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    I am he who learned safety comes first.  Focus on the work at hand not anything else.  I have a great scar on my wrist to back this up.
  1. beuford


    Unfortunately a photo is never like the real thing. Yes, it does make for great conversation as it is the first thing that jumps out at you when you enter the room. As I said, the photo does it no justice but the colors in it 'leap' off the canvas. My little 4 year old son loves it and my other paintings - children have a funny appreciation for shapes and colors. In essence, he sees it purely for what it is: beauty in simplicity
  2. beuford


    Only place to post this photo but here you go. Been a painter for quite some time. I had the wife bothering me lately that I stopped creating, so one day I said to hell with it - went and picked up all my supplies and began pushing paint around on the canvas. The first of the "Staircase" series was inspired by the most beautiful woman in the world; My wife.
  3. beuford

    Looks Like Brian

    Sure looks alot like Brian. Great little video/demonstration http://www.compfused.com/directlink/408/ Sorry if it's already been posted here before
  4. Years back while living in Mexico we had a herd of chickens and turkey come onto our property. There were about 40 of them, which was a strange coincidence because about 2 months prior we had all our live stock (birds) stolen from us. Hmh, so they returned........Scre it I said. Grabbed my brother-in-law and we both ran outside with machetes flailing. Stirred up a real commotion chasing the birds looking to send one of their heads airborne. By now, my mother-in-law in heard all the noise out back so she came out to see what was going on. FREAKED when she saw me taking swings at a fleeing turkey - not because she didn't want me to kill the bird but because people up on the hills might be watching who in turn might take offence and come down to 'show' me how to really swing a machete........So, sweating and panting (turkeys move fast) I went back inside and popped a Corona. Really wanted that turkey though. They were the nice 'wild' kind, black feathers and all. We had guava, orange, banana and coffe trees all around the area which, eaten by the birds, results in a VERY tasty dinner. Regret to this day of not getting one of 'em
  5. Only problem I would see is the age of the bull. For a real nice cut of beef you want your beef no older than 2 years. It would also be nice if it were corn or grain fed to finish it for the last 4 months (enhances marbling). Do you know the breed? Hereford, Angus or Short Horn are the one's you want. Am I being too picky? Tell you what, you supply the meat and fire, I'll bring the steak spice ::
  6. My pal over at Metal Supermarkets was chatting with me last night. He's invited me on Saturday (when no-one else will be in the shop) to try it out on some 5160. My boss used to build Nascar race cars and was telling me that I can cut a line pretty much as fast as I can move the head (within reason) I've got a HUGE right shoulder from using a hack saw and so if this turns out alright then I'll be adding it to my arsenal. I'll take some pics on Saturday to post and let everyone know how it went. I figure if it goes well then I can make a small template or two and within a matter of minutes cut out a fairly decent number of blanks to keep me busy for quite some time Super
  7. beuford

    Seven Samurai

    Anyone here able to tell me what kind of sword I saw in Seven Samurai. It's one of the early characters swords - he always carries it resting over his shoulder. The blade looks about one and half times the length of a normal Katana. the Tsuba is twice the size of a normal and the tsuka looks to be about one and a half times the length. Any history about this sword or was it just a 'one off' for the movie? Fantastic movie by the way. One of my favorites
  8. Has anyone used a plasma cutter with their steels. I've got a bee-line on a plasma cutter for this Saturday (free of charge I should say) and was wondering if anyone had used it before. I've got some 5160 stock that I want to cut some blanks out of. Does it work well, is it worth my time?
  9. beuford

    Christmas Prayer

    Reading Don and JM's post actually welled up my eyes. I too have a young son, he's only four right now but he too shows the unbiased affection for all around him. He judges no-one and I wish too that he will bring that with him through his later years. I wish that we could all learn from our children as they are the most important thing in this world. I raise my glass and toast all of you this coming Saturday. May the winter moments bring smiles to all, young and old. Bradford Brassington
  10. beuford

    Knife fighting tactics

    Watch the scene in the movie The Hunted where Del Toro is learning the 6 moves to take out an attacker with your knife. Fast and furious I say is the way to go.
  11. I draw file. Pulling the file towards you, perpendicular to the length of the blade. You get much better control in defining your lines. I find 'across' the width of the bled you'll get rounding of edges and uneven cross sections. Just be careful when you reach out to place the file and draw towards yourself that you don't LEAN onto the pointy part
  12. I use a fly-tying vise. It may be the same as a pin vise. Won't hold anything much thicker than a penny.
  13. beuford

    Happy Holidays

    If anyone can, please throw some snow my way. We almost never see snow in Victoria. Last time was in 1996 when we had a good covering of the stuff. Check it out here, http://www.islandnet.com/~see/weather/almanac/arc2001/alm01dec2.htm A Merry Christmas to all
  14. Went down to Victoria (British Columbia) Spring today. I had called him earlier about 5160 - the very polite voice on the other end didn't know what it was. No big deal, he said I could come down and kick tires if I liked as they a fair amount of stock there. I arrived and was taken around back to find stacks upon stacks of stock. There were a bunch'a cut-off end pieces in one stack. I grabbed one to have a peek as it looked just about right for what I want to do - about 20 inches in length. He said, "Go ahead and just take it." I was absolutely stunned. "Are you sure" I asked him. It turns out that ALL the cut off pieces they dodn't really have much use for so it - wasn't a problem. Christmas came a bit early today.....................Now, just to get that dang curve outta' it.
  15. I purchased 2 days ago at the local fabric store a needle - thick, with a very large loop. It's meant for stiching things usiing jute I believe. Anyways, the normally bulbous end I ground flat and was then able to get my knots SUPER TIGHT! I used to lay thin strips of cardboard underneath the wrap and found that I couldn't get it quite tight enough. This has eliminated that and makes for a great tool.
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