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  1. Dee, I'm so sorry you didn't get all the time with your mum that you'd like. I lost mine two years ago, we still talk some (she only answers in my head ,of course!!).Having been in a position where I closed my shop, stored some things critical to knifemaking, and didn't do anything but wallow for nearly 5 years. I can sympathize. I still contemplate having "I am an artist tattooed on my arms" just to remind me that no matter what I am doing, or where I am in life I cannot escape what I am. Just because I'm not currently engaged in the activity doesn't mean that it still isn't in there waiting to get out. Know that you are thought well of and supported. As a postscript, I do get to the shop once or twice a week, and sometimes actually finish something. Progress is slow, make the most of life. Dennis
  2. Alan, I guess I should have gotten a hawk from you when I could have afforded it!! You'll be untouchable now. Great work, I for one would love to see an inlay tutorial, you can even do it in my shop... oh you meant online!? Well I look forward to seeing the finished product as well. Dennis
  3. Not having had to weld on a tang (yet) myself, I was wondering how much destructive testing people have done for this method? Thanks, Dennis
  4. I like the spear-head as well. I'm with you on the brazing issue Alan, if memory serves me correctly, carbide saw-mill teeth are brazed onto those big mill blades. I mean the 4 foot diameter and larger ones. If brazing will hold those on it must be pretty strong. Dennis
  5. I'm in agreement with Brian and others, one man's opinion... also, don't really think this forum is the place for that kind of language. Dennis
  6. In the way of my wisdom I had a pretty good one, let it go, and now have the need to replace it! I'd like to find one with a stand, preferably in short driving distance from upper East Tennessee. Thanks for any help. Dennis
  7. J., That is way Baaaaaaad! I like the way you brought the silver up to form the bezel. Did you hammer-set the stone or use a secret trickery? Dennis
  8. Thanks guys, I'll get a closer-up of the setting in the next day or so. My ability to get to the internet is about every odd day or so. Alan, you bring up a good point (pun intended), every time she handles a blade the first thing she does is wave it my way and make swooshing noises. I don't know if it's supposed to be the blade through air or my artery leaking!? Dennis
  9. This one started life in the hands of a master, came to me (Thanks Howard), and I hope I have done it at least a little justice. The blade is hand-rubbed to a satin finish. The handle is colored fiddleback maple with two tube-set blue topaz. Let me know what you think... Dennis P.S. I learned so much about blade geometry from seeing this one (and one other;yet to be completed, it's on the bench right now!) it put me far ahead of where I was in respect to blade shaping & grinding to get something fast, light and stupid sharp too.
  10. I'm the same as J. here, I usually don't mark things, unless asked to. Dennis
  11. Walter, That is some action on that small/medium sized sword!! The next time I'm in your area don't be surprised if you find me sitting outside your studio hoping to catch some of that spirituality. Dennis
  12. It's a real killer!! Jake, the hilt looks a lot like an early anthro you did. Could this one be based on a much earlier blade you showed us pics of in Don's class in North Carolina? Keep it up, you set the mark high for all to really learn the history behind what we do. Dennis
  13. Those look great!! It reminds me that my Longmire pipe has been a little lonely lately. Good luck with the sale. Dennis
  14. Alan, Nice one!! Looking into the magic forge I may see Oban in your future. Dennis
  15. Larry, While I still want to find a way to go... commitments are popping up for me during that time and it's starting to look like dim chances for me. We'll have to see closer to that time. Dennis
  16. Hey, is anyone from the eastern half of Tennessee or the surrounding area going up there in Sept.? I'd love to go but would prefer to carpool. Thanks in advance, Dennis
  17. Jesus, I think you just found another way to make me regret not being able to come by the last time I was in H'ville. Very nice indeed. Dennis
  18. J. Arthur. as a jeweler and blade smith as well (though not on your level, yet), I get requests for stainless damascus jewelry from time to time. The question I have for you is, do you intend to sell any as raw material? I'd be interested in ring stock sometime in the future when you are happy with your process, if that is, you decide to sell any. If not, I could always just refer them straight to you instead. Thanks, Dennis
  19. I've used several presses and this is the one for me, it's coming home this fall. I'm keeping my location a secret so nobody tries to take it. If you will blindfold yourself and drive over you can use it for a day or two.. Dennis
  20. Bob, congrats!! it sounds like a great op. I lived in Nashville for a bit, I wish I knew about these guys then... it would have beaten the job I got! What part of town you going to live? Dennis
  21. Well well Alan, You really pulled it off, didn't you!!! Congrats, Dennis
  22. Those are truly inspiring, seeing work like those makes me want to get much better or quit. Keep it up, Dennis
  23. If Ric and Scotty L. get too close in phase, they could break off that part of the continent to form the island of Nazel. Dennis
  24. J. Arthur, I love that series!! The finish and shaping on the rounded handles truly amaze me. Having experienced the woes of differing areas of etch due to hardness, I admire the relationship you have with your work. Dennis
  25. Niko, Those are bad ass!!! I have done a few and want to do more. The shapes and handles are great. Dennis
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