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  1. Patrick, one other possibility may be to look for an industrial store in your area. When I lived in Chattanooga and did lots of cutting for architectural work there was a shop there that would make up any length/TPI/composition I wanted. Denis
  2. Well Alan, quite without your knowing I have secretly planned said smelt when you are available so fear not. You will be present, expected, and welcomed. Seriously though I do plan to schedule it with you and some of the greats we've worked with in the recent past. I hope that by Sept. we can have at least a few behind us here at my place. Smelting gods willing. Sláinte mhaith, my brother in iron. Denis
  3. Even with a blower separated some distance it isn't the same Zeb, the bellows gives it a breathing sound that fits well with the whole thing. I'm fortunate to have gotten to be a part of it. And as a side note Mark makes a great hearty New England style chowder (his chili is good too) Thanks Mark for all the work you did putting this on. I look forward to hosting a smelt this spring at my place... no bellows yet though. Denis No smelters were harmed in the creation of this bloom.
  4. Well as you know Alan you are kind of between me and Mark... that is if you're not going to be making it over to pump the bellows. I'll share Scotch with you anytime.
  5. Well Mark, it will be making the trip with me for your smelt. I always hear this voice in my head having a conversation with a state trooper; so you have a bottle of scotch, at least one gun, and edged weapons in your car!?" reply; Why yes doesn't everybody? Makes me almost want to get pulled over but no ticket please.
  6. Cold, windy, rainy perfect evening for a wee dram or two along with "Ironworking in the Celtic World" Slainte
  7. Those are pretty slick there Sam!! Any chance you can do a bent bick like yours but shorter and slightly beefier? I've been looking for a suitable one for welding spear, chisel, etc. sockets. I have a couple of jack hammer bits I can send you. PM me if you're interested and we can talk $$ Denis
  8. Well Matt the customer should be thrilled. Spot on! Denis
  9. I don't know what I could possibly add to what has already been said but it's times like these that make me feel a bit like Salieri spoken in the movie Amadeus; I am the patron saint of mediocrities. I always totter between inspiration and resignation when I see work like this but I haven't quit yet and don't plan to. Denis
  10. Wow Walter!! owning a couple of your dvd's and having a look into how you work I know now where you've been for the last while. What a great job. I hope the owner gets them mounted well and proper. Denis
  11. Very well done indeed! So I guess now I'm gonna have to start the design process for my Seax, That is if a Scot can pull it off but then I do have some viking blood and a wife of German descent. Slainte, Denis
  12. Stéphane, I'm glad this got pinned as I've come back to it numerous times to seek inspiration for my next sword project. Great work and I commend you for pushing yourself with things that you have never done before I just wish my first efforts paid off as well as yours. I do have a question about how the wolf heads are attached to the straps. I know you said that they were brazed but is it on the bottom of the head to a flap or on the back of it? Thanks and I look forward to your next WIP. Slainte, Denis
  13. Don't worry Kip, we've all wondered about Bills... um we'll call it background anyway and being related to Dr. Jim Batson wouldn't be the worst thing in the world either. Keep up the good work we'll have you demonstrating carving before you know it! And Chris it may have led to Mr. Kemp's safe departure that you weren't there he won a ton of stuff in Iron-in-the-hat. Slainte, Denis
  14. That looks great JJ I gotta get off by behind and do some of that.
  15. That knife knows things... indeed he will be fortunate to have it. Denis
  16. All around a very nice presentation. Looks like it would be fun to use too. Denis
  17. Thanks for all the kind words. Yes Alan, in part, it is The Black Watch tartan but a different brand of kilt. Yes the blade will debut at Bowie's this weekend. I do still have finish work to do on the blade but it is profiled, hardened, etc. I'm very much a cart before the horse kind of worker at times and this project really taught me not to do some things before the blade ever again. Way too much stress to realize that if the blade fails in heat treat one exactly the same dimensions would have to be created. Always, blade though temper and initial grind before ANY fittings. Whew. Denis
  18. I hope to organize the photos and put them up as a WIP. We'll see. For now here is a teaser of the sword in scabbard. Many thanks to all those I have taken technical ideas from. The hilt is bronze forged etc. riveted together, pommel is wrought iron, and pommel nut it bronze/copper mokume. The attachment for the pommel nut will be cut off and peened over. Oh, there is a blade in there too. W-2 with a single fuller. Enjoy. Denis
  19. Don't you just have to love what for Alan is "just whipped up" for me or many other normal folks nearly impossible. I'll be doing my secret chant over my tickets for sure. Nice Hawk, Brother
  20. Nice haul there Mark! I got word from a friend that there is a small mountain near me that is rumored to be covered with ore.I'll have to seek permission and so forth before I can even try to come up dry. We'll see. Denis
  21. Let me preface this with a note that this is NOT an advertisement just a link to illustrate the product. As for me I go to a thick kevlar glove.Since I primarily use gas forges and they really radiate the heat up your work I love them. They are a bit unwieldy but will add a few hundred degrees to your holding ability and to me the ability to use my hand over tongs is worth the price as they last pretty well. I usually have extra right hand gloves around since I'm a rightie and only rarely use that one. https://www.blacksmithsdepot.com/page.php?theLocation=/Resources/Product/Supplies/Safety_Equipment/Gloves.xml/&PHPSESSID=0ecb369f92da30a2d05acbbcdabbd637 Cheers, Denis
  22. Very nice work there Sam. It's always good to remember "three points define a plane" they are more stable and don't rock like four legged stuff.Now put her to use!! Denis
  23. That's enough self-defication from you Mr. Longmire. Yes I know what I said and I know the right words too. Regardless of the outcome I've enjoyed each and every one of yours demos. Always enlightening and entertaining. Besides anyone who has ever done any of this with an audience has had things that go right every time at home go horribly wrong. If nothing else it teaches us humility or some such B.S. Til September, Denis
  24. Dan, I'm with you on task specific lighting for grinding etc in my last two shops I've used high output fluorescent tube fixtures; I have come to prefer the paired 4 footers rather than 8 foot tubes as the shorter ones are much easier to install, store and so forth. They are a bit more expensive but the extra light is worth it as I have 52 year old eyes myself. During the daytime the lights are nice but at night small aircraft want to land on the studio! Well almost, I'm near a small airport which may have something to do with it? Denis
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