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  1. They come with a kydex pocket sheath and are75.00 each. You can email me at rlwashburn@excite.com
  2. These are a few small pieces that I have made for the average person that doesn`t have a lot to spend but,wants a hand made knife.they come with a pocket kydex sheath and come in 3 diffrent styles.
  3. Thanks for looking,this is what you get after47 years of working on knives Robert
  4. 450.00 I`ll try and get more pics.Thanks Robert rlwashburn@excite.com is my email
  5. 52100 steel from Ray Kirk ,stainless hard wear ,with rosewood handles.The pattern was given to me by SR Johnson him self. Contact me if interested at rlwashburn@excite.com thanks Robert
  6. I need some help.Someone tell me how to increace the pic size.I am not in to the computer. Thanks Robert
  7. This is a good looking piece.You must have had a good teacher. Later Robert
  8. What do you want for the 4 wheeler. Thanks Robert
  9. Frogfish,I have used a reguler anvil and one of the 90# ones of Chucks and had rather have Chucks.When I moved to Utah it was one of the first things I loaded. Robert
  10. I have tried and can`t post pictures. Thanks Robert
  11. All you need to do is put cat litter in the bottom.When it gets full of flux and junk take it out and throw away.It will come out in one piece. Robert
  12. Put cat liter in the bottom of your forge.About once a year I replace mine.It comes out a big chunk. Robert
  13. Happy Birthday to a fine gentleman from south Utah. Robert
  14. Does any one know who got there MS stamps at the blade show? Thanks Robert
  15. Check out the new face lift and the new pcs. we just got loaded on the web site. Thanks Robert www.washburnknives.com
  16. I am trying to find out Micheal Kanters set up on his press.Nick Wheeler mention him on another thread. Thanks Robert
  17. Ray save me a couple Thanks Robert Washburn
  18. Mr. Floyd Daniels passed away yesterday mourning in his sleep.Floyd was one of the founding members of abana. Thanks Robert
  19. Stephen,Make sure and have your water or quinch warm. Later Robert
  20. Really enjoyed the pics.thanks fpr sharing. Robert
  21. Sorry about not getting back with you sooner,I haven`t got any thing left that would work. Robert
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