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  1. Al Massey

    I think I bought the wrong burner

    I don't know what the lighting is in your shop, but in dim light, yellow is what I forge-weld at, bright orange is more my forging heat. The background light is important- if it's bright orange in daylight you may be almost burning the steel.
  2. Al Massey

    Kurkri...from start to finish

    An absolute mastery shown of the limited tooling and materials. One individual shown is wielding an angle grinder like a precision tool.
  3. Al Massey

    My new shop...

    16 by 24 feet.
  4. Al Massey

    Purpose of refining wrought iron?

    By the mid-1800's wrought iron fences were being replaced by and large by cast iron which could be made cheaper for the same amount of ornamental work and shipped in large sections and assembled by unskilled labour.
  5. Al Massey

    Purpose of refining wrought iron?

    Wrought iron always came in different grades depending on intended use. The lowest grade was full of inclusions, could have large quantities of phosphorus and silicon- plus, sometimes, enough carbon to harden when you didn't want it to. and could be counted on to split if you looked at it in the wrong direction. The best grades could be forged very thin without splitting and were practically impurity free. Starting with high-quality iron gave you a better quality of steel, just as starting off with high-quality steel in a damascus billet gives you a far better product than welding up RR spikes and rebar.
  6. Al Massey

    New website up!

  7. Al Massey

    Ambitious Damascus Project

    If I'm doing a billet that's going to be cut and restacked several times, I don't worry about the penetration that much as anything on the outsides is pretty much scaled and ground off after a few welding and drawing cycles.
  8. Al Massey

    Came a bit too soon.......

    Try coming up here, we could use more of your kind in The Great North. Of course, you may freeze to death the first winter...
  9. Al Massey

    Help!!! Upsetting with Press

    Only thing that comes to mind for me is a fairly thick bottom die drilled with a series of gradually increasing in diameter large holes, the first being just slightly larger than the starting rr iron, to let it expand slightly in each hole as it's being upset. The holes should be drilled all the way through so you can break the work out if it gets stuck.
  10. Al Massey

    New shop and new gas forge

    Couldn't really say yet. I've only run it with all three for a short period and I've got 2 30 lb tanks, so I've barely used it. The idle line helps keep the usage down a bit, I'd say.
  11. Al Massey

    First blade forged in the shop.

    This is my variant on the F-S dagger, a bit wider and a bit thinner than historical, about 3/16 rather than quarter inch but I find it doesn't really lose anything in stiffness. Blade steel is 5160 hardened to around 57-58 RC and blade length is just over 7.5". A rather simple and timeless classic design, they were using this style hundreds of years ago and Rodgers in Sheffield had nearly identical daggers in their catalogues in the 1800's before it was "designed" in WW2.
  12. Al Massey

    Slotted guard question

    I've heard of few people regretting NOT having that mechanical connection. I'd have to see the planned design though. Some designs, a simple press fit with the grip material butting up works fine- worked for years for swords and daggers.
  13. Al Massey

    hydraulic press

    It would but I really can't recommend going that route because of balance issues.
  14. Al Massey

    New shop and new gas forge

    It's built locally, 30-lb propane tank.
  15. Al Massey

    New shop and new gas forge

    With all 3 burners it gets up to 2200 in 5 mins, general forging runs fine with 2 burners, and a single burner takes things to about 1600 or so, good for h/t.