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  1. Hi Steve, All info is there in the link to my site but I will be making updates as the date gets nearer. It will be October 22-24th. I'm planning on doing a smelt which Kevin Cashen will be watching over and nursing through the day. I hope to forge something up from the steel we make if time permits. I'll be teaching forging as well as heat treat and shaping. Chris Osborne, a very talented polisher, will be doing a little demo on traditional and hybrid polishing techniques for blades with hamon. If anyone has any questions, you can contact me at barrettrick@hotmail.com
  2. For any and all interested I'll be doing a seminar/ Hammer-in at my shop in North Central Indiana. I'll be offering hands-on to 6-7 active participants. Basically working side by side with each person to forge out a blade, heat treat, and grind for them to take home. I'm also planning on doing a smelt and some forge welding. It's also open to anyone who wants to come out and just observe or hang out. There are more specifics on my website at the bottom of the available page. www.barrettcustomknives.com/available_blades
  3. Sold via my website, thanks for looking!
  4. You guys are down in Muncie? we're going to have to meet up sometime. Not many other bladesmiths here in the cornfields
  5. Thanks all for the compliments! I'm going to do alot more contemporary stuff this year. I'll be focusing my Japanese studies down to trips to Japan and a few very special pieces each year. Found I was spending far too much time kinda "spinning my wheels". The "Krill" name just came to me, never read the books. Actually knew it was a type of small shrimp or something and to me the shape kind of resembles that with the tail sweeping down and around.
  6. Excellent piece. That had to be a bear to grind...Any closeups of the steel? -d Here's a few close ups. Grinding it wasn't bad, first blade I ever made some 23 odd years ago was a sword, so I'm really used to the long blades. Thanks for all the compliments!
  7. Haven't been on the forum for far too long. It was made pretty obvious when I logged on and was greeted with the cool new layout, format and tons of cool new stuff people have been sharing. Here's a new one I just finished, kind of a Persian inspired sword with an obvious tie to the falcata seen in the hilt. Blade is 26" with an overall length of 37"
  8. Here's one I finished just last week that's in the more artsy tactical style I've been doing for people who want users. It's a East meets West hybrid I call the "Yakiba" The blade is forged from 1075 with midare hamon and etch resist finish on the flats. Handle is highly figured bocote and the knife can easily be broken down with a hex wrench for cleaning, swapping out handles, etc... I'm asking $575.00 shipped Feel free to email me for full size pics, barrettrick@hotmail.com
  9. Here are a few close ups of the hilt, as large as I could post for the forum.
  10. Specs? that's always a tough one as I rarely am able to take photos before rushing them off to the customer. Here are the basic specs though: Blade length- 35" Blade width- 2.75" with continuous taper Thickness- .25" with continuous taper Handle- approx. 12" Blade is random pattern 52100 and A203E with about a 70 to 30 percent ratio. Fittings are steel, copper, steel for both pommel and guard and are a riveted three piece construction for each. Weight was not taken but I'd say about 4 lbs with a balance point about 6" forward of the guard. It feels great and moves very nicely.
  11. Just finished this bad boy for one of our guys in Iraq, he's home on leave now and hopefully it will put a smile on his face before returning to the sauna. Put two pictures up with different lighting.
  12. Hi Todd, It actually is that blade with some refinements and slight changes. Seems like every design I do undergoes a variety of changes as the piece evolves into completion. I hope to be doing the Ashokan seminar every year, though I can't say that I'll be doing demos, that will be up to the powers that be. I also hope to do quite a few more seminars in general. Spending too much time with the elves, my ears are starting to get pointy and I'm learning to make some damn good cookies. Hi Edgar, Been meaning to getting around to fixing that for a long time now. Problem is, I lost
  13. Here are a few pics of a commission piece I'm just finishing up, still a bit to do on the scabbard yet. Just thought I'd share. and a close up of the hilt. The blade is 250 layers of 70% 52100 and 30% a203e for contrast. The fittings are all sculpted from blocks of 1018 steel and there is a large damascus cabachon set in the end of the pommel. Blade length is 31" to the guard with a 12" hilt. Enjoy the pics.
  14. Forgot to add, that knife does come with a leather scabbard as well, which I am finishing up at the moment.
  15. Just finished. This is the first knife sized blade I've done in quite sometime. 7.5" blade, about 12.5" overall. Heck last couple that I have done, have basically been bowie or camp style blades. Figured it was time to spice things up a bit. Price is $750 for the remainder of December which includes shipping. You can find more details on www.barrettcustomknives.com
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