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    Swords of all kinds, damascus steel (all kinds), fencing, redheads, fiddle music both listening and playing, good Chinese food, pretty Chinese waitresses, Martial arts flicks so bad they're funny, redheads, really bad horror flicks, home-brewed beer and wine, and Futurama. (did I mention redheads?)

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  1. Al Massey

    My new shop...

    Actually, it's a Bee Knifemaking grinder. Over 20 years old.
  2. Al Massey

    My new shop...

    Yep, "Igor", 30 ton.
  3. Al Massey

    My new shop...

    It's my hi-temp salt tank and it's against the wall. I only roll it out for heat-treating.
  4. Al Massey

    My new shop...

    You mean the two burners?
  5. Al Massey

    My new shop...

    Brought all the stuff into the shop. Anvil was a brute. The dark insulation batting is Rockwool 2200 deg. rated. And there's a fire extinguisher at all times.
  6. Al Massey

    My new shop...

    ...Soon to be much more cluttered. New work bench, just gotta mount the drill press, on the floor is Old Reliable, my old Lincoln welder, and the motor for my buffer. Gonna try and keep that floor good-looking as long as possible. The two coats of sealer should help.
  7. Al Massey

    Cracked Buffalo horn repair (it's bad).

    CA glue-the runniest stuff you can get- and before it's actually dried rub the surface with some medium steel wool or sandpaper.
  8. Al Massey

    Would this be a good anvil material?

    I said edge, not grudge...
  9. Al Massey

    Would this be a good anvil material?

    The joke about D2 is that it takes a lousy edge and holds it forever...
  10. Al Massey

    Drill bits

    Regular HSS. Keep the speed down, use fluid, and lastly, learn to sharpen drill bits.
  11. Al Massey

    Latest Construction Photos and a Request for Aid

    I always liked that line from "A Bronx Tale"- "Now youse can't leave."
  12. I can't seem to find a link for Hi temp tools any more...Sad. Would like more bubble alumina.
  13. Al Massey

    Recycled steel

    "The Modern Blacksmith" and "The Making of Tools" has a lot on that.
  14. Al Massey

    Latest Construction Photos and a Request for Aid

    "The thief left it behind- the moon at my window." -Ryokan
  15. There were almost certainly several different production methods for crucible steel in the middle/near east as there were different centres. The "sloshing sound" I'm taking from a description in Figiel's book. I'd surmise that the size of the desired ingots was often a great variation.