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    Oh yeah I forgot to add... NT Chugin' Monkey McAdams
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    Tai, I have a relationship with a couple of screenprinters (one does small jobs one larger) If you are interested, I be happy to get quotes for doing the shirts. You could always pre-sell them so only we individuals would Tai up our money. Or is that tie up our money? ??? Dennis
  3. Hey Don, A quick question about the hammer next to your new stake. Is that a HOFI / Tom Clark made one or someone else? Also, are they making hammers round on one end for anyone? Thanks, Dennis
  4. Jake, I think that's about as close to a can of shaving cream as you've been in quite a while !??? Just kidding... I too am on the wish list for a class with Robb. Dennis
  5. I can only hope that millions of "sword" buyers were watching!
  6. Great photo!! I've been feeling the call of the desert lately... and this isn't helping.
  7. The maker of the anvil Jake showed you is Chuck Robinson, Don has a link for him on his tool store page. I have one as well and it really makes forging the bevels much easier since you can switch from one side to the other very qiuckly. A shameless plug, but none the less true.
  8. A junk shop in my old neighborhood. She's 12 feet tall, solid cement, and nearly fell on some "customers". The owner used the chain for safety... but I felt like it make sort of a thought provoking image. Liberty, freedom, bound, chained you get the idea.
  9. I'll explain in a bit... first I would like to see what people think. I will say that it isn't a set-up or gimmick shot. I actually took it three years ago, but it was lost until today. Dennis
  10. Unfortunately in the good ole USA the only sources for true wrought iron are scrapyards, junk dealers, blacksmiths, etc. Some old bridges, pre 1900 (not still in use please!), some railroad hardware, old wagon tires "hoops" although these are mostly lower quality, Jail bars. It's getting harder to find... There is a British company re-rolling wrought iron. $$ to ship it here though. Hope this helps. Dennis
  11. "Don't be an ass, just because you can" Steve Davis
  12. These people have quick-connects rated for gas, no less. I have found this company to be very helpful and the owner is more than happy to talk to you about your needs. This  helps insure your safety and his peace of mind that he isn't helping anyone blow themselves up! http://www.wardburner.com/burner.cfm Dennis
  13. The only way that I have found to properly thank the people that so freely share with me is to do the same. Every conversation I have seems to include "I learned this from" Don or Vince or Bob.... I am grateful for all those who have learned before us and share it willingly. We should all strive to be as giving as they. I can only hope to some day overhear ' I learned this from Dennis '
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