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  1. dennis mcadams

    Shop for sale

    Next up Craftsman 6X48 belt sander modified for knifemaking it has an O-1 platen attached. Asking $150.00 local pick only KnoxvilleTN
  2. dennis mcadams

    Shop for sale

    Sold! sorry guys.
  3. dennis mcadams

    Shop for sale

    Over the next few months I will be posting numerous items from my shop as I get them ready to sell. I am beginning with a coal forge set-up. The hand crank blower doesn't seem to have a maker name on it but it runs well. The fire pot is a Centaur forge with a dump gate and clinker breaker and has no cracks. The side-draft hood was fabbed by me from 11 GA sheet and I made the table as well. I'm selling this as a whole for $450.00 local pick up no shipping in Knoxville TN . Please contact me privately to purchase.
  4. dennis mcadams

    11th Annual Fire and Brimstone Hammer-In

    The answer is in Emeliano's expression!
  5. dennis mcadams

    Books available

    All in excellent condition, I am selling these for a fellow smith. All prices are negotiable please send me a private message if you're interested These remain available Jewelry Fundamentals hard cover by Tim McCreight $15.00 Damascus Steel hard cover by Manfred Sachse $125.00
  6. dennis mcadams

    10th Annual Fire and Brimstone Hammer-in

    Big thanks to you and Matt for putting up with the shop invasion WOW 10 YEARS!! It will be great to see everyone again.
  7. dennis mcadams

    Propane HT Kiln WIP

    Good job.
  8. dennis mcadams

    Bader grinder basic set-up

    Thanks guys, I'm just trying to determine if it's due to aging belts or the area where the belt first crosses onto the platen that's causing it. Jesus I just ordered one to replace mine if everything goes OK I will send you the information.
  9. dennis mcadams

    Bader grinder basic set-up

    I've been running a B3 for a number of years now but after a move the ceramic platen liner broke off with the platen off the arm. I've had two belts come apart at running speed. I got bitten by the 36 grit thankfully now too badly. Here's my question do you guys run your platen slightly forward of the guild rollers or behind? I just can't remember. Thanks in advance, Denis
  10. dennis mcadams

    Ron & Phyllis Claiborne

    My friends it is with a heavy heart that I let you know that Phyllis Claiborne passed away this morning. Ron is currently under treatment for pneumonia and hope to be back home on a day or two. I will post any information about the arrangements as soon as I hear.
  11. dennis mcadams

    Sea Robin Forge Anvils

    As the happy owner of one of his early anvils I would recommend it to anyone who has forged a blade on a London pattern.
  12. dennis mcadams

    2015 Fire & Brimstone

    I sense a road trip coming on.
  13. dennis mcadams

    Bowie's Hammer-in 2014

    With all that swag going in I'm hitting all the bodily fluids donor places I can this week.
  14. dennis mcadams

    Fly press for sale

    The fly press is sold. Thanks to all those who inquired about it.
  15. dennis mcadams

    Hamon class with Howard Clark July21-25

    Although I will have to miss this I will still say It's not to be missed. Have a great week guys.