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  1. Awesome, Rik. It seems like we've been waiting forever to see this one. Sorry about the cracked blade. Was that carving as cool as this one?
  2. What do you guys think of the combination lathe/milling machines? I've got my eye on the $900.00 Grizzly machine, but I'd like to know if a combination will be more trouble than it's worth. Thanks, Tom
  3. Hi guys, A little off topic, but why don't you like super-glue? I use it as a sealer/finish quite a bit and would like to hear of any bad points. Thanks, Tom
  4. This thread forced me to dig out my old college notes. I'm an INTP too. Maybe they could boil the questionaire down to: "Do you enjoy making knives swords or bladed instruments." BTW: Another test I took showed that my ex-wife and I were imcompatable according to our personality types. (That's a hint for you single guys out there.)
  5. I added a couple of tablespoons of pure graphite powder to my rig and haven't seen any problems with decarb. Those spots haven't gone away with sanding? Wouldn't decarb only show up on the surface?
  6. AS long as it doesn't get hot, pvc will work well. I use pvc ball valves to regulate my air flow. You can also heat and melt pvc pipe to conform to the blower outlet. A heat gun works, but it takes a while to heat up.
  7. Very nice, Dale. "clean 2000 grit finish"-I'll say!!! How about loaning me some of your patience? I like the false edge, perfect for this blade.
  8. Thanks for the comments, guys. Tai, I've been into knives for a long time, so I probably integrated one of your blades into my "intution" and copied you. I hope not, but if it's that close, I apologize. Do you have any pics of your blade? Rik, I think you're right about the light, the flash was washing out the lines, so I turned it off. Guess I'll have to build a lighting rig.
  9. I know MSC industrial supply carries it, they have a web site. If you don't need very much, find a machine shop and try to beg a piece from them. Everywhere I've looked only sells full rolls. Not very expensive for a knife sized chunk, but really pricey when you have to buy hundreds of feet.
  10. While I'm posting fuzzy pics, here's a 52100 skinner I'm almost done with.
  11. Sorry for the bad pic, still trying to learn this camera.
  12. Here's a project I have in the works. It's 5160 from a huge set of coil springs I found last summer. It started as a talon or claw concept, but I think it's starting took look more like water or waves. Let me know what you guys think.
  13. What about 409? I built my rig with a piece of 4 inch diameter 409, simply because we have a pallet of tubes at work that are either out of round or too short to for us to use. The boss lets me buy them for scrap price: 6 cents/pound. I also collect 4 inch off cuts from the lazer that work great for plugging the bottom. My total cost was about 50 cents for the tube. My salt rig has only been up to temp about 20 times, will 409 fail sooner then 316? I know its higher carbon and less chromium, is this going to make a big difference? I migged the tube with 300 series wire, is the weld or weld boundary going to fail first? Let me know what you guys think, we could have a gold mine here!!!
  14. I like it Mike. Did you clay harden it? Looks like some neat activity back by the plunge. What's the red in the pins?
  15. Nice knife Dale. I really like the clean, simple shape. Do you do a lot of blades with that type of grind? I like the idea of a smooth, un-interrupted tapering spine, but I've seen some resistance to the lack of a plunge/grind line from folks around here. Have you noticed this from your customers?
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