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    Maylene, Alabama
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    Learing everything I can about knife making. Forging hot steel. I am always amazed at what can be done to hot steel with a hammer and anvil. Meeting other knife makers and hopefully coming away as friends.
  1. We've got a lot of things planned for this year. Some that we haven't done before. If you've never been, this is the one to attend. If you've been before, we are looking forward to having you back. Dale
  2. Search "Old Hickory Knives". Look at the model QN-736. I believe it may be what you are looking for. I have one that I found laying in the road. Dale
  3. Sounds interesting. I'd like to try some .100 or .125 X 1 1/4 or 1 1/2. Wish you could get it done in time to bring some to the Batson Bladesmithing Symposium. Dale
  4. My motel reservations are made. Barring an emergency, I'll be there Dale
  5. Hi Scott, I have one of the first presses that Jim built. I'm at work right now, but I'm off tomorrow and will see which hose size goes where. Dale
  6. I have enlaged prostate. I call it my "Old Man's Disease". The urologist put me on Flomax. Wonderful stuff. I haven't had any problems since I started it. He also suggested the saw palmetto, but it didn't help me. Good Luck. Dale
  7. Here's the schedule for 2011. 23rd Batson Bladesmithing Symposium April 1-3, 2011 Location TANNEHILL IRONWORKS at Exit 100 off I-20, 11 miles West of Bessemer, Alabama The Registration fee is $75 for AFC members & $100 for others which includes a one year Membership in the Alabama Forge Council. Knife Show Table fee and Tannehill State Park Fee are included in Registration. Please pre-register. Send your name, address, and phone number with registration fee and how many people that will attend the Demonstrators Dinner on Thu
  8. I have a 100 lb vulcan just like that one. It was given to me. Althought it dosen't have much rebound I still use it a lot. Some times a smaller anvil works better than my 300 pounder. That said, I would NOT pay three dollars a pound for a vulcan. I think you can find a better anvil for that kind of money. Dale
  9. Dee. I can't believe you gave away that we have a secret hand shake and decoder ring. Dale
  10. Kelly Cupples octihunter@charter.net
  11. I finally got the official word from the boss herself, Barbara Batson. The correct dates April 9- 11. See ya there. Dale
  12. Will, I'm still getting conflicting information as to the first and second weekend. I have someone checking on it and I will post the correct date as soon as I find out for sure. Dale
  13. As far as I know, the dates are correct. There is a general meeting of the forge council coming up shortly. I'll know more then and will post any changes. Dale
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