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  1. DevilFish Fighter, 10.5" blade, 416ss fittings, stabilized box elder, bitchin hardening line. Maumee Bowie, 9" blade, bronze fittings, green canvas, hamon. Bowie Camp Bowie Fighter Buckeye Bowie, 9" blade, 416ss fittings, stabilized box elder burl, Jackson Pollock inspired hamon. Walnut Fighter Carry Bowie I'll have a few others too. I might take a few more images of the hamon...if I get bored .
  2. I haven't posted anything in a while. Here's a fighter a finished a while ago. Forged w2, 7.5" blade, 416ss fittings, amboyna handle. Matt
  3. Thanks for the compliments guys! Aside from my first knife, these two are the only drop points I have made. Ray, I had the wood stabilized by K and G. I sent out about 15 pounds. The wood is well stabilized, but it smells like acetone...even after a few days. Terrible pic...
  4. Here's a camp knife I recently finished. Forged 5160, 8" blade, 416ss guard, and a stabilized claro walnut handle. This piece is the large half from a camp set. Matt
  5. I'm also using Pacific 1065 and my set up is very low tech. The only tip I can give you is to take notes on everything you do. For a while I was even counting the number of times I hit each blade, but I'm a little neurotic . You need to eliminate as many variables as possibles for repeatable results. The best "hands on" advice I can give is to slowly reduce the heat of the forge as the blade comes closer to final dimensions. Then many normalizing cycles and at least two anneals. Sorry I couldn't offer more help... Matt
  6. Thanks for the compliments Jake. I quenched the blade in Brownell's Tough Quench. I like the bowie blades a little too much to quench them in water .
  7. This piece was intended to be a semi reproduction of my competition bowie from last fall. It's pretty close, but there are a few updates. Forged 1065, 9.25"x2" blade, 14.25" oal, black micarta, 416ss fittings. EDIT, here's the original.
  8. Here's the last one. Chopping bowie, forged 1065, 416ss fittings, amboyna burl handle.
  9. Ray, I'm at 14Q. I'll be getting in around 5:00 Thursday...hopefully. Mac, you're always welcome to stop by. Hopefully I'll see you at the hammer in or Quad state.
  10. Thanks for the compliments guys! If you're going to be at Blade make sure to stop by and say hi. Mac, are you going to be at the hammer in and Quad State this year?
  11. Here are some pieces I'm taking with me to the show. Fighting Bowie, forged 1065, 7.5" blade, 416 fittings, sambar stag handle. Mini Bowie, forged w2, 4.375" blade, 416 fittings, amboyna burl handle. Old School Camp Knife, forged w2, 5.5" blade, 416ss fittings, African blackwood handle. Fighting Bowie, forged w2, 9.5" blade, 416ss fittings, buckeye burl handle, wild hamon with utsuri (couldn't take a photo to save my life ). Matt
  12. Thanks for the compliments guys. Don, Dan Farr and I are sharing a table, I can't remember the number though. I'll be sure to stop by. Edgar, I attach the non pinned handles with hidden rivets and a hidden pin. Generally I think it's a crime to put a pin in a really nice piece of wood .
  13. I should mention I treat micarta differently than most. This piece was polished to 1500, repeatedly washed, then waxed and polished. The color drastically changes when oiled, so it might not be the micarta, just the process. ~here's another Blade piece, just for giggles .
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