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  1. he kydex was 090 thick.It was some that I had a long time.It was glue on with epoxy.As I said this was a colabration of the Wally Hayes tape and my ideas.
  2. I added pictures of the Hamon and Tsuba to my original post in this thread. Â I hope that they show what you wanted to see. Â
  3. I used the kydex instead of wood.This one was made after watching Wally Hayes `s tape on making them.It was stock removed.This was the first and last stock removal sword for me,forgeing all the way.I`ll try and get more pics . Thanks Robert
  4. KATANA SWORD 1050 Steel water treated. Â Approximately 40 inches long. Â Blade length is 28 inches. Â Handle is 11 inches. Kydex with rayskin and cord wrapped. Â Copper habaki and copper seppa. Â Hand forged and textured tsuba. This was my first but not my last. Â I will be at the SouthEastern Custom Knife Show in Winston-Salem in September and will have this piece with me. Â Table B28 at the show. Visit my website at: http://www.washburnknives.com SWORD HANDLE HABAKI HAMON TSUBA
  5. What length handles go on a Wakizashi ?I forged out the blade today and couldn`t find any information on the handle . Â Â Â Thanks Robert
  6. I didn`t clean the blade.Theres where the problems came in.I`ll try and post a pic of the finished product when I cpmplete it. Thanks for the pointers. Robert
  7. I`m having a problem with the clay falling off when in the fire.I have just finished a katana blade andam very satisfied with the finished product but had to re-apply the clay 3 times.I am using the clay I got from Darren Ellis over at Tannerhill.Any help would be very appreciayed. Thanks Robert
  8. Jake, Try putting it in yje forge body.It sounds like to much pressure. Robert
  9. I hope it`s ok to post this,check out the new pieces on my web site at washburnknives.com More to come today. Thanks Robert
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