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  1. Zeb, I'm glad that wasn't me doing the chasing. Fear not, some of the most creative designs are those which are limited by $$ Denis
  2. In my journey for hand operated "machines" I found an American company of German descent between Chattanooga and Nashville TN that makes them in different styles. Great thing is an accessory tool set that has a peening hammer, small stump anvil, and a belt-clipped cup to hold your stone in water. It is quiet and peaceful to use them but sadly I still get out the gas monster for working rocky areas and near posts, ahh for a goat or two. Denis
  3. Nice work Zeb! it's great to see it coming along so well. Denis
  4. I just watched some video of a steam hammer linkage controlled air hammer and it makes me wish I still had my Kinyon style hammer I sold years ago!! What a great amount of control. Sam I'm certain yours will impress us all.
  5. Having been a user of coal/charcoal for a number of years you have made a good start. You can search for coal forge design plans as they are typically the same just using different fuels so this may get you some ideas for improvements. I've also had the opportunity to run a side-blast charcoal forge and I really like them. At some point you may want to look into a source for wood charcoal, I'm not sure if that is what you referred to as I don't know if kingsford makes any or not but grilling charcoal brickettes have lots of extra things in them and a wood charcoal fire is the sweetest gentlest fires you can work in but they can get as hot as you need. Also, that sounds like a whole lot of air!? Just my observations vs experience. Good luck and keep experimenting, Denis
  6. Sam this should be fun to watch. What with your growing cleverness about building things and all I'm sure the end result will amaze all of us. That thing looks to be about 4" in diameter!? I've only ever run a hammer with a 2.75 incher and it was a bear to feed when doing production pieces for railings (meaning long bars and long forging runs). Looking forward to see how you put your thinking cap toward this one! Denis
  7. Way to go Chris! Any chance of getting a short vid of it working after all the mounting you've done? Denis
  8. Very nice set-up, I like how simple everything is and I really like that stump anvil!! Denis
  9. Jesvs, while it's not near the resolution of investment it will do until the day I make that particular jump. Alan, it cuts my fingers just fine. I need to finish hone/polish the edge for cutting paper and whatnot. The tip is left a bit thicker in cross section for stabbing... paper and so forth, but it is mostly intended to be a slicer. I'm sure i will have it around the next few gatherings for all to play with it. Denis
  10. Thanks for all the encouragement guys. JJ Delft clay is a casting medium, created I believe in Britain, that is similar to sand casting but finer in texture so it yields smoother finishes on cast pieces, it is also reusable except the part that actually contacts the metal burns a bit and must be scraped away. To its the best step before investment casting as I can walk into the studio with a model piece whether wax or a found item and within 20 to 30 minutes have a cast item ready for clean-up. Look for any videos you can find on youtube. It's pretty cheap, sold by Rio Grande and maybe others , and a whole bunch of fun. Denis
  11. Here is a little something I've been playing with a little at a time over the last week or two. It's silicon bronze, the snake heads are a pair I cast in Delft clay months ago and couldn't find a use for, the scrolled piece is copper. This particular bronze work hardens rapidly and I'm pretty sure is has destroyed a new file just shaping it. 30CM OAL, 18CM blade length, 38 mm at the widest.
  12. Check with Ric Furrer, I bet he has one that small in his living room!
  13. That will be a great addition Dan! You have certainly given me much food for thought for my next shop build. Thanks and Happy smelting. Denis
  14. Not knowing something doesn't make you stupid, not asking may. A sen is a Japanese scraper.Think of it as a two-edged draw knife that uses a push pull cutting motion for profiling blades. There is information on Don Fogg's website just search for sen.
  15. Nice work! I've wanted to take Owen's class for some time now. You have to be grateful we have teachers like him who share the knowledge. Denis
  16. I'm not sure I have the use of language to properly give respect to your art Jake. What you do is truly born from within and you must be a very old soul indeed. sláinte mhaith Denis
  17. That's going to be a keeper. I'm glad I got to see it recently.Can't wait for the final result.
  18. Those are really great Petr. Every time I look at them I see a little more. Your hand even looks a bit like mine, I have the freckles just not the skill!!
  19. All the above gets a second from me.It was great to see friends old and new. I often forget how inspiring and re-energizing these meetings are. Now I need a nap. What lovely countryside VA is to drive through in the snow. It did run out around Wytheville, my thoughts go out to those who ran off the interstate along the way.There were many.
  20. Scott, The book Petr refers to isn't too hard to find I'm in the process of reading it right now! The writer is H.R. Ellis Davidson. It has numerous references to blade inscriptions both makers and owners, etc.. Denis
  21. Having made one too I guess I'll weigh in. Before mounting my vise I cored several holes with a 1" speedbore type bit and poured in lead shot like the kind for reloading shotgun shells, but you could use old wheel weights or nothing at all I just thought the extra weight may help. The other thing I did was steal an idea from somebody else and make a swivel base for it by welding a ring of 1/8" by 1" to a piece of sheet, then pouring in some auto body bondo, place a sheet of plastic over that and set the ball on it to harden. Afterward I covered that with some deer hide I had laying around so it would have some drag. Come to think of it now that I have an engravers ball maybe I should load it in the truck to sell at Fire and Brimstone!? Slainte' Denis
  22. Very well done indeed! Nice presentation all around. Congrats, Denis
  23. Well let's run some numbers. It's gotta be cheaper than flying and hotel stay combined wouldn't you think? I'll start collecting bacon and scotch. Oh and gas $ too! Signed, Part three of three
  24. Chris, I'm sending my payment right away. I'll definitely share a room to help defray the cost. This sounds as if not to be missed! Denis
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