding. It finishes best with a buffer and white rouge in my experience.
  8. There's no way NS should be so hard you need cobalt bits. Try heating it to a dull red, then let it air-cool.
  9. 5160 spring steel is easy to find, and works great for swords. Any truck spring shop should have it available.
  10. What are folks using for Internet Security here? (I went to Kaspersky 5 years ago, myself, and don't regret it. Not cheap, but like mom said, nothing more expensive than something cheap that doesn't work.)
  11. From the hardness levels, I'd surmise there has been next to no carbon migration.
  12. Just wondering what the usual time period is between interview and finding out if you've "made the cut", npi. Planning on putting a new concrete pad in the shop and wondering when I should get things done.
  13. Sad to say, Jim, and I'm sure every generation may have said this to some extent, but a lot of young people don't want to invest time in learning unless they have guaranteed results. There are exceptions to this, of course, but I've seen too many cases of someone wanting for example to be told everything about how to make a forge-weld except that they also have to practice.
  14. If you're worried about strength, get some copper alloy fuel line. That stuff can probably be had in the dimensions you want, is strong as heck, and furthermore can often be had at a fraction of the cost of copper tubing.
  15. I'd second the thin stuff. I had someone at a knife show horrified at a crack an ebony grip had started in transit. I loaned him my CA glue and some fine steel wool, in 5 minutes you couldn't tell there ever was a crack there.