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  1. Once again sir you have moved the bar, no pun intended!! That's pretty amazing and a great show of your hard earned skill. Slainte' Dennis
  2. Outstanding looking project there Dan!! I see the little hand snafu in Maryland hasn't slowed you down one bit. I'd love to throw my name in to show up at any gathering you have. As a fellow (now misplaced) Texan I look for almost any reason to go back. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the story Denis
  3. I got out to the shop long enough to make a 4 inch square die for my fly press.I'll use it to smash the output to roughly 1/4" thick to quench and break for spark testing and then layering back up to re-weld.I want to have three or four runs worth in case any are too high carbon plus it's just so much fun to do. I'll have a few photos soon but certainly once I get to the welding stage, then to decide what kind of blade to make from the first steel. Who really needs sleep anyway?
  4. Many thanks to Skip Williams, Lee Sauder, Jesus Hernandez for pioneering a modern version of this little gem or sharing what they have learned after much of their own labor. Working with read:watching Jesus with two of these at the Baltimore Knife and Sword hammer-in in March I knew that I was going to have to build and run one of these furnaces. Having a knowledge of "sole authorship" in several parts of my work I was missing a key area that being the steel. While I've made pattern weld and shear this is going to be a much more important step for me and I couldn't have done it without those who freely share their hard work and efforts. I look forward to posting a few pics as I progress my first little hunk of steel to a blade. Dennis
  5. If you were in Tannehill park in Alabama last weekend that would be Dr. James Batson's hammer-in, Ron was a demonstrator as well as Alex. The product he uses is Loctite 324.It is a two part bonding agent and you need the activator to go along with it. You can search any of several industrial suppliers to find the one closest to you or with the best price. It's not cheap but I haven't had anything come apart bonded with it unless you destroy one of the parts. Good luck Dennis ps Ron's event is in the fall in Knoxville
  6. And to Owen, A dear friend of mine from the Island once told me that I could swallow her entire pants collection with one sip of water... she was right. Those tiny pants. Dennis
  7. As one who remains unable to grow a full "Firey Beard". At the Fire and Brimstone gathering I verbally petitioned Alan Longmire and Chris Price about earning my way into the "Sizzling Whiskers". Possibly an off the record books sub group for those facial hair impaired. Just a ramble, that's all. Or maybe it's the scotch talking? Dennis
  8. Well Jim, Once again your work causes me either strive to get much better or have a yard sale at my studio. So far I'm leaning toward the side of developing my skills. Thanks for sharing. Dennis
  9. Sadly can't join the mayhem 'til Friday. Will be in the afternoon to lend a hand where possible especially if Alan turns his back on his scotch stash!! Slainte and safe travels to all. Dennis
  10. Is anybody else staying at the Ramada Limited on Rte695? I'm thinking of carpool opportunities since there may be parking issues. Thanks, Dennis
  11. Sadly I missed last year, new job. Now I have vacation time blocked off so Alabama here I come!! Dennis
  12. Thanks to all those who photo-document the hammer-ins. Since I am fortunate enough to live in the same town with Richard Williams I was able to print and deliver to him a few of the photos of his demo. I wanted to pass along his sincere thanks for all of you/us that he can come to this event and share with fellow smiths. Dennis
  13. I seem to get several requests for time in September and I'm trying not to double book! Thanks, Dennis
  14. Stephen, As a grower/eater of those little orange diablos, I think that knife just might be able to fight off 6 or 8 at at time if they attack in an orderly military fashion!! Kidding aside, nice knife. Dennis
  15. Thanks for the feedback guys. I'm not thrilled about the relationship of handle to blade size either... it was made for a 6'3" 240 pounder with big mitts, what can I say. Alan, the bowie wasn't assembled way back then or I would have.
  16. The Bowie is a payback to my father-in-law for a gun he gave his daughter!! 5160, wrought iron guard and butt-cap,mesquite burl spacer, about 12.5" of blade, ostrich leg leather insert in sheath The Sgian is a commission. It also represents the best carving I've done, so far! 1084 & 15N20 twist pattern-weld damascus the handle material was sold to me as "bog wood" it has come to my attention that it really isn't. So we'll call it wood. Thanks for looking, Dennis
  17. Dang Alan, Now I really have to add your name to the growing list of smiths who are inspiring me to be a barista since I'll probably never do work on this level. Kudos Dennis
  18. Nice work Beau!! After reading and before scrolling I didn't know what to expect... that's a really good lookin blade. Nice work on the fit & finish too. If you sell those cheap enough I can buy them and re-sell for a profit!? Hmmmmm. Dennis
  19. Nice work! You keep going at this rate and you'll make that regrettable decision and give up the day-job for a 25 hour-a-day job. You go boy!! Dennis
  20. Uli, The flow and symmetry are powerful, this blade is just plain scary. I have been in an ongoing discussion with a client about a sub-hilt fighter, actually a pair of them, and with your permission I'd like to show him these photos and see if it will help our designs along. Thanks for inspiring the rest of us, yet again. Dennis McAdams Celtic Forge Tennessee, USA
  21. Great looking project, guys! Any chance these will go on tour with Alan here in North Am.? Dennis
  22. Less of an event than a chance for me to visit someone's shop. I'll be in Miami and Key West the of Feb.9~13... I'd love to drop in on you. Dennis
  23. Alan, Great work! I really do need to find myself a hiding place in a corner of your shop.... Much knowledge to be acquired there. Dennis
  24. Sorry to be so backward... What is the name of the Discovery Channel show about which we speak? Thanks, Dennis
  25. Nice work Beau, I particularly like the blade dynamics. Being one not in favor of those straight plunge lines it's good to see well executed radii. Keep it going. Dennis
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