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  1. service talks bullshit walks......
  2. You'll get your order but don't plan on it in a timely manner. They ship when it suits them, not you, the customer.
  3. incognito must be out :-) Bruce Godlesky Thanks for a great site Don!
  4. very nice Alan! Was that wrought a cross section piece or cut longwise from the tire. Just curious wher ethat pattern come from.
  5. Brian, I plan on doing some welding ove rthe weekend. I'll stick those pieces you sent in a billet and see how they turn up.
  6. OOooHHH Ya!! We been picking sulfur shelfs(chicken mushrooms) . Theyna re bpretty but not as tasty!.
  7. Karl, we call them sheepshead here. It's been too dry to get much growth but rain is due in tonight. Then look out!! 25#+ is not uncommon.
  8. I second the hit n miss. Initial cost may be a bit high but very inexpensive to run.
  9. Randy, wish you had told me you were looking for an anvil. Just sold a good Fishe rlast month. I been beatin gthe Amish at their own game :-) bruce
  10. Howard, do you know if the additions are available as a supplement? Thanks brucegodlesky
  11. Thanks Howard. Always good to hear yer thoughts. bruce/birdog
  12. Alan, thanks for posting those. Now ya can see where Case/Ontario/Chicago got their designs from so many yrs ago.
  13. I use a Klingspor NCD200 disc to clean off all the layers, banding and bsb. Cleans 'em up quick. It's a thick coated padthat fits on an angle grinder.
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