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  1. Top shelf work! That's a fantastic looking knife.
  2. Ditto here, too. Thanks again Don and everyone else that keep this a friendly and informative place to hang out. Any news on who attacked the forum?
  3. Really nice knife and sheath, they compliment each other. The antler inlay on the clip looks really well done.
  4. Sad news, may he rest in peace.
  5. The company name is Peck, Stowe and Wilcox. The 8 means it has an 8" blade. They made a lot of tools and are getting to be pretty heavily collected. If the blade were quenched at an angle or almost flat, wouldn't it have a bowl curvature like an inshave?
  6. I've got an ''old'' signed wak blade that a metal detectorist friend found at the site of an old home fire. According to him, the home was razed to the foundation. The blade has warped about 1/2 inch to the left and has at least one fatal crack on the edge. The tip and tang are fully intact. I can take pics if it will help your story.
  7. Cool looking painting... Super
  8. Congratulations ! What a way to end the year. If we're lucky, we'll see more of your work at Blade this June. Super
  9. Good looking site, great looking blades and pics!
  10. I want to go but the clicker isn't working.
  11. I just saw a pic of Larry cutting rope in December Blade mag. Not a man to be trifled with. Congrats to Larry and the others on their success with the cutting contest. Super
  12. That's a good looking sword. I checked out your web site and really liked the galleries. Quite a contrast, two guys forging steel against the stark backdrop of those buildings and pavement.
  13. c.m. arrington


    Bump that, thanks for making time for us Don. Super I know things have been hectic lately, we really appreciate the time you put into maintaining this forum.
  14. Wow ! That's a 10 in my book, good job.
  15. Thanks Don, the forum looks great and is much faster.
  16. Very nice work ! [notworthy]
  17. I'd call it ''nice''. That's a very good looking knife. [ylsuper] [notworthy]
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