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  1. Over the next few months I will be posting numerous items from my shop as I get them ready to sell. I am beginning with a coal forge set-up. The hand crank blower doesn't seem to have a maker name on it but it runs well. The fire pot is a Centaur forge with a dump gate and clinker breaker and has no cracks. The side-draft hood was fabbed by me from 11 GA sheet and I made the table as well. I'm selling this as a whole for $450.00 local pick up no shipping in Knoxville TN . Please contact me privately to purchase. 




  2. All in excellent condition, I am selling these for a fellow smith. All prices are negotiable  please send me a private message if you're interested

    These remain available


    Jewelry Fundamentals hard cover by Tim McCreight $15.00

    Damascus Steel hard cover by Manfred Sachse  $125.00

  3. I've been running a B3 for a number of years now but after a move the ceramic platen liner broke off with the platen off the arm. I've had two belts come apart at running speed. I got bitten by the 36 grit thankfully now too badly. Here's my question do you guys run your platen slightly forward of the guild rollers or behind? I just can't remember. Thanks in advance, Denis

  4. My friends it is with a heavy heart that I let you know that Phyllis Claiborne passed away this morning. Ron is currently under treatment for pneumonia and hope to be back home on a day or two. I will post any information about the arrangements as soon as I hear.

  5. I have a P-5 Fly press with a heavy duty moveable stand for sale. It is in the Knoxville Tennessee area. The asking price is $1100.00 I will include some home made tooling. Here is a photo of the actual press as well as a screen grab from a retail site. Thanks for looking.




  6. Sorry indeed Alan you know I could always kidnap you at spear point as I go through Thursday! It seems as though old man winter may give us a little love this year... but I don't wanna speak too soon. Great idea about bringing your own high capacity eating utensils Jesus! Be careful folks Sam lives by the puppy theory. That is any attention is good attention. You really canna abuse him.

    Cheers, see you soon

  7. Dave,

    This will be a project I want to see progress, good choice. Any of the few actual artifacts I've gotten to see but not handle sadly are dead straight from pommel nut to point. That is, as far as I could tell. Based on my somewhat limited experience the caveat for this type of blade is that quenching a single edged and fullered on one side blade can make it want to drop the point if vertically quenched in oil unless you happen to be Jesvs H. Or maybe at best do something else a bit crazy as the shape is so different from side to side. That being said I would do an image search for Vince Evans since he has done a lot of them and to my knowledge can come as close to any for historical dimensions. Good luck.


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