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  1. I would like to see some of your press dies.I am in the process of making ever type that you can imagine so that I can put them in a folder for everyone . Thanks Robert
  2. Murch let me look in the barn ,I might have a piece that will do.Imade one several years ago and patterned it from one of my hawkins rifle stock. Thanks Robert Washburnknives.com
  3. Not hot enough and let it soak for a few minutes Robert
  4. Thanks again Don,I made one of the jigs today and it made all the diffrence in the world.I did a few modification on mine and it works great. I`ll try and get some pics and get someone to post them. Thanks again Robert
  5. Thanks Don I was trying to understand how the vise was used. Thanks again Robert
  6. Does anyone have a picture of don`s intregal shoulder filing jig?The one made of a cheap drill press vice. Thanks Robert
  7. Check out the new piece over on my web site.I wish that I new how to post here. Thanks robert www.washburnknives.com
  8. Check out the new piece over on my web site.I wish that Inew how to post here. Thanks robert www.washburnknives.com
  9. Damn good looking piece Tracy. Robert
  10. I have a 168 lb. anvil for sale.I think it was a farrier type anvil but is in good shape.I`ll have it at the Ellerby hammer-in .I`m asking $2.50 a lb for it. Thanks Robert
  11. Guy it`s above Forsiyth.The first exit after the weight station . I`ll see if I can find a map.I was up there this past Saturday. Later Robert
  12. I will try and get a pic of a bowie that was treated with satanite and wheat straw ash.I got a very nice temper line after a 1200 grit finish. Robert
  13. Who has Paul Bros. address.I have a friend who needs to get a stainless blade heat treated and I`ve heard they`re the best. Thanks Robert
  14. The handle angle should be about 70 degrees of the head. Robert
  15. deker where are you from? Thanks Robert
  16. I did this several months ago.Got tired of getting calls just as we sat down to dinner and it works. Robert
  17. I need help on heat treating L6.Never used it alone. Any help would be appreciated. Robert
  18. Do you have anymore of this steel? thanks Robert
  19. Bob go to knives and click on available.But I`ll put up here Blade steel is 1984& 15n20.Liners are stainless as well as the bolsters.3.5 in blade and 8in. overall.The bone was bought at the blade show and highly polished. Thanks Robert
  20. Several years ago someone started a topic on what type steel the old bumper jack handles were.Does anyone remember what was decided.I would like to know. Thanks Robert
  22. Great picture.I think it is a horned owl. Robert
  23. You can go to www.washburnknives.com for a description of the attached new folder.
  24. I have a question?How wide is the inside dimensions.? And it is a good looking press. Robert
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