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  1. Will L

    Thanksgiving Wish

    Guys, as you sit down tomorrow for Thanksgiving with your families please say a prayer for the safety and well being of our soldiers abroad and their families. I don't know how many of you have been in their shoes. Holidays on a deployment at best are unhappy. They'll get as good a meal as can be cooked in the field, the Senior NCOS will serve it to them with a smile and a "thanks for the hard work." They'll chow down trying not to think of their wife, children or family, toss their plate, pull on their battle rattle and head back out to patrol or whatever they can do to fill the void with work. Talk during the holidays gets terse and strained as people try not to think of what they're defending. But these men and women wouldn't be anywhere else because they know how important their work is. Please say a prayer for them and theirs. Thanks from an old soldier.
  2. Rik, That's awesome. How do you get such a bold hamon at 400x? I can't really see a hamon on mine unless it's 1000x or better or etched. [notworthy]
  3. Dale does very nice work and I think will soon become a very popular maker. He's a very patient and understanding teacher, ummmm somewhat firm in his direction but ummmm patient and understanding [tapedshut] You two make a very good combo of designer and maker. Nice knife.
  4. Will L

    Design Issues

    Well I've never been a fan of filework on a using knife, especially a hunting knife because it collects "gunk." No offense JD, but I think too much emphasis is placed on the "whittling" test for a deer knife. I can only think of one cut I make on a deer using this grip and that's splitting the brisket at most brisket and pelvis. I use a knife in a pinch grip or with my index finger laying on the spine about 90% of the time when cleaning a deer. Now moose, caribou, bear or whatevers I don't know, we ain't got them down here, but I do clean and process a lot of deer every year. When I'm working on a hunting handle it has to be readily indexed and slip resistant when hands are gunked up. I want a drop point so I can control the tip, it needs to be pointy to easily cut the anus out, I feel belly on a deer knife to be overrated. No thong hole tube, just one more place for gunk to accumulate. Edge retention is a biggy, I don't want to have to touch up a blade while I'm working. Oh yeah, blade must be 4" or under, I make a 1 3/4" hunter that's popular with guys at my club. Just my views.
  5. There's a guy on CKD selling out his shop. Got a Coote with motor and 8" wheel for $350 or so.
  6. Will L

    Design Issues

    Dale, You didn't ask me :banghead: Beautiful knife, only thing I would say, from the way I use and have observed hunting knives to be used, is the top of the handle looks straight. I prefer an arc in mine because I use a pinch grip on the blade when working a critter into meat. I've found straight handled knives to leverage their way out of my grip easier than a curved handle. Other than that (and that's just IMHO) [dunno] it seems perfect.
  7. Sweeney, just bought a 100# Russian anvil, haven't forged on it yet, but made the guys at HF let me bounce a hammer on a few before I laid the money out. I've forged on the Chinese anvil I'm talking about. It's much better than my 55# HF. The place that has them is only about an hour or so from Reek.
  8. That's great.... is the sheath lined?
  9. Reet, Down in Cullman (for you, for me, up in Cullman) there's that discount hardware/antiques megaplex thingy. Â They sell a 150# Chinese anvil for about $115, take a 1" ball bearing or a ball pein hammer to test them, find you a good one and buy it. Â I used one all weekend at the Moulton Trade Days this weekend. Â A LOT better than my 55# Harbor Freight anvil. Go to an Alabama Forge Council meeting, ours are 2nd Saturday of each month at Fort Toulouse in Wetumpka (near Montgomery). Here's a link to the AFC. Alabama Forge Council You're more than welcome to come to Wetumpka and work on my cheapo anvil, I'm working on some new hammer techniques. Good luck, Will
  10. Will L

    My Weekend Education

    I don't know if I'm up to the responsibility of being Mr. Fogg's "grand student." I do consider it an honor that you think I'm worth teaching. We always learn when we teach, I don't know what you learned from teaching me (except about coal.) [tapedshut] My poor lil brain is still reeling trying to digest what I learned. FWIW, I'll bring a tent and sleep outside next visit so you'll be able to sleep better. [dunno]
  11. Just waking up from my weekend with Dale Baxter, JS. Other than seeing Mr. Fisk at a demo I've never had the chance to be around a bladesmith, so I jumped at the opportunity to work with Dale. Dale had a prior commitment to work at a "trade day" as a bladesmithing demo but still worked my "learnin" into his weekend. Brief rundown of what I learned: How to better forge a tang, never seen it done and learned a lot of hammering technique from it. A different forging technique, going to take me some time to practice it, but I know I'll get a better blade out of it. How to market myself, AND how to treat customers. Very unexpected lesson, maybe the most important one I learned. Watching Dale's wonderful wife, Miss Stephanie work a table should be mandatory for anyone wanting to learn how to sell knives. Lot more to knifemaking than making knives. Learned a lot of the intangibles of a student/teacher relationship. Dale it was an honor and a privilege to be allowed to learn from you. You and Stephanie are good people. I hope I didn't bother you too much with my non-knife babbling, I do that when I'm nervous. Mr. Fogg, your student does you honor. Will
  12. BB, Just sent you a private mail. Thanks, Will
  13. Will L

    Help.. Please

    Z, What I see is to file or grind the top and bottom of the handle area, then do a mortised tang but leaving the butt on. Like a mortised through tang vibe.
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