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  1. Hey Ric, as one of the lucky ones that will be at Fire and Brimstone this year I wonder if enough interest could be sparked to get a shipment there. Quite a few folks drove last year so anyone could throw a bag or two in the car... it may be worth a mention to Kerry!? I'd be good for two bags. I'll also mention it around locally to see if I could back haul some. Denis
  2. I had an amazing time last year and got to meet lots of great folks. I did learn Maryland spring time weather not equal to Tennessee spring time weather! Will have jacket and hat just in case. $ sent Denis
  3. Ito, While that is not one of my favorite blade grinds I really like what you've done with it. The handle work is really nice. Good job! Denis
  4. Sorry no photos of my little honda fit or '95 chevy long bed. But does anyone else think Sam should stay away playgrounds with that van and his ever so charming smile!??
  5. While I can understand the evil genius of a neat clean organized shop I am always long on stuff and short on space so I work toward just having footpaths through the smithy until I get fed up and have to clean the whole thing neaten up and start it all over again. Kudos Sam.
  6. So I finally got around to re-making the chape the first one was done in a bit of a rush in design/execution and it showed. My apologies to all those who had to see that. Here is the one I'm happy with. I also got brave enough to put it on the good old triple beam scale and it comes in at 2.923 pounds. While a little on the heavy side I know most of the excess weight is from using thick bronze for the basket, a mistake I won't repeat. Thanks for all the kind words. I assure you that I could not have made a first effort at a sword without a lot of advice and encouragement from all of you. Denis
  7. Well done all around! It's been quite the learning experience just watching and reading. Thank you so much for sharing and glad no one has been injured! molten metal is not very forgiving. Denis
  8. Looking good to this point. The only advice I can offer is forge thin and leave as few hammer marks as you have the skill to do. Forging is much more fun than grinding, to me anyway. What I can fix with a hammer in 10 minutes will take me an hour to grind. Keep up the posts it's a joy to watch. Denis
  9. OK so I'll bite. I can put up a tent on the neighbors land hobo-style and work for free if I can hunt a squirrel or three once in a while. When do you start?? Of course I know this isn't happening, but boys can dream... besides I can already hear C. now!!
  10. Well done indeed! Having seen the master it looks to me like the project went off well. If you don't mind me asking what is it about the bronze casting you're not happy with? Feel free to P.M. me or just tell me to shut my pie hole!! I think it looks quite in keeping with your historical bent for the original concept, myself. Denis
  11. Mark, I will say with a fair amount of confidence that you have probably done more solo smelts. Well done. Denis
  12. I did get to play with that one at Bowie's and it was all I could do not to steal it. They are as described by Alan and will give one the desire to run amok and wreak some havoc too! Well done Alan, I guess there are worse things to spend one's weekends on!? Denis
  13. Given that I've seen this one and several others Alan is offering (read giving away) and I'm close to undertaking one myself if you want a fine spearhead without spending 20 or 30 hours or more making one yourself here it is!! Someone recently asked Jesus H. if he figured up how much time he spends on a blade project the answer was a resounding no it's too depressing to realize you're getting minimum wage or less. Guys that's where Mr. Longmire is here. I wish I could help... Alas we do this for the love of the craft but some bucks now and then are good too. I'll spread the word. Denis
  14. Both those have nice hefty polls and geed work on the eye forging! Denis
  15. It looks like you're off to a good start. It's also a good idea to wear a respirator when working with any natural bone/horn material also to work it slow and with sharp tools as heat is bad for it.
  16. The scabbard is 2 to 3 ounce vegetable tanned leather over poplar wood. I used thinner leather to make it easier for the risers to show since they and the triskele are twisted wire placed over the wood. I will look for a photo showing this.
  17. I can't imagine anybody from history who wouldn't be proud to own that one Alan. Nice presentation all together. So now I have yet another goal of getting off my behind and doing something with my Aristotle pucks, thanks for going first again! Denis
  18. Thanks for all the kind words. In this company of forumites the bar is set very high indeed. Those of us still in the wannabe place must work hard to make the gains needed to grow to the level of the even younger master craftsmen. I have a couple of things in the design/planning phase that may prove to move me along the path. Denis
  19. For those of you who got a preview of this at Bowie's in September and others here is the finished sword. I took the advice of a friend and went with a old patina formula to darken the blade knowing that the scabbard and use would rub it off in places. So here are the spec's: Blade W-2, 1.5 inches wide, fuller-ed on both sides; Bronze hilt made from 4mm plate with steel rivets; Handle wood core with twist silver wire covered with leather OAL 35 inches; blade length 28 inches COP 10.75 inches from tip. Thanks to all those who have helped me with advice, inspiration, and encouragement. Sláinte Denis
  20. Ahhhh JOL ever the pragmatist. That one made me laugh.
  21. I finally had a chance to get to my home-made fire starter test last night. I had initially done a test with cotton make-up remover pads that I poured paraffin wax over which by the way once hardened made something very chip-like and easy to handle and store. Next came paper egg crates stuffed with dryer lint, dryer sheets, and cotton balls, individually . Once you pour the wax or melted petroleum jelly over the wells and they set you can easily cut them apart for individual use. They all performed very well as did the plain cotton ball with the melted petroleum jelly which will burn for more than 5 minutes! Those are easy to make and throw a few into a baggie for your next backpacking trip. I may get a short video up soon to show them in action. In summary for a few cents a piece you can have a nice easy to start fire any time you want plus if you have a stubborn fire it won't hurt the bankbook to throw extras on. Let 'er burn, Denis
  22. Nicely done Owen. That one makes me want to wear a helm just to look at it. Denis
  23. Well folks it has come to my attention that Howard will be teaching at the Appalachian Center for Craft in Smithville Tennessee this coming summer! I hope Howard doesn't mind me putting this here. Here is the link to the website and a copy of the course description. http://www.tntech.edu/craftcenter/blacksmithingworkshops/ July 28 - August 2 Wakizashi Swords Howard Clark Fee: $550 Materials Fee: $5 (to be paid directly to the instructor) Skill Level: Intermediate Instructor Contact: howard@mvforge.com Description: Make a Wakizashi sword in carbon steel with hamon. Participants in the workshop will be forging, grinding, and heat treating a Wakizashi - a medium length, Japanese-style sword. There will be discussion about polishing techniques and possibly polishing a window to see the hamon. Bio: Howard Clark is a Mastesmith and has been making Japanese-style swords full-time since 1988. He is especially interested in metallurgy and performance. Howard is a member of the Knifemaker's Guild and the American Bladesmith Society.
  24. And that is how it was done; as they used to say. The best barometer of a blade is it's performance since first and foremost it's a tool. Very well done that is a beauty. It's nice to see you get some more payback for all the research and testing you have done. Thanks for helping the rest of us along. Denis
  25. Luck to ya brother. It sounds like fun. Denis
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