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  1. Hi Alan, Do you know of any books or tutorials that provide info on period correct paper machie scabbards used on mid-1800s Sheffield bowies. thanks, Dave Suitor
  2. I wasn't concerned about the error message, just that the "Mark All Read" feature does not work. thanks for your support work, dms
  3. Hey Guys, I read the forums using "View New Content" and "Mark All As Read". I now get the following error when I hit "Marl All As Read": Error: Could not load template 'hookRecentGalleryImages' from group 'boards' thanks, Dave Suitor
  4. The Currier Museum in Machester NH has a very nice traveling exhibition called "Lethal Beauty" http://www.currier.org/nowonview.aspx I am local and I went over on Saturday with my son. They have several full suits of armour, some nice helmets, some tsuba, and a few swords. No a large exhibit, but some nice examples of the samurai period. Anybody that's nearby should consider taking exhibit in. reagrds, Dave Suitor
  5. Thanks Doug. I thought I'd look for the quick way before I spent the time making the protector. regards, dms
  6. Hey Folks, I'm doing a restoration of an old Solingen hunting knife and I would like to make the sheath as close to the original as possible. Does anyone know where I might find a metal edge guard (or the material to make one) as seen in the attached photo. I can make one from scratch if needed, but thought that if guards are available somewhere, I'd just buy one. thanks, Dave Suitor
  7. OldMan

    Rusty stuff

    Classic stuff. Can you provide info on where these blades came from. regards, Dave Suitor
  8. Last charcoal I bought was from: Williams Coal and Oil Co., 39 Adams St., Braintree, MA 02184, TEL: 781-843-0145. They also sell blacksmith's coal. regards, dms
  9. Dunno me, there might be something to this alien influence thing:
  10. Hi Mott, Consider the Polar Bear Forge tong blanks as a compromise between buying and making. Jamie laser cuts the blanks which you can then finish and customize to your needs. You can get more for your money this way. Polar Bear Forge tong blanks regards, Dave
  11. The last scheduled event of the Ashokan is the knife show and display. We have some lunch after the show, then its get on the road home.
  12. Tim Zowada grinds and heat treats the blade he forged earlier in the day from the bloom created om Friday night.
  13. Peter Johnsson gave a great talk on the design of original European swords:
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