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  1. The book Don`s is very informed and one of the best I`ve ever seen. Robert
  2. I got to play with Clays tire hammer at Madison blacksmith confrence.It is as good as they come as far as control.If I ever build a hammer it will be this type. Thanks Robert
  3. It`s about time I loaded a few new pieces on my siye.I`ve been making and selling all before I could get them posted. Thanks for looking. Robert www.washburnknives.com
  4. Ray,Please email me at rlwashburn@excite.com I have some questions for you.Thanks Robert
  5. I`ll be there as usual.Need to get ideas on my MS knives and see all the guys and gals. Robert
  6. another thing that I do is heat the water to 140 deg..I have done several this way with no problems.Email and I`ll try and help you. Robert
  7. Everyone missed a great demo. by Audro Draper.I also got to do my performance test for master smith and passed with flying colors.Now if I can just get my 5 knives ready by next June. Thanks Robert
  8. Don,Are you coming to Madison this weekend?Like to see you if you can make it. Robert
  9. Ray,I`ll take some at the blade show.Length no problem. Thanks Robert Washburn
  10. Where are you from.Robert Washburn
  11. I would like to thank Don for posting the way he builds forges.I just finished my welding forge and it is awsome.Ihave used a ventura type for years .Thanks again Robert
  12. Where can I find some 1in.manila rope?I need it for my MS test. Thanks Robert
  13. Where can I find pictures of quillion daggers?Iam going to start working on my mastersmith dagger and would like to find some ideas on blades and guards. Thanks Robert
  14. It`s called a betty lamp.I`ve sold several of them. Robert
  15. Nice pictures ,Don I`ve had trouble photographing my swords.I`ll have to try this. Thanks Robert
  16. I have 2 gun blueing tanks that I use.I also use a water tank heater to warm the tanks with.One has water and the other oil. Robert
  17. very vey nice. Thanks Robert
  18. I need help with logging pictures on sites.My wife usually does this but,has limited time. Thanks Robert Washburn
  19. I have a 150 yr old damascus barrel and would like to weld it to a 1084 billet.I tryed today and ended with some delaminations where it was orginally welded as a barrel.What can I do ? Thanks Robert
  20. Come one Come all,It`s free .Don will vouch for this hammer-in we have a good time and you learn a lot.If you have any questions ,just ask. I`m over here 2 or 3 times a day and will try and answer all .This is our 10th one and hope for it to be the biggest of all. THanks Robert
  21. I`ve got an air hammer for sale over on my web page.It belongs to a friend and he`s down sizing and wants to get rid of it .check it out at www.washburnknives.com
  22. Thanks for the links.I`ve been looking for something like them. Robert
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